Know : List of all Social Networking Sites

List of all Social Networking Sites (Sorted Alphabetically) Name Description/Focus Registered users Global Alexa Page ranking 43 Things Goal setting and achievement 3,000,000 12,914 Social networking site 5,000,000 1,447 Social networking site for academics/researchers 211,000 1,995 Advogato Free and open source software developers 13,575 292,620 aNobii Books 26,939 AsianAvenue A social network for the Asian American community 170,384 aSmallWorld... Continue Reading →

Culture & People : Floating Umbrella Fest : Feast to Eyes :)

In selected areas of Águeda, Portugal, one would once more find the streets covered with hundreds of colorful and vibrant umbrellas. The installation, which is known as the Umbrella Sky Project, covered many of the shopping streets in the municipality of Agueda and was part of the local Agitagueda Art Festival. The multi-colored umbrellas, transformed the shopping experience or a... Continue Reading →

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