A worthy spiritual thought I have learnt is 'the difference between a golden bar and a golden ornament can be external, but inside it's just the same gold. The same applies to all living beings as well, the soul remains the same.' Din

Know : Food Additives, How they are numbered and Few scariest additives!

Various Food Additives Acids - Food acids are added to make flavors "sharper", and also act as preservatives and antioxidants. Common food acids include vinegar, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, fumaric acid, and lactic acid. Acidity regulators - Acidity regulators are used to change or otherwise control the acidity and alkalinity of foods. Anticaking agents - Anticaking agents keep powders such as milk powder from caking or sticking. Antifoaming... Continue Reading →

Know : How Earth got its Gold?

Most of the bling with which we bedeck ourselves arrived on Earth aboard meteorites, recent research has revealed. Our planet's early existence 4.5 billion years ago was a tempestuous one. Frequent massive collisions occurred between the proto-Earth and Moon- and Mars-sized objects that were accreting alongside our world from the disk of dust that spawned the solar system.... Continue Reading →

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