Powerful Quote #119 : Leave the Pity Earth

Sun and earth

Earth itself is not a renewable source of energy, it has limits. We humans are morons to plunder it and accelerating a one way trip. Leave the pity Earth, we have the Sun to offer all the energy we crave for.

-Words by Din

Eco Preservation : Meaningful Stamps by a few Countries (part 1)

Here are a few stamps released for promoting Going Green / Conservation / Ecological Preservation by a few countries like USA, India, Thailand, Australia, China, Philippines, Japan, Korea and Germany



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Powerful Quote #92 : Thirst

You will do anything when you feel thirsty, whatever it takes to drink water. Same happens when we try to achieve things in our life. Only the thirst for achieving differentiates one another.

– Words by Din


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Eco-preservation : Alas! This many Environmental Issues Exist?

How many Environmental Issues are you aware of? This list will definitely exceed your known  list of issues. Just click the issue to know what it is all about. (Permalinks to wiki)

Courtesy and Source : Wikipedia

Know : Top 10 Countries : Oil Consumers Vs Oil Reserves


Only Russia, Canada and Saudi Arabia are the countries with both the reserves and consumption rates higher in the Top 10, Whereas United States, China and Japan are the top 3 consumers of Oil resources followed by India.

Though placed second in oil reserves Venezuela is not there in the top 10 oil consuming countries. Have a look at the charts below and comment if you have any insights to share.

Source: Therichest.com

Oil consumption

Oil reserves