Morons Destroy Public Property : A Common Man’s Reaction

Dharmapuri BusWonder why some stupid people burn public properties and kill innocent people in the name of what so ever the crap they call it? Especially in the name of Politics! Like in India…

It’s very simple. There are (ok! almost) no politicians here in the politics for the people, so as their party and their supporters. They are in politics for their own selfish motives. This is the bitter truth. Nobody can change them. Only individuals can be the change what he/she wants. Unfortunately, our society always runs on a consensus, without knowing the impacts in the future, without seeing the right or wrong. Just selfishness drives us. We follow the majority, even if they are walking towards a pile of crap.

Many of you aware of the arrest of a Cheif Minister (Tamilnadu, India) following that protests and riots in Tamilnadu. Without even thinking with common sense.

Just 5 points to ponder

1. She was a CM, not an ordinary person. If justice can treat her equal, be proud about India, at least we have such a judiciary system here.

2. We are no one to justify the judgement. It is up to the then CM, the Judge and advocates to prove the guilt or innocence in their side.

3. Many supporters disturbed public and destroyed their own properties, thinking that it belongs to the people/the govt. They are morons so no use of any discussion about them. Don’t know what is the logic behind their acts! Even we have the history of cruel acts of killing innocent people and burning them alive to death. We don’t care who kills the innocent, we question why the mind behind them who killed the innocents? “If you dare go and kill your enemies. You can’t! So you…burning them alive to death. We don’t care who kills the innocent, we question why the mind behind them who killed the innocents? “If you dare go and kill your enemies. You can’t! So you…

4. Oppositions parties 🙂 As expected the hypocrites did their job, with dirt on their own hands.

5. The most importantly missing common sense: If the then CM was innocent, who stopped her from proving her innocence? If it is not possible for a CM to justify! provided the accusations were wrong, as claimed by their supporters! Then imagine common people’s situation, anyone can frame any case on anyone at will, if they have money power.

If we people find profit in making patriotic movies against bad politicians, corruptions, we will make such movies, watch and celebrate 100 days. Also forget it next day. Who cares in Real life. Isn’t it? Our heroes protested for the release of the arrested. Why didn’t they appeal in court, filed a case against the judgement and everyone signed a petition? We have seen heroes who inspired us in such movies became victims of the situation in real life! If they didn’t join the protest supporting a corruption case, their films will face tough situations ahead. Maybe that’s why they had participated. So as hundreds of street side vendors and common people who closed their businesses, just to prevent some moron from throwing stones or setting fire to the life-source of their family. There was no sentiment at all, but just an enforced situation.

This is not just about this incidence, almost all the political parties in India would trigger the same reaction if they face any actions like this. So the points here are just for quoting an example. The picture is bigger.

We people all knew the true colors of politicians who accumulate wealth illegally. Some get caught, many are not. Even there are bad people among us who do the same, may be in a smaller scale, when compared to politicians. There are also good people who still believe in honesty and justice. But here, there is no use of raising voice or standing against the Politicians. Because the system of this selfish society supports them. They are the majority. They want the crumbs that fall from the politicians leftovers. So good people just need to stay aside and watch their games.

Evil will expose other evils and destroy one another, if not today some other day. But it will happen.

– Din

“Instead of putting a Band Aid on your cut finger, why not just amputate at the elbow? See, I’m a problem solver. I should go into politics.”
― Jarod Kintz,

Note: This is unbiased, written on social interest and for educational purposes only

Chief Minister Sleeps on Street! : What We Miss to Learn!!!


Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal slept on the road, a bitterly cold January night, right next to where his blue Wagon R car was parked near India Gate. After a night out on the streets, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal resumed his protest against the city’s police in the heart of Delhi today, his supporters staying put despite sudden winter rain and bad weather.

Mr Kejriwal woke up at 5.20 in the morning, every move captured on camera. With “good morning” out of the way, he fired his first salvo, attacking Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. “How can Home Minister (Sushil Kumar) Shinde sleep when so many crimes are happening in Delhi? Is he a dictator? We won’t negotiate, this is not a grocery store,” he said. – Courtesy : NDTV

What is happening in India? A Chief Minister has to come down to the streets to dharna (protest) for bringing an official procedure / change of control over administering the Police department of the state! How people of India are seeing it? Moments after the media captured this act by AAP leader and the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, the result is much expected. People started praising it on the social media and giving supporting voice. Well, I must be synonymous with everyone when I talk about their intention to bring an effective system in place to protect women and ensure they are safe in the Capital City. I am 100% with their intended purpose.

But on the other hand, if we see it as a democratic procedure or a process oriented functioning of a government, What a CM doing is totally not good for the country! For each and every thing we cannot enter into the streets to protest and demand justice in this way! If it is a civilized country under democracy, then this is not at all needed.

Instead of all this attention grabbing things, why not the concerned people come out with the proposed solution, with explanation that details Why the Current procedure toothless against prevention of crimes and how a control shift can make it efficient? Make a public statement, file a case with top priority on the Supreme Court, or a special request to the President of India and make the public & media to cover the complete proceedings, as they do like now covering this story and hyping in the news media. Let us people watch the court hearing, what and how you politicians and lawmakers are making decisions behind the walls. We get to know all your efficiency! We will be glad and proud if you make India such a powerful democracy and make people a part of the governance in reality. 

Even for a successful long-term running of a small organisation, we need visibility and proper procedures. But for administering the country you politicians are doing so many publicity stunts and again and again guiding the nation on the wrong path. If everyone gets on the roads and start protesting for every demand, India would turn like a riot ground and a battlefield. Is that what you politicians want to cash in? Sorry, we are not ready to believe in any of the usual political gimmicks. We have been seeing enough in the last 60+ years. We need change! 

So for the people who supports such kind of propaganda, please grow up and make a decision in the upcoming elections. 49 O is the tool to reject them. We have limited powers as citizens of this country. Our Vote is the Primary weapon against the corrupt, bad politics and stupid administration. So use that effectively. The world will be watching the elections. Because many countries want to invest and take profits from our populous market, they can’t do it without the politicians, they will wait to know whom we choose so that they can deal with them. 

 SO. MAKE YOUR CHOICE WISELY. As far as Mr.Arvind Kejriwal is concerned, we need to wait and watch, allow time to conclude a result about that gentleman. Will he stand out different or join the club of the political predecessors of this biggest democracy! 

– Words by Din

Note: I am not politically supporting anyone or any party but democracy.


Kudos! : An Indian Chief Minister says “No Thanks” to Perks!


Ever since independence, New Delhi’s leaders have commandeered the city’s most valuable real estate for themselves – living in the same bungalows behind the same walls left by British colonialists.

But on Monday, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s new chief minister, vowed for the first time to break from India’s colonial past by promising that neither he nor his ministers would take up residence in those sumptuous homes.

He also promised to do away with a culture of privilege that allows ministers and top bureaucrats to zip through Delhi’s traffic in motorcades with police escorts and flashing lights.

In a letter dated Monday, a top Delhi police official wrote to Kejriwal’s private secretary that “Delhi police needs to give the security to him as per the norms,” and asked where the vast police detail should be sent.

In a handwritten response, Kejriwal wrote that he did not need security.

“God is my biggest security,” he wrote.

He did add, however, that he “would be grateful if some help is provided for crowd management or screening at a few places where I get mobbed.”

Kejriwal’s elevation to the chief minister of India’s capital city is among the most unlikely and meteoric rises to power in Indian history. At 45, he is Delhi’s youngest chief minister ever, replacing a woman 30 years his senior.

A former tax commissioner, Kejriwal gained national attention three years ago as the top adviser to Anna Hazare, the activist who has pushed India’s Parliament to adopt legislation creating an independent corruption monitor. The movement fell apart amid resistance from the governing United Progressive Alliance and growing tension between Hazare and Kejriwal.

Hazare continued to push for the legislation but believed he needed to do so in a nonpartisan way. Kejriwal disagreed, saying the failure of the movement meant he needed to become directly involved in electoral politics. So last year he formed his own party – known as Aam Aadmi, or Common Man – and declared his intention to fight in Delhi’s state elections.

Whispers among Delhi’s political establishment suggested that he had no chance of competing in a system known for corrupt pay-outs and among voters who expected hand-outs. But two weeks ago, Aam Aadmi won 28 seats in Delhi’s elections, compared with eight by the once-dominant Indian National Congress Party. Most embarrassing, Sheila Dikshit, the Congress Party’s long-time chief minister, was crushed in her own constituency. Those results may signal that India’s long-time political dynasty, the family of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, could soon lose its grip on power.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, a Hindu nationalist party, won 31 seats in Delhi’s elections and was initially asked to form a government. But neither of the Hindu party’s rivals would lend support, so Kejriwal’s turn came.

Whether Kejriwal was willing to govern with help from the Congress Party, which he had criticized as hopelessly corrupt, was the much-asked question.

Kejriwal asked the people. More than half a million sent emails and text messages, and the party reported that the overwhelming response was that he should govern.

“It is not me who will be the chief minister,” Kejriwal told reporters in his office Monday. “It will be Delhi’s common man who will be the chief minister. Alone I cannot do anything.”

Significant challenges remain. Delhi is one of the world’s most polluted and crowded cities. A third of its residents live in slums with little access to sanitation or clean water; its electricity is fitful and its roads and poor infrastructure. Inflation is soaring, and India’s economy is flagging.

While he based his campaign on eliminating corruption, Kejriwal also promised to slash electricity rates in half and give free water to every Delhi household. He also promised to build 200,000 community and public toilets.

“It is easy to lead a movement but difficult to run a political party,” said Sudha Pai, a political science professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University. “Now they have to deliver on their promises of cheap electricity, free water and corruption-free government. Those are not easy promises to fulfill.”

Courtesy : ©  The New York Times News Service