What Indian can learn from China’s lecture from space?

Chinese products may have mixed reviews on global market but Wang Yaping, a female Chinese astronaut has delivered a live video lecture from space and garnered applause from everyone.

It is China’s fifth manned space mission, Shenzhou-10, they might have had many priorities in their agenda on this mission. But the most populous nation has done the right thing to allocate a schedule for educating the children from space and has opened new festoon gates of hopes to the millions of kids in their country.

A Canadian Astronaut had done similar lecture from space few months back, yet the Chinese lecture has made the world to turn and look. Thanks to the people strength they got to back them.

Though I am an Indian, I am taking happiness in Chinese’s success. They have done this and have made us to think in new perspectives. This is an opportunity for us to have a self assessment on our educational system and do a comparative study. Here are my insights on this

1. China has evolved so unique and independently unlike India they maintained a perimeter to hold the level of dependency on other developed nations. They might lack in English skills compared to us but that has not stopped them raising their competitive level to global standards. This is a worthy notification for their standing above us. Need evidence? They have keyboard and computers working on Mandarin, how many we have in Hindi?

2. I am not much aware of the level of commercialization of education in China, but have a pretty fair knowledge on what’s happening in India. Definitely we are not heading towards a healthy direction on a long run and a wider spectrum. The creativity among Chinese is far better than creativity of Indian Kids. I am specific about the majority of the students not the creamy layer of brilliant kids here. Overall this is the fact.

3. India is becoming the workforce of the Western and other investors. Conglomerates are marching to India to process and sell their products and services. Indian population is the main attraction which is young and educated just enough to be instructed and get the work done. Want any evidence? Let‚Äôs list down and compare ‚ÄúMade in India‚ÄĚ tag ‚ÄúMade in China‚ÄĚ tag or any other Western/European countries. Even ‚ÄúMade in Singapore‚ÄĚ tag will beat India.

4. What is happening in Indian Science and Technology Development? : Influenced by Politics and the growth is restricted. Potentials are curtailed. A Bitter truth. Ask those scientists who lost opportunities and denied a chance.

Indian Children flagTime up for my complaints session! Insights may sound mere frustrations because of what happening here. Critics hold more importance than praising negligible positives we have in Indian Education or the national progress. We Indians are educated and well fed in our thoughts that we are been educated to work and earn money. Not to contribute anything to the country. ‚ÄúWell our politicians have dedicated their complete life to take care and work for the society. So you don‚Äôt need to worry about it‚ÄĚ this is being preached unconsciously to every young mind here.

Unless we step forward and question ourselves we can never have our individuality than being puppets of greed for earning. Hold on, we can’t spread as we wish to other countries and settle there forever. When the employments of the rightful and native citizens of the respective nations become a question, they will be forced to kick us back to homeland. Obvious I am not complaining other countries because they are doing the right thing to protect their native people first, even we will do it here in India if such thing happens.

Wait, before crediting India I need to recite few incidents here. Are we internally united? We don’t even have unity to share our water resources! If a business man from other state comes to invest in your state, you feel hostile and demanding him to leave. I think two examples are enough and I want to stop complaining my nation on this forum.

We need to rise up my Indians. I feel timid even to express myself, that’s the situation we live in. Think as individuals and think where we are heading towards.

Learn from China. Learn from good deeds happening around us. There is nothing wrong in learning. If we people change politicians and the system will also change. Jai Hind.

-Words by Din

Critiques on Indian Educational System

Straight away taking you to the point, as the title speaks, this writing is presented in a simplest form which every commoner can understand few of the basic errors in the Indian Educational System. These perspectives shared here are critiques for a better solution. There are hundreds of thousands of NGOs, Government aided projects, Good Educational Institutions who consistently taking strenuous efforts to take education to a holistic better level. We share the same interest and passion to contribute solutions for the issues discussed here. Let us share the critiques here in this part.

In our perspective the Education System in India has three major challenges which are well- known but ignored,

  1. Over Commercialization of Education
  2. Mere Marks / Numbers driven Evaluations
  3. Biased Career Orientation

Critiques on Indian educational system

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-Words by Din