Earth itself is not a renewable source of energy, it has limits. We humans are morons to plunder it and accelerating a one way trip. Leave the pity Earth, we have the Sun to offer all the energy we crave for. -Words by Din

Powerful Quote #92 : Thirst

You will do anything when you feel thirsty, whatever it takes to drink water. Same happens when we try to achieve things in our life. Only the thirst for achieving differentiates one another. - Words by Din Read more Powerful Quotes

CANADA : Important Deadlines coming up!

Dear Canadians, Please look at this and Please give your views please. It’s Horrible to even read the Hazardous facts mentioned. Here in India a Nuclear project is going on and its almost implemented without the public consent and interest. Hope there your voices heard for the environment and human safety.

Fortune Minerals: Toxic Time-bomb

 Environmental-review-clippiYour last chance to say “NO” to Fortune Mineral’s Processing Plant near Langham draws near!

December 6, 2013 is an important date for commenting.   In preparation for public input, community members joined together for a Town Hall Meeting, Nov. 5th in Langham.   We are hoping that people review Fortune Minerals Ltd.’s Project EIS and the Technical Review Comments  and respond by Dec. 6th, 2013.  


Here’s how you can help:

Alvin Yuen, P.Eng Senior Environmental Assessment Administrator
Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
3211 Albert Street
Regina SK S4S 5W6   
Please ensure mailed comments are postmarked no later than December 6, 2013.
  • Write a little, write a lot… but please write …..  Here is an addressed letter in MS Word format to get you started:  open-letter-to-alvin-yuen in word
  • Pass along the blog to…

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