Kudos : ‘Beggars – Not any more’ – Kids Restoring Lives

When everyone just offered alms to that man in a dirty costume, a group of thirteen 11th Grade kids decided to offer him a way to live. Now Naagar is no more a beggar, but a Chocolate seller in front of their school. They spotted him begging near their school in Chennai, every day for almost three months... Continue Reading →

Wrote it from a Quote : Help

"If you helped someone, never showoff them that you have helped them once. If you have that habit, please do not help anyone hereafter." a picture was saying the quote on a wall in a home. The neighbour read that, rushed back to his home and written a quote on a big photo and hanged... Continue Reading →

  Please comment your insights about homeless souls. These 6 Pics shows 6 different personalities if you watch closely. Image courtesy : Google  

Powerful Quote #116 : Fill the Emptiness

Nobody knows us better than our own self, so it's better not to promise them an oasis if our heart is like a desert! Instead, admit honestly, someone can promise rains. Because no one has everything, we need to fill each other's emptiness! - Words by Din

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