Any punishment goes meaningless when they do not account for a reformation. Then what punishment could make sense for incorrigible criminals? - Din  

Be happy by forgiving or forgetting or doing both, but we can gain no happiness by holding grudges. - Word by Din  Image courtesy : Related articles Blog 7 Forgiveness ( Forgiveness ( Grudges Vs. Growth ( Have You Really Forgiven That Person Who Wronged You? ( How to Let Go of a Grudge ( Continue Reading →

Forgive and Forgiven : This may help you

To Forgive Ensure true love in soul Build trust but gradually Do not express distrust ever again based on past done mistakes. Let past dies with past Else it kills the “expected return” of the one who forgiven you When Forgiven Ensure realization of past mistakes Keep promises alive Do not break the trust ever... Continue Reading →

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