Know : Top 10 Food : Delicious & Quality

 SPAIN  Spanish cuisine is one of the most influential around the world because their ingredients have become very remote, Mexican cuisine is one of the most influenced. The cheese, the ham and foods from the sea, accompanied by a glass with wine, are best used in Basque cuisine. Recommended dishes: Paella Valenciana Basque Chicken Avocado... Continue Reading →

Know : Smoking Bans & Rules across Countries

Some countries have no legislation restricting smoking whatsoever; these include Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, and a number of other countries in Central and Western Africa. Rest all other countries has bans as follows (alphaphetically arranged) Smoking bans by country Albania A law went into effect on 30 May 2007 restricting smoking in closed public... Continue Reading →

Fact : Spectacular Tidal Bore : Nature rules

Tidal bore, also called bore,  body of water that, during exceptionally high sea tides, rushes up some rivers and estuaries near a coast where there is a large tidal range and the incoming tide is confined to a narrow channel. Traveling upstream about two or three times as fast as the normal tidal current, a bore usually is characterized by a well-defined front of... Continue Reading →

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