Story : A little Humour always needed in life


Life has become so routine for a husband and wife. Its been almost 10 years since marriage, the time they spend for  each other reduced gradually as the years progress. They take less moments out of their busy professional life to smile together or to go out to spend some worthy time.

One night the wife got up suddenly finding the husband missing beside her on the bed. She calls him and started searching him. When she entered the kitchen she has seen him preparing coffee. “Honey, preparing coffee for who by this time?” asked the wife with a strange look on her face. “For us dear” he remained silent after saying that.

“Hmm.. Okay”, they both started sipping the coffee slowly and the wife asked him, “Dear, all you alright? I know I am not spending time for you what I suppose to, but that does not take away my love in you sweetheart.” while she is attempting to speak more, noticing the tears in his eyes she placed the coffee on a table and held his face in her palm. “Why dear?” she asked.

“Well honey you remember, 10 years before exactly the same day your dad caught us in the park while we were about to kiss and you prevented him from beating me up. He warned me to marry you immediate and he would pardon me only if my intention was to marry you then” said the husband.

“Yes dear, I do remember” nodded the wife. “He even pointed a gun at my head and threatened if I not marry you he would send me to prison for 10 years, I am just crying for that, this would be my Date of Release from the prison if he had sent me so!”, he was breaking into laughter and imagine yourself what would be the wife’s reaction.

She was chasing him to beat, he ran to their kids room. As she enters the dark room, there waits their two kids wishing them “Happy Anniversary Mom :)” in the chorus. She was stunned and happiness filled her eyes. Finding no words, she found that everything was a plan by her husband and kids. It was so romantic in the candlelight, she just hugged her husband and kissed him as the kids embraced their parents.



Spend some smile times with family, profession can find many professionals but not our families can find one to replace us. Have a happy life.

– Words by Din
(Enhanced writing about something I have read)

A Suicide, A Lovely Couple and the Missing LOVE

Two sides of the married life are presented here recently a techie killed himself for just an issue of facebook photo, other end there are two lovely couple lives happy who sets example. What is the missing LOVE in marriages.

A Suicide


A software engineer working in a reputed MNC allegedly committed suicide in his house at Chennai on Sunday, upset over his newly-wed wife’s refusal to remove Facebook posts of their wedding photos.

Chandan Kumar Singh (29) from Jharkhand, and Sandhya from Chennai, got married in a church in the city in July against the wishes of Singh’s family. They both were working in the same branch of the IT company when they got introduced and were in love for the last few years.

Singh’s family, which opposed the marriage as Sandhya belonged to a different religion, stayed away from the ceremony. The wedding was arranged with the blessings of Sandhya’s family.

Police said Sandhya had posted photos of their wedding on Facebook and tagged Singh in the photos. “His cousins in Jharkand had noticed the photos and informed his parents who lived there. His parents were apparently upset over this as they felt their son’s marriage in a church would not be welcomed by their relatives. They had asked Singh to remove the photos from Facebook. This created bitterness between the couple,” a police officer said.

From Singh’s suicide note, police said it was apparent that his wife had refused to remove the post as she felt there was no reason to conceal their legitimate marriage. “He had been asking her to remove the photos to respect the sentiments of his parents. On Saturday night, after a heated exchange of words, they slept in separate rooms,” said a police officer.

On Sunday morning, as Singh did not come out of his room, Sandhya checked on him and found him hanging. A note left by him said that he still loved his wife, but was upset over her refusal to remove the posts.

The body was sent for autopsy. Further investigations are on.

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A Lovely Couple

The couple Ahmad and his wife Fatima are with disabilities. Ahmad does not have both the hands and Fatima misses her legs. They got married in 2009 and filling each other’s gap. They support each other and lives a beautiful life.

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The Missing LOVE

Is Just an argument for over Facebook post enough to forget love and commit suicide? After all it just needs a small conversation to understand and sort the issue. Even if it takes few days time to understand it why not take it? Now all the dreams have faded.

Suicide is a dead end one way trip, we never can rewind the moments we made errors to resolve the problems. It is gone. Not only Chandan there are many who commit suicide every year due to relationship issues. 

Look at the other side of the world where there are couples  who complement each other so well and fill the missing gaps. Ahmad and Fatima are one such couple who both are disabled partially but they just let love to fill the gap of disabilities and it worked beautifully for them.

What is missing in others?

The words Compassion, Derteminance to be together and Perseverance are missing in the book of Love today. Most of the youth prefers to Love and find their partner. To take love to marriage takes a lot of sincerity from both of man and woman. After marriage it is just the two who need to rejoice the boon of Life together.

Unfortunately many are ending up fatefully in the hands of Breakup, Divorce, Separation and Suicide! It takes a sincere commitment for a marriage to work. Life is not going to end just with our young ages, not just being together for a few years after marriage is a big deal. Hairs will go gray, skins will wrinkle, you longer can eat what you wanted, life will bring more responsibilities, kids will grow up, we need to ensure they go ahead on the right way, future will bring the days to face to miss your parents forever and at that time you need your wife to be your strength, you need your husband to fill your dad’s place, you will fall ill the other half will take care of you, has to complement each other on every occasions of life, someday one gonna miss the other, yet the soul will strengthen the other to face it before the final adieu and the fulfillment of love will give a complete life.

Love has to travel a long distances not only it will be filled with happiness forever. It has to go through misunderstanding, anger, silly fights, days of silence, arguments, loss of trust, disappointments, etc. 

Being a couple needs the LOVE the missing Love which will strengthen both the souls to pass through every emotion and feelings of life together. If you are a couple, it does not matter who wins an argument, all it matters is not to let your spouse to lose. 

Make the following 5 oaths if you are married or about to get married, rest all things will fall in place to make your married life beautiful

1. Promise you never leave your soulmate

2. Always have the perseverance to solve and always look for a solution to stay together

3. Express your love as much as you can, convey your love with kisses every day. It will work as a magic.

4. Love the soul not the beauty. The future may bring anything, todays youthful look will change but love should remain on your spouse’s Soul.

5. Never tell lies to each other at any circumstances and a lie is the beginning of cheating which will end up in any adversity you can never imagine. 

– Words by Din

The Spouse Selling Store : Beautiful, Funny imperfections

A store that sells husbands & Wives has just opened where a woman may go to choose a husband from among many men vice versa a man can choose and marry a woman. The store is composed of 6 floors, and the men/women increase in positive attributes as the shopper ascends the flights. There are separate adjacent buildings for husbands and wives.

There is, however, a catch. As you open the door to any floor you may choose a man / a woman from that floor, but if you go up a floor, you cannot go back down except to exit the building. 

So a couple applied for divorce goes to the shopping center (separately aware of that the other is coming) to find a better husband and wife. 

Spouse market

They walked out of the buildings with sad faces and realized how greedy they were and for not valuing what they got in each other’s love. They bumped into each other and their eyes were searching for words but nothing helped. Tears started rolling out and they hugged, kissed and walked back home together happily, holding their hands together.

We can keep finding faults and mistakes. But no one is perfect. The soul – mate relationship is not optional to choose the best among choice if one fails, After all the Little imperfections make the one perfect for you. 


I have reworked on the original wide spread joke “The husband store”. Which we felt biased and there could be another side to it. So I made this justified and meaningful yet funny version 🙂 hope you all like this and find it worthy

– Words by Din