Must Read : Juvenile + Rapist + Punishment = ?

Yet another post on Rape! Yet another cribbing! But new angles to see.


Logically, The Capital Punishment is regarded as a last judgement for people whom we think there is no amendment possible after confirming their heinous act(s). Many of us regard rape as such a crime, which deserves Capital Punishment.

What if the criminal is a Juvenile? Here are a few points to think on

  • He may be juvenile by age, but not by physical maturity to commit that crime.
  • Moral awareness level would be lower to such juvenile criminals, whom to blame? himself / his parents / society around him?
  • Capital Punishment is a revenge in crude term. Obvious the victim needs justice and some law to take that revenge.
  • Many of us regard forgiving, Rehabilitation, Other than capital punishments as toothless justice by many.
  • When adults are sentenced to capital punishment, why not the same for a juvenile who is an adult enough physically to commit a rape?

Actually how the victim feels after such incident, if not get killed!

  • Everyone feels pity / sad for her, some society may see her entirely with different eyes. She need to face such a world afterwards.
  • Psychologically, a recovery may take the life time. Nobody can assure this to the victim. From lack of trust to hatred will cling on to the victim’s mind.
  • Unless we were victimized, we can never explain the life after rape. So overall it is much painful than we imagine.

What about the Society?

  • Society as usual will react in its own terms. Everyone will pop up with their take on the issue. Discuss Solutions.
  • But rapes will keep on happening somewhere everyday! The society will repeat its process.

What about Laws?

  • Whenever a Law and order try to find a way to stop a crime, by punishments alone it fails over a period of Time.
  • Many relate rape laws of the Arabic world as the apt ones, but go and ask the women about their rights there. The story will be totally different.

The Roots of a Crime:

Any crime cannot happen unless the social system and it’s laws supports it. The Society organises the Rape! Hard to swallow? yes we have to accept it. Because rape is a morality failure. It fails to respect and value a fellow human being.

What cause the morals to fail?

So simple, wherever women are considered unequal and lesser than men; exploitation occurs. So we need to begin from square one, just as many noble persons say, start teaching our kids about valuing men and women equal. Initiate it from our home.

Awareness about sex and love need to explained to the younger generation without feeding the lust. But we feed the lust to the youth in every possible social media and wants our youth to stay cultured! How? You show women as sex objects, in fact, they are the very women who do it and urge to showcase them as sex objects! Not just media, I can list n number of factors which puts women in bad lights. Overall, the point is no crime can happen without the societies approval. We have approved rape indirectly.

When the basic system of Values and Morals is weak in youth, how can we expect them to see things in matured way? Ideally, if a youngster encounters an unconscious girl, maybe drunk, may be drugged, maybe hurt in an accident, may be in parda or revealing clothes, or maybe even naked!, he should try to take her to safety; protect her. This is what we all want right? High morality! No one wants that girl to get raped by that youngster!

So irrespective of dress codes, culture what we all want in unison is nothing but HUMANITY. It’s no feminism, it is not about much hyped women safety! It is the damn simple kindness to another soul. Why many are not doing it?

LACK OF VALUES. So the ball is in our courts now. Are you going to keep arguing about punishing the criminals? or take effective measures to increase the human values in each mind?

We need punishments for providing justice to the victims of the past and present. But to prevent the crime from happening in the future, we need reformation at grass root levels.


- Din

Courtesy : Written for Desire v/s Destiny via Indiblogger Prompt

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‘He raped me 175 times in 6 years’, minor student levels shocking allegations against school teacher in Delhi!  – This was the title and originally posted on an Indian News Website called Another incident says Mentally challenged girl gang-raped by 5 men, kept in room covered with maggots to die – from the same source.

rapeIt reached my feed via a Facebook page. I hate social media marketers who just share these kind of news hyped to get more reach and TRP, My mind typically goes to a “READ NOT” mode for this kind of Rape / Abuse news which disappoints me about the country’s toothless system of law and order. I am not writing the detailing of those crimes to hurt the souls, I am trying to explain the roots and causes of the crime, who are the real criminals and what could be a justified punishment for such crime. It’s an outburst as a human, as a man, as a son, as a brother and as an educationist.

More worry that engulfs my soul is the question “Why our human morality has gone so worse to offend such acts?” 

A teacher has to be in a Parents’ position for those little kids and should take care of them. But these kind of Morons, use the innocent souls as sex objects for their animal lust! Many of us react instantaneously & so vigorous too “Hang that guy, kill him in public, enforce gulf laws, etc.”. Even in my early days of understanding what was rape, I reacted the same way. But now I am different and understood the magnitude of this crime.

For instance in the aforesaid incident of the minor student, Whom you think the criminal is? Just that Barbarian’Teacher! No I won’t limit it with him. Just look big, the child’s parent is also the criminals according to me, you are sending your kid to school and as per the news claimed the kid was abused since class 3 and now she is in class 9, a person is molesting and raped your kid for 175 times! What the hell these parents are concerned and caring about their child? If no parents what about the care takers / guardian? You are not aware of whom your children are interacting, going out, playing and sharing things with! Aren’t you a bad parent? Aren’t you a cause of such crimes? A good parent might have prevented it at early stages itself.

The biggest criminal is our society. These kind of crimes cannot happen without the knowledge of others. Those hotel people who allowed that teacher to bring a school kid and let occupy a room should have some morality to question him! Have they done it? Fellow teachers could have sensed such a psychopath among They should have identified. Have they done it? They all are either incompetent or unethical. Both are the causes for such crimes in my opinion, ignorance and unethical.

The largest sector of criminals is WE THE SOCIETY including myself who come across all the stories like this everyday. Yet do nothing to stop it. We do nothing to act against it. Some of us write, speak, few of us fight a losing battle. But till we bring an effective system of ethics, morality and judiciary system to stop such crimes at root levels, we all will hold the shares of every single rape happens in the country.

Educate people, Educate Kids, Educate Parents about this. Talk to them open. Kudos to everyone who already begun the process of creating awareness about this crime by any manner. I am doing my part too.


Sometimes I do think like a cinematic protagonist to kidnap these psychopath rape criminals, murderers and use them as rats like animals for medical experiments. To my bad luck I am not a Scientist! Even the country can come up with some meaningful punishments for them than just a death sentence.

I don’t believe that these psychopaths will release their crime and turn good soul ever. No punishments will change them good. They do not deserve to be a part of this society. The best we can use them for something useful for our medicinal experiments to find cures for some deadly diseases. Infect them and test the medicines on them. Not Joking I am seriously recommending such ideas. No point in harming people back who harmed us or kill them brutal. Then there is no difference between them and us. Please do not talk about humanitarian grounds for these kind of criminals, they infect more minds and kill more innocents.

There are so many researches happening daily, for which we use animals and rats on experimental grounds then use it on humans to test the actual effects. Which in turn consumes a lot of money and time to arrive at results. If we can cut down the initial test on animals and use these kind of criminals as LAB RATS we can save time and we can make better medicines. 

Even our foods are becoming synthetic, we can use these criminals to test them for studying the long term effects and side-effects. Allergic reactions can be studied better. 

Organ Harvesting:

Another creative way we can make these criminals useful is by enforced organ donating, provided if the criminal is physically healthy. Transplantable organs can be used for people who need them. 

There are people without eyes, infected kidneys, damaged heart who does a lot of good deeds to the society. They can do even better if they get these organs. 

Punishments like these will reduce crimes as well as the demand for illegal organ trafficking as well. It may sound cinematic or protagonists’ way of thinking. But Please think big and for the betterment of the society. We always have bad people around who never change. There is no point to let them harm innocent souls. We can utilize them for such purposes for the benefit of the human kind!  Not only rapists any dangerous criminals like psychopathic serial killers, cold blooded murders, mass murderers, war criminals can also be punished by some laws like these. What say you? share your thoughts.

– Words by Din

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