Documentary : Urbanized

Urbanized is a feature-length documentary about the design of cities, which looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design and features some of the world’s foremost architects, planners, policy makers, builders, and thinkers.

Documentary : Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future!

What will happen to the Earth? We tend to worry about issues like climate change that can have an impact over periods of time comparable to an average human lifetime.

For the Earth, however, the biggest changes generally happen over hundreds of millions or billions of years. Supercontinents come and go, mass extinctions wipe out almost all life, and changes in the surrounding Solar System have an impact.

It is ultimately the Sun that will decide Earth’s fate. Billions of years from now, as our aging star begins to runs out of hydrogen fuel, it will change into a red giant and expand out into the inner Solar System as far out as the Earth’s orbit.

Powerful Quote #105 : Youth and Society

Neither the Society ‘careless about the Youth’ nor the Youth ‘careless about the society’ will have a Great Future! They just infect each other and perish. 

– Words by Din

Youth and Society

I Never Quit

I Never Quit  - Propelsteps

I Never Quit – Propelsteps

Am I looking at the past?

 The failures and missed opportunities

A prioritizing mistake, I didn’t rectified

 The sacrifices and stupidity

A boundless love, I still unable to kill

 The commitment and pains

A departed-you, I kept holding on


Am I looking at the future?

 The vision and society

A sure happening, I intuitively believe

 The peace and smile

A single wish, I love to possess

 The Soulmate and Love

A pining, I disbelieve happening again


Am I looking at the present?

The effort and endurance

A stage, I cumulate last ounces of my hope

The challenges and discouragements

A punch bag, I never lose to

The determinacy and dare

A boon, I earned in my attitude

What am I looking at?

The Past and the Future

I can’t live there now.

The Present is the Truth.

I am Living in the NOW

With my attitude!

I Never Quit

– Words by Din