What’s Up : Say “Hi” to this World’s biggest Hedgehog :)

  • Seven feet high sculpture was unveiled on Clapham Common(UK) last Tuesday
  • It is made from 2,000 soft wood spikes and coconut fiber that resembles fur
  • A structure created to promote new TV program by Sir David Attenborough

A giant sculpture of a hedgehog has been unveiled on Clapham Common after a survey found that a quarter of people in the UK have never seen the animal in the wild.

The 12 foot long, eight foot wide, seven feet tall structure took a team of artists two months to build, and it has been keeping hundreds of visitors to the South London park entertained since being unveiled last week.

The sculpture is mainly made from 2,000 soft wood spikes that resemble a hedgehog’s spines, and a mixture of willow and coconut fiber that takes on the appearance of fur.

Source: User submitted (http://propelsteps.boards.net/)

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