Good vs Evil: Good Samaritan Teens / Teen Rapists

Good vs Evil: What prevails more in our society? Good or Evil? We leave the choice to you to evaluate the society you belong to. However in this new section ‘Good vs Evil’ we bring out the two extremes of the social incidents. The good one which sets an example and ensure we raise our kids like them. And the evil one which makes us aware and ensure we raise our kids unlike them and enable them to protect themselves from such evils.

The Good: Good Samaritan Teens


Tarbett (17),  Bailey Campbell (17) and Aeron McQuillin (18)

The three teenagers from Ontario, Canada, went for a drive and spotted a stranger’s broken car. She was struggling with no help at the highway, who can’t afford to tow the vehicle. The boys decided to help her by pushing her car till her home. Interestingly, her home is not at the next street, but 7 miles far. But the good Samaritans did it. (Read the full story here)

The Evil : Teen Rapists


In India, rape has become a routine crime and going on like it has no full stop. According to a report about 1,752 rape incidents are reported every year in the Indian state of Odisha, alone. But it saddens us, when the crime is committed by teenagers whom we can still call as boys next door.  A college student was allegedly gang-raped in Odisha’s Sundargarh by five youth, including three of her classmates, who dragged her into a forest on her way back to home after college. (Read the full story here)

Bottom line: Every kid is born with a blank soul, it is us the society and the parents who script their character. Teach them Good and make them practice it. Make them aware of the Evil and help them fight it.


Comment your thoughts… Ideas to bring up good character in kids.

News Courtesy: and News 18 India

Powerful Quote #144 : Be a Giver…


Be a giver of love, because the world needs more good souls.

– Din

Outburst : Being Photographer or Human?

drinking drainage

People we talk a lot about humanity in terms to relate war crimes, murders, bomb blasts,.. But this picture made my heart feel heavy with some worry and pain which I cannot explain.

Here is the flashback how I got this image, it was shared on Facebook from a page asking the readers to think “Where goes humanity? I have seen this lady drinking dirty drainage and I found myself in a state of impotency to see her drinking drainage. Where gone the humanity? People are drinking mineral water blah blah… ” Says the Photographer (In fact just a snapshot and the guy is no photographer itself) and the page admin posted it with so pride to save humanity!!!

I literally blasted the photographer there on their page for taking this snap and had tried not to stop her drinking it and could have got her a water packet (Rs.2) at least, if that idiot could not afford a water bottle for Rs. 15 / 20.  Instead he snapped this picture, letting her drink it and telling us the story “See what I captured”

I do not know about others, If I were there, I could have done anything to stop her drinking it. Even if she is insane I would not have minded to slap her to stop it or get slapped by her to stop it. But I would have stopped her by any means, whatever it takes. It would have been an worst sight in my life and my hands would not go for the camera but to stop her and to get her some water and then I may would write what I had witnessed and how it was stopped. I could have better questioned my fellow being -“humans”. “As I have seen one human doing it I was able to do it, but there may be many doing it out of poverty somewhere we cannot see. How we gonna stop them?” I would have done it for sure, unlike the idiots who use social media, as so “socially irresponsible media” 

Humanity is not in rallying protests or hunger strikes. Humanity is not in Crying or feeling watching a movie. Humanity is not in writing and blogging. My father quotes someone’s saying to me always “You do not need to do great deeds, just help a poor who lives near by you, you will get all the blessings of 100 prayers” 

If you feel this has something to think, please think and do not miss to act. Always be ready for one act of kindness. The moment come any time. If it not comes we should seek for the moment. Because the number of people who care selfless are getting reduced. If you have a good soul, please make it worthy to help others, not everyone are blessed with a beautiful soul like yours. God bless all. 

– Words by DIn

Let’s be ready

Keep our soul filled
-With Love
-With Compassion
-With Strength
-With Rejoice

Let’s be ready
Always be ready

We do not know
When our soul’s door be knocked?
One Act of Kindness

Lets make a difference from within.
Let’s be ready

-Words by Din