The Colour of Soul

Where do colours come from? Where are they present actually?

Are they present in our brain or in our eyes or on the objects? There is no answer for this actually. Nobody knows what the real blue is.

The Colour of Soul

“What is the colour of a soul?” The best answer I could give is “Mirror-Color”. So it could reflect our own colour, we always see our perspectives reflected back. Isn’t it?

Are you one among many who hype a lot about skin complexion?

Scientifically, Logically and Spiritually there is no color but perceptions.

Who taught us Dark complexion is not good? Especially the Indian mindset! They dictate Dark and Ugly are proportional to each other. Sick mindset isn’t it?

In the past 7 weeks, then 7 days and now instant fairness creams are available in the market. Do we need one? 🙂

We can find moon beautiful only in the dark sky. So what makes us love moon? Moon’s Brightness or Sky’s Darkness?

The point is, we should learn to love things as a whole, as what they are. The difference begins in our perspective but not in the nature.

Every one of us are colourful, picked from a palette of million colors processed in a factory 100 billion cells called “Brain” with the help of our 576 Mega Pixels camera called “Eyes”. We should learn to open our minds to the truth.

The is no colour, but our perceptions. There exists no reason to hate, also we need no reason love one another 🙂

– Words by Din

Five Thoughts for You : What are not Funny?


5. Fun of Physical Appearance / Nature : 

Never make a joke on someone’s Physical appearance or their Nature of belonging to something. Never tease them for being what they are. Especially finding an aspect in them what you feel as inferior and making fun on those aspects. Most of the times people do such acts on your very close friends, teasing them for being short, fat, dark, fair, ugly, bald, thin, physically weak, bad eyes, occupation, etc. You may look it as a funny comment but it will hurt your friend somewhere deep, a few will tell you but many will hide it inside. It is the way they were born, it’s so worst character to joke on someone’s appearance.

4. Laughter is not always the Medicine :

Sometimes when you find your friend or a known person sad you try to make them smile by doing something naughty. Well you can do it, but just try to assess the reason behind why they are like so and do make fun only if you can remove that particular sadness by your clown activities. Certainly there are a few hard times for people which needs a compassionate behaviour to understand them, than a mere fun.

3. Be careful with Pranks :

Surprise shouts and pranks are so common among friends and family. You hide somewhere and all of a sudden jump onto your target person and make fun of them. Before doing so always look around the environment, things placed around your stage, what the target keeps in hand / bag, etc. Be smart and safe in this kind of pranks, because it may end up fatal for you or your friend. You cannot reverse time and make things correct.

2. Do not play with Emotions / Beliefs :

Emotions / Beliefs are deep rooted. What you may feel so pity / less important can be highly important to another person. So have some empathy! Keep limits for any kind of fun and never make fun of someone who cries / worries / concerns genuinely. Even mocking them or ignoring them would put your relationship under test. So always keep some limits when it comes to fun. Over dosage of any fun would take you into sadness.

1. Know the Indicator :

A simple indicator of good fun is everyone should feel happy about it. If your funny act makes someone sad / cry then it is no fun at all. It should leave a positive vibe on all who involved and relax their mind. Mistakes are human, so always be open to ask apologies if you make any fun unknowingly and hurt someone. Ensure you know the person first before you do any funny stuffs.

– Words by Din