Story : 55 Fiction : The Garage

It just started to rain. As he gazed the thatched roof, laying on the floor, without a blink, the drizzles slowly became heavy showers. A drop dripped on his eye. He rolled down the sleeves to hide the wounds and decided to go to school. He realized, why his mother always hated the garage owner.... Continue Reading →

Know : Child Labour Problem in Nepal

Though child labor is illegal in Nepal, an estimated 1.6 million children between the ages of five and 17 years are in the work force, according to the National Child Labor Report. About three-quarters of them are under the age of 14, and most are girls. Child workers are a frequent sight on Kathmandu's streets, whether... Continue Reading →

258 child labourers rescued in a year: NGO

YOU CAN CALL 1098 (Toll Free) if you spot any child labour / kids seeking any help. (Applicable in India) Other countries please share your emergency numbers and share this info.



A total of 258 child labourers were rescued from across the city in the last one year.

Pratham, an NGO which works for the welfare of children, had conducted 21 rescue operations from across the city.

Seventy-two out of the total children rescued were from Nepal.

This NGO, in the coordination with the police department’s social service branch and state government labour department, raided places after tip-offs.

It raided 21 industries manufacturing bangles and laces and leather units since August.

“We rescued 258 children in the last one year. Seventy-two of them were from the Nepal. The rest were from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal. We have put the children at the Dongri and Mankhurd children’s home. After the prescribed procedure, they will be handed over to their parents or relatives,” said Navanath Kamble, chief of children rescue programme, Pratham.

He added that they would find out why…

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