Increasing demand of Environmental Professionals : An Overview

Environmental Sustainability is getting as the top priority. An environmentally sustainable prototype is becoming the top priority of all industrial and business sectors. Right from a Conglomerate to a Street Vendor, the awareness about ecological balance is catching up at a rapid pace. Though we cause environmental damages in the present, at the same rate the sense of guilt among us is also on the rise. People give voice to save the environment across the globe, at any given moment round the clock.

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So what the overall picture shows and demands?

Due to the Industrial revolution Engineering oriented careers are so popular and remains one of the most chosen professions. Then the Economic rise of many countries after the Second World War resulted in numerous types of businesses and resulted in globalization. Thus, ‘business’ as a profession takes a remarkable share when it comes to career choices. Any living creature is prone to diseases and humans are no exception; with thousands of health conditions we are always in demand of new medicines and medical practitioners. So Parma and Medicine field will always have the demand till we exist in this world. There are several other impactful careers, we can list down like politics, military, etc. However, let us jump into the topic of Environment.

The reason for prefacing the above is to show that amid of all those we forget to emphasize more on the environment. The previous generations focussed more on bettering their science, technology and money power; they missed to foresee the impact of their inventions like the fossil fuels, plastic and of course sheer profit oriented economy.

The global warming issues raised the alarm, so then followed by our awareness of endangered animals, drastic climate changes, fresh water issues, etc. Now we are facing the effects side of the causes that was initiated in the past and the present. The equation needs to be balanced and bettered. This is the overall picture now.

Many reports also confirm that there will be consistent increase in demand of professionals who understands environmental sustainability. Experts claim that, every year 8000-10000 Green jobs have opened up newly in the last decade. “GO GREEN” logos are occupying every office and billions of emails sent across.

What is the demand now?

Researches show we will need more and more environmental technicians, engineers and researchers. According to a report, renewable energy sector in India alone will demand 14,00,000 Professionals by 2020. Statistics on global demands are even astounding. Research and Development departments are blooming in every sector, with high demand for environmental scientists and experts.

What perspective, we may miss?

Amid all these demands there is a sense of fear that this profession should not end up similar to its predecessors like medicine and engineering, where money making was primary than the social responsibility. We hope at least we do not repeat the same mistake now.

In this era of information technology, we can share knowledge with anyone in any part of the world in no time. But the only thing we need is the right attitude of learning by understanding; keeping the future of the next generations to come. Such responsibility towards learning environmental sustainability is the key element.

Provided it will remain one of the top most professions in the future, earning potential will be of no doubt to give a handsome payscale. All we need is to place the right minds to think and deliver; to balance the environmental effects, with sustainable innovations in alternative energy, health care, hazardous waste management, recycling, etc.

– Din

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