Statistical Study : Poor Farmers & Dirty Indian Politics

India farmer kills himself at Delhi AAP rally

cartoon_politics_india2This is the most debated news on Indian media now! Maybe for this week, till we get another sensational news. Political parties are taking their respective pickings to do politics. Blaming one another and trying to follow their traditional strategy to make people fools. None of the political parties ever tried to resolve the agricultural issues on a serious move. So many projects are been dragged for political and business reasons. Meanwhile, farmers are continuing to commit suicide across the country. When the media covered a single farmer’s suicide on daylight, the politicians are ‘ullu banaving’ making fool of us.

Delhi BJP demands AAP Govt to give compensation of Rs 5 crore to farmer’s family – What about thousands of farmers who died without making a political impact as the farmer who committed suicide in Delhi recently? Our politicians are exposing themselves by making such statements and irresponsible blaming on each other.

Why no Indian Political party is focusing on the solution to end this? They are fighting over how to acquire lands from farmers by various laws to favours industries. Why no one is talking about Indian Rivers Inter-link project?

The Indian Rivers Inter-link is a proposed large-scale civil engineering project that aims to link India‘s rivers by a network of reservoirs and canals and so reduce persistent floods in some parts and water shortages in other parts of India. Which can address the causes of farmer suicides and also enrich the Environment of the whole country!

The raw truth is, projects like inter-linking rivers would unite the people of India together. Maybe while executing the project some politics may happen but once the project gets completed the whole nation will get the benefits of it. People will come together ahead of their regional and states differences. Which will revamp agriculture, India will become more of a Green Nation than an industrial nation. This of course, will prevent Industrialists to an extent and prevent politicians’ tie up with Industries and they cannot make easy money. That’s why such effective projects are kept on hold or progressing at snail pace!

As of 2013, a total of 296,438 farmers had killed themselves in India since 1995.[4] Most farm suicides have been linked to debt, a sharp rise in input costs, serious water crises, price volatility and crop failure due to pest attacks and disease. India is an agrarian country with around 60% of its people depending directly or indirectly upon agriculture. Farmer suicides account for 11.2% of all suicides in India.[1]

In Britain farmers are taking their own lives at a rate of one a week. ƒ In India, one farmer committed suicide every 32 minutes between 1997 and 2005. Read more from UN’s article here 

The following data is bit old, but shared here for analytical purpose.

Reasons for farm suicides.
(in 2002)[27]
(of suicides)
Habits like drinking, gambling, etc. 20.35
Failure of crops 16.81
Other reasons (e.g. chit fund) 15.04
Family problems with spouse, others 13.27
Chronic illness 9.73
Marriage of daughters 5.31
Political affiliation 4.42
Property disputes 2.65
Debt burden 2.65
Price crash 2.65
Borrowing too much (e.g. for house construction) 2.65
Losses in non-farm activities 1.77
Failure of bore well 0.88
Note: “Reasons were given by close relatives and friends. There are multiple reasons for suicides. Not even one case was given only one reason.”[27]

Indian Politicians must understand that people are no fools and we can read their minds so well! Instead of blaming one another, they must act upon solutions. Shame on them if they continue doing politics with Farmers and commoners of this country.

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A Letter To Dirty Politicians “SHUT UP”

A Letter to Dirty Politicians… (Indian)shutup_03

Hey Dirty Indian Politicians! Shut up! We cannot hear your idiotic bashing anymore on other parties whenever a bomb blast occurs! Stop your dirty games! You all have similar faces, but different masks!

The country knows the timeline of bomb blasts very well than you politicians, because it was always us who lost our brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and beloved friends. When was the last time any of your relative or a family member was killed in a bomb blast along with the public? Seldom you can show proof. It is always us, our ‘common people’ were chosen as victims! Even when people were burnt alive in train/bus or mass murders in any religious riots, we common people are the targets!

None of such incidents had any names of your families. Go back and search the list of Thousands of victims, we challenge you to find a dozen names from your families! It never happened and will never happen. Because accidents will never occur as planned!

We people are aware that every bomb blast has some political motive behind and any one of your dirty minds behind that work either directly or indirectly. Because it’s you who are going to get the benefits of all the chaos such incidents creates. We have seen nothing but only opposition bashing in most of our political history. You blame them, they blame you and make us fools.

There is no poor or a middle class politician in this country. All of you are either rich or in that process of becoming so. We are tired of your political business. It is becoming so clear day by day that your purpose of politics is your own selfishness, but not the Public interest or a National service. After your personal agenda if you have space, you may think of us and throw some left over crumbs to us. We do not need it anymore.

Democracy means people taking care of people, even a class 3 student can define it to us. If you do not understand or act so smart like you are living for us!, please stop this nonsense. You look so ugly when you play blame games after some of our citizens get killed!

Terrorists, Extremists and Naxals are better names for scapegoats in your dictionary. They do not seem to have any personal agenda of bombing a random train or shooting innocent people in a train station. If we sum up everything and deduce factors, then all the benefits converge at your dirty political business. Even if those anti-social groups actually done such things as their modus operandi, why the hell you are taking advantage of the situation?

We are tired of the political culture of blaming the one other party! For gaining political advantages, please do not play with innocent people’s lives.


*Conditions applied. This is not directly intended on any politician in particular, but addressed to all bad politicians. Who ever are bad, they know themselves well.

– Din