Picture Speaks : Factory Farming

Voiceless is an independent, non-profit think tank focused on raising awareness of animals suffering in factory farming and the kangaroo industry in Australia. Their vision is for a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion.

Please support them. Here is their website: Voiceless

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Powerful Quote #137 : Panda, the Bear.

Panda“I will be happy like you, if you let me live in real, than just as a stuff-toy” – Panda, the Bear.

  • Words by Din

A Thought can Change #1


Thrown out some scrap food,
A pack of stray dogs feasted.
I can see the Hunger!

Offered some part of my food,
A little one wagged its tail.
I can see the Love!

Sharing makes a difference.
Sometimes I feel,
Dogs are wiser than Human!

  • Words by Din


Do not waste food

Adopt Dogs than buying one

Do not kill stray dogs

Never behave Cruel to Animals

Sad News: A Cow’s End! Man’s Cruelty

This is a sad incident happened in Chennai, India. A cow scared of an injection and ran on the road, hit by a speeding vehicle and died, in spite of all the attempts by the Blue cross to save its life. The cruel part is the man who tried to give the injection was a milkman, who used “Oxytocin” to force the cow to produce more milk. (Read more below) May the soul rest in peace!


The Blue Cross of India performs numerous rescues on a daily basis, but sometimes, we come across stories that seem to punch us in the gut and face the shocking truth of humanity’s inhumanity towards other sentient beings. This is one such story:

On the 10th of February 2014, a lady walking on Marina beach called the BCI, stating that a cow had collapsed from her injuries in a accident, and was oozing copious quantities of milk and moaning constantly, obviously in great pain.

One young cricketer on the beach informed us that a milkman came in the morning and poked the cow with an injection. He was about to poke the next cow when the cow in the picture was hit by a speeding car, on the head. The cow fell down, before dragging herself to the pavement and collapsing there.

The injection that had been given was oxytocin, used in the dairy industry to force cows to produce massive amounts of milk; far beyond what their bodies are designed by nature to produce. This, when given by an unskilled and untrained person, as was the case in this matter, can be extremely dangerous to the health and well-being of the person injected.

Milk really was oozing from all her nipples, but the owner of the cow, the charlatan who had injected her in so unskilled a manner, had escaped from the scene. The cow herself had obviously received a debilitating blow to her head as her nose was bleeding quite hard and she seemed to be concussed. She died soon after she was rescued, but the milk from her nipples continued to ooze out for over an hour afterwards.

The very simple fact of the matter is that when we, as consumers, provide a demand for milk and dairy, unscrupulous business people will do their utmost to exploit whatever means necessary to cater to that demand, which includes cruelly poisoning animals in order to force their bodies to go beyond the limits of nature. The only way to prevent such heinous barbarism is to boycott the products such scoundrels sell.

Source : Blue Cross of India

Kudos : Blue Cross saved a Buffalo from Butcher and Injury

Blue Cross of India saved a Buffalo, not just from a vehicle hit injury, but also from being sold to a butcher who tried to kill that injured animal. Kudos to Blue Cross.


On the 22nd of January, the Blue Cross of India received a call (from ICF Railway station, Chennai, India) that a buffalo had been hit by a vehicle and was in the process of being sold to a butcher. While a few angelic citizens stood around the buffalo and were not permitting the sale to go through, our General Manager, Dawn Williams and BCI volunteer, Mr. Sethuraman arrived on the scene of the accident, accompanied by a division of CSS volunteers. They did not permit the butcher to take the buffalo away and after peacefully daring the butcher and his people to attack them, proceeded to load him up in our ambulance.

The buffalo had broken his left rear leg and was unable to stand. Blue Cross of India veterinarian, Dr. Prasanna, designed a steel splint for the leg, which was then fabricated by Aspick Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and today, the buffalo stands and walks around (as seen in the picture) quite comfortably and is expected to be fully recovered in approximately 6-10 more weeks.

Please note that the Blue Cross of India performs rescues such as this multiple times a day, 24X7, 365 days in the year.

Source : Blue Cross of India