Story : ToMmY eNgLiSh :)

    This Story is about a boy and his adventure. Not just an escapade with his pup tommy, but it carries a message too. But nobody knows he is a hero. Nobody than himself, I who wrote this story and you who gonna read this story 🙂 Please leave your feedback.  "Grrrrrr... Grrrrrrrr... Bow... Continue Reading →

Story : Man Visits Hell! :)

A good man got a boon from god that he wanted to visit hell once. God has taken him to hell. He has seen a lot of clocks there on display. Astonished the man asked  "What are these clocks for?". God said "these are timers which rotates proportional to the lies you tell on the Earth"... Continue Reading →

Story : A Bitter Funeral Joke

Well, this story conveys how few people are fed up of married life 🙂 Two dead bodies were being carried on the road for burying, followed by a ferocious dog and around 500 men in an orderly queue behind. A man drinking tea in a shop watched the scene and wondered about it and walked... Continue Reading →

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