Creativity : 2500 Balloons Godzilla

This sculpture probably one of the lightest in the world compared to its giant size. A Baloon Godzilla was made by Joey and Alexandra Evans of Evans Entertainment. They made this 25 feet long, 13 feet high Godzilla with approximately 2500 balloons! During the convention itself, Their project leads got to meet Haruo Nakajima and Akira Takarada, actors in the original Godzilla movies. They thanked their team for working so hard on the sculpture, bowed low and asked to have their picture taken with it.

Some of the pictures are shared here, you can look at the making here on the original post. You can follow them on Facebook here.2500 Baloon Godzilla (9)

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Powerful Quote #128 : Ideas are not alone

ideas are not alone

My ideas are not alone, many can think the same. If I do not implement, somebody else is going to do it in their way!

– Words by Din

Powerful Quote #40 : Capsuling Ideas

Always capsule your worthy ideas, because many people rarely accept them on pure form.

The secret is with what the capsule carries, not the capsule.

– Words by Din

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