Documentary : Pollution : The Science Guy (must watch)

This episode doesn’t stink, even though it’s about pollution. Dirty water, land, and air are a result of pollution. People are the only animals on Earth that make pollution. Garbage, burning fuel, chemicals, sewage, oil, and pesticides are all human-made things that make the Earth’s atmosphere, water, and soil unclean. Humans are even leaving trash in space, such as broken satellites, pieces of metal, paint from rocket skin, and even cameras and toothbrushes.

Many of the junk people make and leave behind hurts plants, animals, you and me. In some places, the Earth is becoming a real mess, and humans are the only ones who can start cleaning it up. Instead of dangerous chemical pesticides, some farmers are getting bats to help keep insects off their crops. Recycling helps lower the amount of garbage that gets buried in landfills. Some companies have reduced the amount of packaging on their products. Humans make pollution, and the amount of pollution depends on the choices people like you and me make. Sometimes, to leave the world better than you found it, you have to clean up other people’s trash. Be sure to clean up your messes and watch the “Pollution Solutions” episode

William Sanford “Bill” Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American science educator, comedian, television host, actor, writer, and scientist who began his career as a mechanical engineer at Boeing. He is best known as the host of the Disney/PBS children’s science show Bill Nye the Science Guy and for his many subsequent appearances in popular media as a science educator.

No matter what life brings, Just be there along side!

John Carter [Woola about to attack]

No Matter what the life brings

A party or a candle light dinner

Always never leave your beloved ones

Even if it is a War

Just be there for them

-Words by Din

Inspired by Woola: 

Woola is a character in the film John Carter. He is a calot, the Barsoom counterpart to a dog and becomes John Carter’s pet. He lives on Mars and acts somewhat like a dog from Earth. He possesses super-speed and helps John Carter on his adventures.

Hope you might have watched the movie John Carter, I liked it very much. Even if they a little insight to grab from, I tend to like the movie. Woola is a Mars Pet character (dog like) which shows immense form of true love and dedication to Carter. He follows John wherever he goes, like Tv commercial Pug dog, well Woola matches 30 pugs in Size :P. It battles along side him and fights for him, death could be the end of the war, Woola does not back off. 

Just compare it to real life, even our own relations, people who we thought as beloved ones, seldom stands by our side at times of hardships. There are many stories of true companions, the likes of Emily Warren Roebling and Jane Lin. The only difference is that we are humans, who can learn compassion and dedication from many characters in movies and in life. They are inspirational.

Do not worry about whether someone stands by our side not, just decide that you stand by your beloved ones at any hardships of life. Giving is important than receiving. 

May be Kids will remember the Disney’s Woola in the future, however I always remember Woola.

– Words by Din

Woola John Carter

“Please share your comments if you liked me” – Woola 🙂