India : Assembly Elections : Updates

BJP LEADS almost in all the four states, however one among it is a neck to neck between them and Ruling Congress Party. Will this Change of Rule Bring any positives to India? Modi'fication has begun... Courtesy and Source : Times of India

Indian Law got punished by the Rapist!

Law punished the Delhi rapist as a minor boy! I would correct the statement; the law got punished by the rapist, exposing the powerlessness of Indian laws. The Juvenile Justice Board today sentenced the juvenile accused in the Delhi gangrape case to three years of punishment at a juvenile remand home after he was found guilty... Continue Reading →

Plastic Story Series-1 : India, USA and Oceans

Plastic Story in India "We are sitting on a plastic time bomb," the Supreme Court said on Wednesday after the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) informed it that India generates 56 lakhtonnes of plastic waste annually, with Delhi accounting for a staggering 689.5 tonnes a day. "Total plastic waste which is collected and recycled in the country is estimated... Continue Reading →

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