Believe me! You who read may be an Angel :)

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Swim in the clouds,
Hope it won’t rain down!
Stay away from the blue sky,
Else the colour may stain.
Turn off the sun,
It’s my time says the moon.
Whrilling winds come,
Say no mood to play slides.
Stars are shining,
Not as your glittering eyes.

Does it really matter,
Who says this to whom?

Can be a Dad’s dream about his little daughter.
May be a Mother’s dream about her yet born child.
A man’s love about his lover girl.
A wife’s dream trip with her husband.
Could even be a friend’s letter to a friend.
Even it could be a poem about your lovable pet.
Why not? It could be for you too from me.
If you filled your soul with kindness, truth and love
You all seem as an angel of hope!

Does it really matter
Who says this to whom? 🙂

-Words by Din

Something beautiful…


“That’s it! Today I am gonna tell him/her” a self talk.
“I love you too” after your proposal.
“I have a good news for you” a newly wed wife.
“Congrats! Both mother and child are good, now you can see them”
Yawaa oyiueoa kuaeahayo” some indistinct language
First time listening “Maa (mother) Paa (father)”
“I got 100 out of 100 :)” pride on ABCD writing, PRE-KG results
To be continued…

Life has plenty of joyful beginnings.
Especially when you step into a family life.

All it needs some true love and a little perseverance
To make life more beautiful everyday…

– Words by Din