Insights : The Twelve Gifts

Use your gifts well and you will discover others, among them a gift that is uniquely you. Once upon a time, a long time ago, when princes and princesses lived in faraway kingdoms, royal children were given twelve special gifts when they were born. You may have heard the stories. Twelve wise women of the... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time in the history, Wars were sign of Pride, Bravery and Courage. Now Wars have become a sign of Cruelty, Hatred and Shame! This is the proof that many Humans started realizing their true worth. We need to start acting on what we are realizing, before it becomes too late. - Words by... Continue Reading →

Break Free at Will

She never seeks a Man's Shadow to hide She takes freedom rather boasting about it She knew she got the courage to fly She shines like a star on her own She indifferences men in attitudes She remains just as human She is the Woman! Confinements are only in her thoughts! Break free at will!... Continue Reading →

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