Inspire : Anything for love

What you do when you come to know that your friend is diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

On February 2014, one of Gerdi McKenna’s friends wrote an email requesting a photoshoot for all her friends as she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months before. When She Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, Her Friends Decided To Do A Photo Shoot. Here’s What Happened.

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Amid the Obstacles… A Companion…

Amid the Obstacles

Midst of Obstacles!
Seldom you find a companion.
It Doesn’t mean you are alone
May be your companion too
Amid the Obstacles!

All you know is what is before you!
All you know is what you go through!
You don’t know ‘what’s up’ the other end!

To join a companion,
One must clear own obstacles by self!
To find or to be found!

                                                         – Words by Din

Powerful Quote #104 : Words matter

By leaving our words careful and clear, we can predetermine what would be our friend’s words and feedback. 

– Words by Din


Powerful Quote #97 : True Companions

Your Path

Be it Flower Path
Or a Thorn Path
True companions never leave
But walk along with you

-Words by Din

Just 10 mins, 6 Meaningful Ads, NO SMOKING – Share this!

Just 10 mins, 6 Meaningful Ads to Think why we are concerned.

NO SMOKING – Can be a message to you if you smoke, or you can pass to your friends. May be he/she or friends of friends may smoke. This is not just a help, You can save many lives. Share this playlist with your friends and family.