Eco-preservation : Alas! This many Environmental Issues Exist?

How many Environmental Issues are you aware of? This list will definitely exceed your known  list of issues. Just click the issue to know what it is all about. (Permalinks to wiki)

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Quest : What can Balance Food Wastage and World Hunger?

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Meanwhile in Beavers World : “Beavers cause global warming!” says Scientists!

Humble “Beavers cause global warming!” says Scientists! Look at what they say and what happens in the Beavers’ World. 🙂

“Beavers cause global warming!” says Scientists! (Excerpts: Facts)

When it comes to transforming their environment, beavers have a lot in common with humans. They clear-cut trees and build dams to block streams, in the process radically altering the world around them. Now, it appears that beavers play a complex role in climate change, too. A new study suggests that beaver dams and the sediments corralled behind them sequester carbon, temporarily keeping greenhouse gases containing the element out of the atmosphere. But when the animals abandon these sites, the carbon leaks back out, contributing to global warming.

Today, abandoned beaver meadows contain about 736,000 metric tons of stored carbon—about 8% of the total stored in the soils of these watersheds. But if all the beaver dams were occupied with their wetlands intact, her previous data suggest, beaver meadows would be storing about 23% of the landscape’s soil carbon, an estimated 2.7 million metric tons of organic carbon.

Beaver ponds can indeed be large sources of potent planet-warming greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide

– Says Scientists

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Probably right now in Beavers’ World  (Fiction)…

Wait! Let us finish Hang Over. We had lots of beet root beer :)

Two Beavers are not aware of this news.. :)

"Folks! they have already arrested me for causing global warming, What is that Global warming means? Can we eat it?"

Meanwhile other beaver too joins the prayer

Mr. & Mrs. Beaver

"What! You telling me?"

Praying to Beaver God Besus : "Oh Lord! Please forgive these humans they are unaware of their sins to earth and blaming us. Forgive them" :)

That may be scientifically proven or a fact we cannot deny, but we need to grow up folks. We have sixth sense ans we know what is global warming and yet we do it. What do these humble friends do? 🙂

Words by Din