Marriage vs Live-in : Marriage with Love Wins :)

How many of you have adored an ideal couple who stand by each other’s side always? Like in some poetic movies I have seen couples who are committed to each other with loads and loads of infinite love filled in their soul. Come whatever may they remain together till their end. Do you adore such love? I do. Hats off to you if you are such a couple. I am getting emotional. Sometimes my eyes will meet a few blissful tears of smile straight from my heart, to see a beautiful couple by soul.

“Be a Man. Don’t cry” (I can hear some voices) “You lack human traits if you can’t cry or understand the tears” – says psychologists. 🙂 😛 There are reasons behind every drop of tears. 🙂

There are two categories of people, one of which I would like to eliminate even from considering. The Category A-people; men or women, who choose this way of life “to fall in love and believe in living with one person as his/her soul mate throughout their life”.  The Category B-people; men and women, who choose another way of life “they call it free living, they never get committed, just flirt around with opposite gender when they need them and prefer to have many partners along the period of their life”. The Category-B is eliminated, we do not need to consider them, because marriage will not be an option in their books, even if they have, it is something I consider a stupidity.

A pic of a woman and her husband, a former Marine, has gone viral on social media. Kelly and Jesse Cottle were taking family photos on the beach when the photographer, Shutter Happy Photography, asked everyone to get in the water. Jesse, a double amputee, took off his prosthetic legs and hopped on Kelly's back so she could carry him. Jesse lost his legs in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. "It doesn't matter how heavy he is," Kelly said. "It just makes me thankful...that he is still here." Beautiful things in life can only be felt, can never be touched

A pic of a woman and her husband, a former Marine, has gone viral on social media. Kelly and Jesse Cottle were taking family photos on the beach when the photographer, Shutter Happy Photography, asked everyone to get in the water. Jesse, a double amputee, took off his prosthetic legs and hopped on Kelly’s back so she could carry him. Jesse lost his legs in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. “It doesn’t matter how heavy he is,” Kelly said. “It just makes me thankfulthat he is still here.” Beautiful things in life can only be felt, can never be touched

So we take people who want to live in a committed relationship. Marriages are facing challenges from live-in style. Debated. Think once, why people marry? I hit the nail on head – A way to let the world know that the couple are living together. This would be the prime reason I would say why marriage is must for a couple who choose to be soul mates. This is not like doing it for the world or to get their approval, it is for letting the world know that you are engaged in a beautiful journey together with a man or woman you love and telling them “Do not disturb us, No more proposals entertained! ” 🙂  Other than this all the reasons are add-ons.

So say bye bye to Live-in relationships which lacks commitment and comes with “Press Option A” to Breakup, “Press Option B” to Change the partner. Both options will ruin your life, without you realizing it. It may turn you as the rejected category-B, because of frustrations and failures in your relationships. Or you may end up hating life.

The essence of your relationship is not determined because of the Ring or Mangalya that you wear as Marital custom, it is in your each other’s soul. It is in love. It is not something about physically exchanged love, which will fade gradually as we grow older. It is not about bank balances, worst future can try to dazzle our life. It is not about happiness alone, time can bring sad moments too. It is all about that one word, “LOVE” which fills, binds and held your souls together.

So you may get the picture, it is about love which you should focus. Just two rules will conclude this

  1. Never enter into marriage when you can’t love the person truly from your heart. Let your marriage begin with your love for your soul mate.
  2. Never cheat or let down your soul mate who loves you truly, come whatever may be. Even if it is Death or a Good ending happy fairy tale, be with him/her and face it together.

Note : The song in this video is from a close to my heart Hindi Movie “Rab ne bana di jodi” the lyrics says it all what is needed.

Written for IndiSpire prompt Live-in or marriage? Which is the better option & why? by Garima Nag under Love & Relationships. Thanks for the entry Garima.

Child’asana ;) My Crazy Way to Restore happYness

Child'asana is the technique of trying to emulate whatever children do. Invented by a scientist from the Planet 'Mars'. 

Are you going to believe if I say this? Ha ha :) 

Child’asana? This is yoga you can never find in anywhere. Hee hee.. I just learned it today 🙂 Believe me, children can restore anything in this world. They are mesmerizing wonders and gifts from heaven.

When your life takes turns, especially tries to break you down, the best way to handle it is to emulate a child. Cry out if you wish to do so, then forget worries the next day. Whether you got a lap to rest on or not, believe your pillow is the one’s lap to console you.

Whatever the situation life throws at us, we can forget all the worries in a child’s smile at us. Even a picture of a child would be enough to do this magic.

Sometimes we see such child in our beloved ones’, regardless of their age. Our play time with daddy can give a free time travel ticket to the past. He was unlikely the one like now, those days whenever he returns home, he lifted us and offered an elephant ride on his back. Ego of generation was unknown to both of us that time. He agrees with whatever stupid things we say and smiles at us. Now things are different, we try to prove who is correct. Thanks to Ego. Yet Remember those sweet days he offered to us, love him whatever he is. Because he knows us only a part of his life, but since our birth, we are seeing him all the way. It is easy for us to adjust than expecting him to change for us.

She entered life all of a sudden from nowhere and disappeared one day. Both entry and exit of her is like a magic and mystery. No blame games, a good soul can never hate and hurt back. But that leaves no excuse from getting hurt. When the one hurts, it pains the most to you. So what next? We cannot quit. Life goes on.

It takes time for any renaissance. For a soul to heal, there is no medicine than itself to indulge in finding ways to heal. My way always is to feel like a child. Be happy inside or not, let smile be affixed to the face. Make others around to smile, they will put us under pressure to be happy. No other way for me to turn happy really. So it happened. A Smile is always there with me and around.


The magic happened again. Love at first sight is not my cup of tea, yet this cute little girl in this picture shattered my laws. I have fallen in love with her at the instance. 🙂 I smiled at her. Tried to do what she is doing.

I went to my sister who was combing her hair, “Look at me” I know I am not flexible as that kid, yet I almost did it. 😛 Looking at the world so crazy upside down 🙂 “Who is that person watching me!” My sister was laughing rolling on the floor. Ouch! 😛 There’s my dad, seeing his 27 year old son behaving like a kid! 🙂 “Is he alright?” he might have asked my sister.

HeeeeeeeeHeeee…. I just looked at him, smiled and walked away as if “Hey what’s happening here? Any circus or what :)” He smiled for something! I know the reason why. His son still can be funny as he used to be always. I know he is definitely happy inside to see me happy again like the old days.

That’s the success story of my experiment of redemption. Any loss can be gained. Any sadness can fade to happiness. Every bad day is followed by a good day.

When life seems over, just hold on. Even if you are alone, ask a child for help. Nothing can offer you a remedy than the sweet little helping hands of a child. Grow only by age, Grow only in appearance, but never lose the child inside you. Be like a child always, wisdom multiplies…

– Din

Moments of Redemption

Life demands so much from us and would like to walk back to those days where I erred and compromised my career for holding on to my love. Switching jobs as she wanted me to do so was not a big deal in front of her love. When it becomes a demand from her parents to change the job location what else I can do as I was expecting a green flag for our proposed marriage. Those moments I felt only retaining her was so important than anything else in life. Also my guts to face my professional life was more, thanks to almost nil failures at my job interview appearances.

She in fact was the gift I believed I should never lose. Holding on to her was something I believed as a true form of love. We argued over things and I was in no position to compromise losing her. There are days I felt what it means to left heart broken and everything turns against me so dark. The real mistake happened when I failed to understand she lost the love in me, which existed so true before.

I was living in the past, still holding on to her beautiful words of love and all the commitments she expressed. Sadly those things died long back and I battled my way to realize it. Everything came to an end when I took a stand to give up my last job as an employee and started my own pursuit. She called it off. At last brought an end to the six year long first love.

I still feel the pain and the tears I shed those moments hiding from people around. I ran somewhere alone to cry aloud calling her name and ask her the reason “Why Lies?”. My ambitions are always big and I doubted my future how I gonna get there without her being my side. I had built those dreams with her, suddenly she vanished. Not even finding breathing space, and heart was filled with painful burden. Words cannot express why I have taken random pills at random numbers, sure I did not have any intention to die. But I wanted to escape a world which does not have her anymore. To my luck I got a good friend to save me from those pills.

I took days one after another and another. Thinking the past, present, future, where I missed to note, where I lost. I decided to go through those days of solitude. One who values something will be attached to that thing more. For me a married life with her was such a thing. Nothing wrong in my commitment, I did justice to my love. My efforts were true, the journey was faithful and only the destiny failed me. Why should I quit? There came the Inside-Out theory of life, everything starts within us, I realized it is always one individual who lives in his own world perceiving rest of the world. Gradually I developed the strength to forgive myself, forgive her and forget the past. Realization of life happens when we rise from the depth of sorrows to smile back at life once again.

My pursuit of ambitions has begun again. I realized it is all about me and what I want to do is my life. People have to choose to be with me, in my journey. I have actually broken the expectation ring around me. I expect nothing from anyone, than myself. My beliefs have shown the clear picture to me. And I am travelling towards it. People may stab me behind, but I will never get affected anymore. I was a fallen! But Not Dead! There is nothing to worry about. My journey continues with smiles…

Moments of redemption