Know : A list of the oldest rivers on Earth

The age of a river is difficult to determine. Generally, the age is estimated based upon which¬†mountains¬†are the source of the river, the age of any mountains it dissects, the¬†sea¬†or¬†ocean¬†to which it eventually outflows, and where it forms its¬†delta. For instance, if a river dissects a mountain range, then this often means the river existed... Continue Reading →

Earth Our Home Too : Snow Leopards

You must know this marvelous cat's name which "Mac OS X" also carries.¬†The¬†Snow Leopard¬†(Panthera¬†uncia) is a large¬†cat¬†native to the mountain ranges of¬†Central¬†and¬†South Asia. It is listed as¬†endangered¬†on the¬†IUCN Red List of Threatened Species¬†because as of 2003, the size of the global population was estimated at 4,080-6,590 adults, of which fewer than 2,500 individuals may reproduce... Continue Reading →

Documentary : Earth in 1000 years (31min)

This edition of COSMIC JOURNEYS explores the still unfolding story of Earth's past and the light it sheds on the science of climate change today. While that story can tell us about the mechanisms that can shape our climate. It's still the unique conditions of our time that will determine sea levels, ice coverage, and... Continue Reading →

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