Coming Soon… “Blank Space : Filled with Inspiration”

It was just a dream… “A book of 100 inspirational stories penned by 100 people.” Many thought just another start but doubted the possibility for making it real. But now it is REAL. šŸ™‚

We had nothing but silence as an answer. Now the journey of Propel StepsĀ begins with the first step of the big journey ahead aiming to bring realistic social changes by enabling the youth via education irrespective of their economic and rural/urban differences.

A concrete and powerful kickstart, this would not have happened without you all 100 Incredible People who support us with patience and perseverance always. Especially some very special people who gave way for a few others, with so much understanding and smiles.

Final Cover BS(small)It has become a reality specially because of Pankaj Haramwar,Ā PreethiĀ Venugopal, Barun Bajracharya, Karthikeyan Chandra Srinivasan , Balaji Rajagopalan,Ā Karthikeyan Selvam, andĀ Nijam Deen.

The list is so long if we mention all by name, we are concerned not to miss someone, hence we kept the list short. We have stories to share about everyone who helped us to make the book better. We will share those beautiful moments when we introduce the Authors.

Soon we will come up with 3 projects simultaneously following the release ofĀ Blank Space. (tentatively in the first two weeks of Jan 2015)

We need you support for making this project successful. Pre-orders beginning soon… šŸ™‚

- Din

Your Stories can do Wonders : Join us & get published


Thanks to everyone who have sent their stories for Blank Space. šŸ™‚ We owe you our sincere gratitude because we know how important your support is. We got a fairly good response to ourĀ earlier post, writers / bloggers from more than 10 countriesĀ got in touch with us and started sending their stories. Feeling excited about their interest. Ā The milestone 100 is yet to be reached.

So we welcome entries šŸ™‚

We need your support. Please contribute your stories. Your words can do wonders. We believe in you and in our aim. We cannot do it alone. mail :

Publishing a book with contribution from 100 writers is an uphill task, especially on a debut. šŸ™‚ We know it. Yet the purpose which is fuelling our efforts is “To make a difference and prove any difficulty is not impossible, it is just harder to achieve”

The Idea of Blank Space has its story, backed by a strong belief to inspire people by not by telling the famous fight backs of popular people. It’s about sharing the inspirations of people who are just like You, I or anyone who reads this. Who we can relate to ourselves easily.

Blank SpaceFor all who are new : Blank Space : Filled with inspiration is an anthology styled book to be written by 100 writers and will have 100 short stories of inspiring moments in life.

You can write about any topic / issue which can inspire people and leave a positive vibe toĀ them. You can choose any genre fiction, semifiction,Ā true stories or even aĀ memoir as a story would do it.

What differences that this book can make?

Well, it is about the intensity. 100 people from around the globe will actuallyĀ form a community of people around them who either needs inspiration or provides inspiration. It multiplies. Blank Space will do it. Actually the journey starts after publishing as we have plans to make short films, school plays, etcĀ based on the stories in the future(of course with writer’s consent). But let’s focus on one step at a time.

A feel of your friend writing in a book is so special for anyone. A feel to say “I wrote a story in this book, which you can find online with this ISBN” will be a fantastic feel for someone who get published for the first time.

It is not as difficult to write a complete book and take the burden of publishing, sales and most importantly getting the readers. Nothing can give a writer aĀ happiness than to reach more people to read his/her writing. Blank Space will make that happen.

Blank Space will be translated into other languages and published. So far, English and Tamil versions are confirmed. We will expand it toĀ other languages if we get the right resources.

Writers can earn without any investment.

Where we stand now?

So far, more than 35+ writers have assured and started sending their entries. So miles to go to catch up 100+ entries and pick the best 100 out of them. Due date is extended for entries, till the official announcement from us about the close of entries.

The revenue generated by this initiative will be invested to inaugurate Study Centers in rural areas of Tamilnadu, India, where students can learn anything they wish to learn. SPECIALLY, WITHOUT ANY NEED TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY!

Our “Money-free Learning” model will enable them to take off the burden of fees and focus on what they wish to learn. We do not ask for any donations, we want to earn, and set an exemplary system that is self suffice. Blank Space will help us do it.

We need your support. Please contribute your stories. Your words can do wonders. We believe in you and in our aim.Ā 

Share this post on your Blog, Facebook,Ā Linkedin, Google+, etc.Ā 

- Din

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Blank Space : Write Your Inspiring Moment, Get Published.


Our life is full of moments, moments may be hard to pass through, but it will be followed by another moment which will be full of happiness. What happens in between the two moments is the Inspiration for life.

That Inspiration always helped us on our jobs, a marathon run, cooking a recipe, our love, friendship, hated school grades, interviews, a random act of kindness, about poverty, about family reunion, a thrilling live saving encounter, on failure, on success… etc.. The moments of inspirations are endless. Everyone of us will have a story to tell, a story of inspiration from our lives.

NOW it the time always on our clock. So take a few minutes to write those inspiring moments as a short story. We will publish it on our book Blank Space. We will ensure it leaves a positive impact on many and touch lives. We believe in you. (you can send your previous works from your blog also, but before that please get in touch with us to get the detailed information for better understanding)

Drop a mail now

Blank SpaceWe cordially invite you to be a part of our debut publishing work ā€œBlank Spaceā€ ā€“ An anthology-styled book series.

As the title says a ā€˜Blank Spaceā€™ can be filled with anything. We are hopeful to fill it with positive thoughts on various issues in multiple genres like stories, poems, arts and articles. This ā€˜Volume 1ā€² of ā€˜Blank Spaceā€™ will emphasize on Short Stories that are ā€˜Filled with inspirationā€™

Read our previous introductory post

An Invitation to All Writers, Bloggers and Thinkers

Blank Space invite

We cordially invite you to be a part of our debut publishing work “Blank Space” – An anthology-styled book series.

As the title says a ‘Blank Space’ can be filled with anything. We are hopeful to fill it with positive thoughts on various issues in multiple genres like stories, poems, arts and articles. This ‘Volume 1’ of ‘Blank Space’ will emphasize on Short Stories that are ‘Filled with inspiration’

Why “Blank Space”?

1. To spread Positive Vibes by promoting the reading habit among students(special focus), parents and people who hardly spend time on reading.Ā For ardent book readers this will give a whole new experience. Blank Space will be translated into other languagesĀ as well and published* (*based on the availability of our associates and translators).

2. We are focusing on reaching students in schools and colleges to cultivate a habit of reading the Appropriate Stuffs, which will help them build a better perspective on the life, so they can groom themselves as a responsible individual. We aim to achieve this by addressing the right issue and creating an interest in them to care for the society. So you can be assured that your work will reach a larger number of people and inspire them.

Apart from the idea of taking this book, we are engaged in conducting various free workshops, training programs on leadership, ambitious thinking, environmental awareness, sustained living, etc. We will be coming up with more events for the students, especially in rural areas of India. If you are interested in knowing more about our works, please contact (or) +91 72000 48566

Positive Vibes – Every good thought seeded in a mind to encourage creation of a good individual and thus a good societyĀ 

3. To encourage writers / aspiring writers by creating an ultimately different platform for them to get published, earn money and reputation. More than that we ensure your words impact many lives positively. We purely believe in you and your writing. Your background, experience, fame does not really matters. You may be an amateur writer or someone who never wrote anything before, but you may want to write now, we welcome you.

How it works?

To say briefly – You write according to the proposed topic and guidelines. Send it to us, our team will shortlist, publish it and you can earn as an author. Most importantly the copyright of your work always belongs to you.

Do you need to Pay money?

NO. You don’t need to pay any money. It is absolutely FREE. All you need to do is write your best.

What’s next?Ā 

Since this is for a good cause we hope you will support us. If you choose to contribute as a Writer, then please drop a mail to publish@propelsteps.comĀ we will get back to you with more detailed information on how we can proceed further with the present volume.

Also support us by sharing this post on any of your social networking sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) or you can Reblog this post on your blog as well.

We do things positively and proactively focus on actions which will yield results. This is a transparent and a humble request from us.

Be with us. Thank you.

Peace and Love,

Team – Propel Steps