Good vs Evil: Good Samaritan Teens / Teen Rapists

Good vs Evil: What prevails more in our society? Good or Evil? We leave the choice to you to evaluate the society you belong to. However in this new section ‘Good vs Evil’ we bring out the two extremes of the social incidents. The good one which sets an example and ensure we raise our kids like them. And the evil one which makes us aware and ensure we raise our kids unlike them and enable them to protect themselves from such evils.

The Good: Good Samaritan Teens


Tarbett (17),  Bailey Campbell (17) and Aeron McQuillin (18)

The three teenagers from Ontario, Canada, went for a drive and spotted a stranger’s broken car. She was struggling with no help at the highway, who can’t afford to tow the vehicle. The boys decided to help her by pushing her car till her home. Interestingly, her home is not at the next street, but 7 miles far. But the good Samaritans did it. (Read the full story here)

The Evil : Teen Rapists


In India, rape has become a routine crime and going on like it has no full stop. According to a report about 1,752 rape incidents are reported every year in the Indian state of Odisha, alone. But it saddens us, when the crime is committed by teenagers whom we can still call as boys next door.  A college student was allegedly gang-raped in Odisha’s Sundargarh by five youth, including three of her classmates, who dragged her into a forest on her way back to home after college. (Read the full story here)

Bottom line: Every kid is born with a blank soul, it is us the society and the parents who script their character. Teach them Good and make them practice it. Make them aware of the Evil and help them fight it.


Comment your thoughts… Ideas to bring up good character in kids.

News Courtesy: and News 18 India

Help Roshini to represent India at the 5th World Children’s Festival

Roshni, a 8th Grade student from India is a winner of the 5th Arts Olympiad. She has been invited to represent India at the 5th World Children’s Festival in Washington on June 30th to July 4th.

She is a student of S.B.O.A School and Junior College, Annanagar, Chennai, has being participating in art contests since age 4. She has so far won 130 art contests (with proof of certificates) in school, state, national and international level art competitions. She had won the coveted National first prize (the first in Tamilnadu State) in Energy conservation painting contest in 2012 and received rupees one lakh from the Honorable Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India. She has also been felicitated with the title of ‘Varnavarshini’ by the Lions club dist. 324 A5 in 2011. She was the winner of the HINDU Young World painting contest 2014 in junior category. The painting on the topic ‘MY FAVOURITE SPORT’ was selected as one of the winners in the 5TH Arts olympiad. For the past 3 years she is trained by art master Shri Mullai Rajan of Zen art classes, Chennai.

Unfortunately, the International Child Art Foundation ( is unable to sponsor the travel and staying expenses.

So it is time for us to support kids like Roshini with a little contribution from our end. We request you to donate / sponsor for Roshini to represent India at the 5th World Children’s Festival in Washington on June 30th to July 4th 2015. You can  also connect her with some NGOs who can help her in this regard.

You can contact Roshini’s mother here at Hope we together can bring her smile by helping her as well as to represent our country.

Some of her paintings…

DSCN1826 DSCN1828 Roshni-Art-Kerala-Tourism-7Jul2014

Story : 47°C

47 Degrees Celsius

47°C, heat literally sucked away his energy. 1Km distance seemed like a marathon, when he reached the hotel for lunch.

A fresher, a small company, an unknown city, a rude boss and all the donkey works with no choice were the cursing ingredients of his life.

“Meals? 60 Rupees! No money? Then get out” the man at the billing table shouted at an old lady.

He looked at his purse – exactly 60 rupees and some coins.

He bought a meal token and gave to her. She reluctantly accepted.

He smiled and continued walking, the ATM was just three kilometers away.

- Din

Write and feed a child for an Year #1

Write and feed a child for an Year #1 : Money and Poverty vs Education and Children

I would like to begin this with an expert “As per UN reports, about 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes. This is one person every four seconds. Most of the victims are children.”

My first question to you, yes the one who reads this. “Have you ever been hungry?” may be when you skip a meal or your breakfast. Some worst cases you might have missed food a day or more, which would be an unlikely experience that you ever had.

So how does it feel to die without food? Horrible isn’t it. It is the cruelest way to die I would say to starve till death.

Another shocking information, it is not that we do not have enough food in this world to feed those who die of starvation. It is a social and economic stipulation which stops them from accessing the food.

The most important reason is MONEY. We need money to buy anything and everything to eat. Those who have less money are prone to hunger. We call it poverty. Hopefully, we all may know who are poor and who are rich! Because they do not live in a second world or in Mars. They live right beside us in our neighbourhood.

But why we do not think about them? Why are not we helping them?


You may counter me with a “NO” But if we are helping them really then why there are poor people still who die without food? So logically we are either not helping them at all or our helps are not helping them actually.

When you spot someone poor, the immediate recovery solution is money. We can help them with some money to buy some food. What’s next?

Shall we continue to help the one with a constant supply of money? Well, we may do if government grants us permission to print money on own. Even our bank balances are limited.

We need to create them opportunities to earn money. It is not a help that an individual can do but together we can do it. We need to build a system. Organisations like the UN and so many genuine NGOs are trying to do the same. However, still poverty exists.

Sadly, we are the very reason for that. As a society, we need to make so many radical changes in our routine way of living and perspective about life.

I can keep talking about the reasons and why and how this system works and leads to poverty, which I am not going to do. Because whatever I may share, you already knew it. Something is wrong with our system, which we need to correct.

But where that change begins? The change begins with learning. i.e. Education. More we understand our system of life with an intention to remodel it effectively and aim for a better society, more changes we can inculcate.

Who need to be educated? Not everyone actually. The prime focus should be on the younger generation. Children needs proper education. A proper education means not just attending the mark factories to get a job and to do the same old mistakes what we are doing now! They need an education for life. To bring a change to this world. To invent an alternate for this money-centric world. This a different topic which I will write later in detail. Now the actual problem is, not all our children get access to education.

Reason – Again Poverty – Money. The cycle remains the same. What is the immediate antidote for those kids who were sent to work instead of schools? They need monetary help as step 1.

Once they get education, it is a well-known fact that they will eradicate poverty from their respective families. Maybe we need to help a generation with direct money, till they get their opportunity to stand on their own.

Organisations like Akshayapatra are doing the same, with monetary help to kids to get their food. Though various state and national governments. also doing such food schemes, still nothing wrong to reach out more kids, who are still missing the radar of rescue of the Govt.

Even for writing this post they’ve committed for helping a kid by donating food. Their purpose is not to gain popularity or raise funds via such posts, but to engage people and increase awareness of helping one another. So I am sharing this first post now. I will come up with four more posts as one can post a maximum of five posts in their blog.

If you are a blogger. Please post five posts and feed five kids. Your words may give them a smile. The change may not be radical, but we will be remembered as forefathers who had begun the change process.

- Din

One Blog post can feed a child for an year. So what are you waiting for.. Please do a post now with a tag #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

Kudos : ‘Beggars – Not any more’ – Kids Restoring Lives

Beggar no more

When everyone just offered alms to that man in a dirty costume, a group of thirteen 11th Grade kids decided to offer him a way to live. Now Naagar is no more a beggar, but a Chocolate seller in front of their school.

They spotted him begging near their school in Chennai, every day for almost three months and they came up with a generous idea to help him believe in himself and earn his living rather begging.

Not just Naagar, the kids have restored lives of 30 odd people and gave a new meaning to their lives. All just because of one impact, they saw a couple of kids begging on the streets and determined to get into the action.

We should appreciate the kids, but not stop just there. Learn from them and we should also help deserving people.

Deserving? Yes.

On the other side, if you or your kids want to help someone like this, just ensure you are helping the right person, because there are a few culprits who may use our kindness to harbour their need for drugs / alcohol / smoking weed. There is also a trail of gangsters behind organized begging. It is always better you do help as a group or representing an organisation with elders guidance. Helping should not hurt the beautiful souls. 🙂

Courtesy and Source : Facebook