Help Roshini to represent India at the 5th World Children’s Festival

Roshni, a 8th Grade student from India is a winner of the 5th Arts Olympiad. She has been invited to represent India at the 5th World Children’s Festival in Washington on June 30th to July 4th.

She is a student of S.B.O.A School and Junior College, Annanagar, Chennai, has being participating in art contests since age 4. She has so far won 130 art contests (with proof of certificates) in school, state, national and international level art competitions. She had won the coveted National first prize (the first in Tamilnadu State) in Energy conservation painting contest in 2012 and received rupees one lakh from the Honorable Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India. She has also been felicitated with the title of ‘Varnavarshini’ by the Lions club dist. 324 A5 in 2011. She was the winner of the HINDU Young World painting contest 2014 in junior category. The painting on the topic ‘MY FAVOURITE SPORT’ was selected as one of the winners in the 5TH Arts olympiad. For the past 3 years she is trained by art master Shri Mullai Rajan of Zen art classes, Chennai.

Unfortunately, the International Child Art Foundation ( is unable to sponsor the travel and staying expenses.

So it is time for us to support kids like Roshini with a little contribution from our end. We request you to donate / sponsor for Roshini to represent India at the 5th World Children’s Festival in Washington on June 30th to July 4th 2015. You can  also connect her with some NGOs who can help her in this regard.

You can contact Roshini’s mother here at Hope we together can bring her smile by helping her as well as to represent our country.

Some of her paintings…

DSCN1826 DSCN1828 Roshni-Art-Kerala-Tourism-7Jul2014

Kudos : ‘Beggars – Not any more’ – Kids Restoring Lives

Beggar no more

When everyone just offered alms to that man in a dirty costume, a group of thirteen 11th Grade kids decided to offer him a way to live. Now Naagar is no more a beggar, but a Chocolate seller in front of their school.

They spotted him begging near their school in Chennai, every day for almost three months and they came up with a generous idea to help him believe in himself and earn his living rather begging.

Not just Naagar, the kids have restored lives of 30 odd people and gave a new meaning to their lives. All just because of one impact, they saw a couple of kids begging on the streets and determined to get into the action.

We should appreciate the kids, but not stop just there. Learn from them and we should also help deserving people.

Deserving? Yes.

On the other side, if you or your kids want to help someone like this, just ensure you are helping the right person, because there are a few culprits who may use our kindness to harbour their need for drugs / alcohol / smoking weed. There is also a trail of gangsters behind organized begging. It is always better you do help as a group or representing an organisation with elders guidance. Helping should not hurt the beautiful souls. 🙂

Courtesy and Source : Facebook

Amazing Kids : Multi-Talented Meghna Unnikrishnan


Filled with cuteness and good thoughts, her paintings speak its own language of awesomeness and a unique flavour of a kid’s hand behind every drawing. Meghna Unnikrishnan is a budding polymath from Chennai. This 10 year old girl excels in Drawing, Painting, Singing, Writing Poems & Short Stories and of course fond of playing games as well. Behold, she can dance Bharathanatiyam also.


She credits her parents for all her achievement and for being supportive of her in all possible ways. In fact their encouragement is the key to all her talents, she says. She has participated in various competitions of kids and won the recognitions.

We asked about the moment, when she had realized such painting skills in her? “I realized that I can draw well when my LKG teacher, Latha ma’m, told me to draw The National Flag. I drew it and coloured it perfectly and my teacher told my parents that I can draw nicely.” she answered. That Teacher’s little encouragement for a simple flag drawing has done the magic.

Now, Meghna loves to do abstract paintings of God Krishna, nature paintings, birds and animal paintings, still life paintings and much more. You can find a spectrum of genres of paintings on her blog. She has a list of ambitions to become an artist(To create Good paintings), a Bharatanatyam dancer(to dance Bharatanatyam nicely), an architect… And said “Need to decide which one to pursue :)”

What about studies? “Yes, of course I love to study. I get the general proficiency award every year.And I get the special achievement award for drawing every year from my school (The Schram Academy, Chennai). I won a laptop in a national spelling bee contest last year for being the topper.” says Meghna.

Her suggestion for other aspiring kids is “If you think that you can draw well, then go ahead, draw, draw and draw… Browse the internet for artists’ paintings and learn from their techniques. Practice will make you perfect.”

chandramouleeswar-koil-program-2013-8“Things that I miss now are beautiful original scenery, traditional art forms, clean and neat rivers, smoke-free roads and many more things which are damaged by humans. All these things are very rare now which could have made brought out good works by young children and also experienced artists.” she expressed her concern about the environmental issues we face.

She shared her gratitude to her family members, school, teachers, art teacher Mr. Rajendran of Dessin Academy, friends and all other people for encouraging her.

What we have shared here are a few of her works. You can find a lot on her blog

There is a lesson for all of us, the early we find the talents of kids and the early we encourage them, they will do wonders in the future. Every Teacher and Parents hold the responsibility equally in this aspect. There are many kids out there as talented and as unique as Meghna. Only thing is they need a recognition and a lot of encouragement. The rest is assured, their thirst will take them to reach greater heights.

We Propel Steps, wish Meghna all the best for her ambitions and love to see her excel in her efforts always.

Sad News: A Cow’s End! Man’s Cruelty

This is a sad incident happened in Chennai, India. A cow scared of an injection and ran on the road, hit by a speeding vehicle and died, in spite of all the attempts by the Blue cross to save its life. The cruel part is the man who tried to give the injection was a milkman, who used “Oxytocin” to force the cow to produce more milk. (Read more below) May the soul rest in peace!


The Blue Cross of India performs numerous rescues on a daily basis, but sometimes, we come across stories that seem to punch us in the gut and face the shocking truth of humanity’s inhumanity towards other sentient beings. This is one such story:

On the 10th of February 2014, a lady walking on Marina beach called the BCI, stating that a cow had collapsed from her injuries in a accident, and was oozing copious quantities of milk and moaning constantly, obviously in great pain.

One young cricketer on the beach informed us that a milkman came in the morning and poked the cow with an injection. He was about to poke the next cow when the cow in the picture was hit by a speeding car, on the head. The cow fell down, before dragging herself to the pavement and collapsing there.

The injection that had been given was oxytocin, used in the dairy industry to force cows to produce massive amounts of milk; far beyond what their bodies are designed by nature to produce. This, when given by an unskilled and untrained person, as was the case in this matter, can be extremely dangerous to the health and well-being of the person injected.

Milk really was oozing from all her nipples, but the owner of the cow, the charlatan who had injected her in so unskilled a manner, had escaped from the scene. The cow herself had obviously received a debilitating blow to her head as her nose was bleeding quite hard and she seemed to be concussed. She died soon after she was rescued, but the milk from her nipples continued to ooze out for over an hour afterwards.

The very simple fact of the matter is that when we, as consumers, provide a demand for milk and dairy, unscrupulous business people will do their utmost to exploit whatever means necessary to cater to that demand, which includes cruelly poisoning animals in order to force their bodies to go beyond the limits of nature. The only way to prevent such heinous barbarism is to boycott the products such scoundrels sell.

Source : Blue Cross of India

Tribute : Man Who Revived Life with Music : Mahesh Mahadevan

Tamil Music Lovers many remember his music, others may not know him by name but his songs from the movie Vanam Vasappadum will identify him. I loved the tracks of this movie and looked back who is the music director, that day and found his name Mahesh. I thought we got a new talent in the music industry. But the unfortunate news came tagged along we cannot listen his music thereafter; he passed away on October 29, 2002

It is almost a decade now since he left his last tunes for us. I feel it could be a little act of kindness to remember someone who is unknown to me, just another music director. But this man is a true source of inspiration, who fought back Cancer.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>Instead of giving up on life, he bounced back with his music talent what he missed to recognize before. Read about him, sure he will be a source of inspiration to many of us. May his soul rest in peace and long live in the memories of all his fans, family and beloved ones.

In the decade before his death, Mahesh was actively involved in cancer counselling and in motivating other cancer patients to approach treatment with a positive attitude. Upon his death, The Mahesh Memorial Trust (MMT) was formed in 2002 by friends of Mahesh. MMT committed itself to building a paediatric Ward in the Cancer Institute premises at Adyar, Chennai. 

Mahesh-Memorial-003“TO LIVE in the hearts of those we leave behind is never to die,” said Robert Orr. Forty seven-year-old Mahesh Mahadevan, composer and music director, who passed away on October 29, 2002, has certainly immortalized himself in the hearts of his friends, admirers, associates, music lovers and film goers thanks to his contributions to the field of music.

Mahesh’s foray into the world of music was more by a twist of fate than design. An M.B.A. from XLRI, Jamshedpur, he worked with corporates such as Hindustan Polymers and India Pistons until cancer struck him in the late 1980s. When childhood friend P. Jayendra, one of the founders of Real Image Media Technologies, visited him in hospital and found him somewhat depressed, he suggested that Mahesh, who showed great promise as a music composer in his school and college years, revives this interest and compose music for jingles.

Mahesh soon went on to compose music for over 250 jingles including the hugely popular one for Regaul Blue (Sottu Neelam, Doi) besides TVS Tyres, Apollo Tyres, etc.

Meanwhile, with Real Image Media Technologies are growing rapidly, Mahesh was roped in to provide management inputs and establish systems. As Director, Finance and Administration, Real Image Media Technologies, Mahesh did all that and more. Recalls Jayendra, “More than anything else, it was Mahesh’s personality — warm, friendly and affectionate with a smile on his lips all the time — that brought everyone together. He taught us how to reach out to people.”

From ad jingles to films was a natural transition for the talented Mahesh. As music director, he struck gold with his debut film Nammavar starring Kamal Hassan and won the Special mention award in the National Awards given away in 1995.

Thereafter, he went on to compose music for seven other films including Kuruthi Punal (Tamil) 1995,Preminchukundaam Raa (Telugu), Pelladi Choopistha(Telugu), Padutha Theeyaga (Telugu), the background score for Alavanthan (Tamil), and the yet-to-be-released Vaanam Vasapadum, directed by cinematographer P.C. Sreeram and Janaki Vishwanathan’s Kanavu Meipada Vendum.

Says Janaki Vishwanathan, “I consider myself very privileged to have known him, though briefly. His music is wonderful and I am waiting for the world to listen to it. There could be influenced in the work of other music directors but Mahesh’s music was so unique, it was so Mahesh. He had abundant talent and I feel fate has been cruel in not letting him actualize his potential.”

Mahesh’s positive outlook to life in the face of illness and his graceful acceptance of it was truly admirable and a quality that his friends remember him by. “In fact, even when he was critically ill, there was no self pity or resentment or fear. He enjoyed life and loved living. He prepared himself for what life would eventually hand out to him and never let it come in the way of his work,” Jayendra adds. Mahesh was also involved in career counselling and motivating other cancer patients to face life with the right attitude. He certainly struck a chord in all those whose lives he touched. For a man whose heart was in music and for the rare human being that he was, it was perhaps the most natural thing to do.

-Courtesy : The Hindu : He had a cheerful disposition