Marriage vs Live-in : Marriage with Love Wins :)

How many of you have adored an ideal couple who stand by each other’s side always? Like in some poetic movies I have seen couples who are committed to each other with loads and loads of infinite love filled in their soul. Come whatever may they remain together till their end. Do you adore such love? I do. Hats off to you if you are such a couple. I am getting emotional. Sometimes my eyes will meet a few blissful tears of smile straight from my heart, to see a beautiful couple by soul.

“Be a Man. Don’t cry” (I can hear some voices) “You lack human traits if you can’t cry or understand the tears” – says psychologists. ūüôā ūüėõ There are reasons behind every drop of tears. ūüôā

There are two categories of people, one of which I would like to eliminate even from considering. The Category A-people; men or women, who choose this way of life “to fall in love and believe in living with one person as his/her soul mate throughout their life”.¬† The Category B-people; men and women, who choose another way of life “they call it free living, they never get committed, just flirt around with opposite gender when they need them and prefer to have many partners along the period of their life”. The Category-B is eliminated, we do not need to consider them, because marriage will not be an option in their books, even if they have, it is something I consider a stupidity.

A pic of a woman and her husband, a former Marine, has gone viral on social media. Kelly and Jesse Cottle were taking family photos on the beach when the photographer, Shutter Happy Photography, asked everyone to get in the water. Jesse, a double amputee, took off his prosthetic legs and hopped on Kelly's back so she could carry him. Jesse lost his legs in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. "It doesn't matter how heavy he is," Kelly said. "It just makes me thankful...that he is still here." Beautiful things in life can only be felt, can never be touched

A pic of a woman and her husband, a former Marine, has gone viral on social media. Kelly and Jesse Cottle were taking family photos on the beach when the photographer, Shutter Happy Photography, asked everyone to get in the water. Jesse, a double amputee, took off his prosthetic legs and hopped on Kelly’s back so she could carry him. Jesse lost his legs in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. “It doesn’t matter how heavy he is,” Kelly said. “It just makes me thankfulthat he is still here.” Beautiful things in life can only be felt, can never be touched

So we take people who want to live in a committed relationship. Marriages are facing challenges from live-in style. Debated. Think once, why people marry? I hit the nail on head – A way to let the world know that the couple are living together. This would be the prime reason I would say why marriage is must for a couple who choose to be soul mates. This is not like doing it for the world or to get their approval, it is for letting the world know that you are engaged in a beautiful journey together with a man or woman you love and telling them “Do not disturb us, No more proposals entertained! ” ūüôā¬† Other than this all the reasons are add-ons.

So say bye bye to Live-in relationships which lacks commitment and comes with “Press Option A” to Breakup, “Press Option B” to Change the partner. Both options will ruin your life, without you realizing it. It may turn you as the rejected category-B, because of frustrations and failures in your relationships. Or you may end up hating life.

The essence of your relationship is not determined because of the Ring or Mangalya that you wear as Marital custom, it is in your each other’s soul. It is in love. It is not something about physically exchanged love, which will fade gradually as we grow older. It is not about bank balances, worst future can try to dazzle our life. It is not about happiness alone, time can bring sad moments too. It is all about that one word, “LOVE” which fills, binds and held your souls together.

So you may get the picture, it is about love which you should focus. Just two rules will conclude this

  1. Never enter into marriage when you can’t love the person truly from your heart. Let your marriage begin with your love for your soul mate.
  2. Never cheat or let down your soul mate who loves you truly, come whatever may be. Even if it is Death or a Good ending happy fairy tale, be with him/her and face it together.

Note : The song in this video is from a close to my heart Hindi Movie “Rab ne bana di¬†jodi”¬†the lyrics says it all what is needed.

Written for IndiSpire prompt Live-in or marriage? Which is the better option & why? by Garima Nag under Love & Relationships. Thanks for the entry Garima.

Knowledge is Great

Words by Din (18)

May be the only quality where we hold supremacy over all other species on the earth is the Knowledge. If we time travel to the past, we can witness how knowledge has influenced our lives. We are here today because of it, with its unique pros and cons.

Many feel that Knowledge is powerful, yes it is. But every power can wear two masks, one that stands for constructive future and the other mask can push the future into destruction. What mask we choose to wear concerns a lot.

The knowledge invented everything from hair pin to satellites, an atom as well as a nuclear bomb, it is the same knowledge which makes me to share my thoughts sitting right here in a place which you hardly know on¬†a map! Wait, yet the same knowledge’s avatar as technology can pinpoint my home using internet. What else does it not have?

Even we understood and still exploring the Gods via knowledge, this could be debated, but the truth prevails, because the simple ability to write, read and understand these crazy black lines called ‘texts’ aka languages need the help of possessing some knowledge. We could have ended up in dark jungles as prey or predators if we had failed to develop our knowledge, however, that too would have demanded some degree of knowledge.

What made it so powerful? The greatest truth is there within itself, that was when we got the idea to share the knowledge. The parents taught the kids to hunt, to hide and to survive. A family born, societies emerged, cultures nurtured, and we travelled all the way to this era, where still the knowledge holds its supremacy.

When we possess such a powerful thing, what makes us to suffer at times? The cause and effect theory will give us the answers. Knowledge has its own weak link that it can survive only if it is shared, else it abridges and perishes. We humans tried to experiment with the way it was transferred from one to another, thus paved way to quantify and add some value to knowledge.

This is the point where we created the system of money, boundary lines, trade, etc. When we share our knowledge with another human we tend to gain something in return. It need not to be another knowledge what we do not have, but any quantified value like money would do.

All happenings around the world is knowledge sharing, for instance a doctor curing a patient – we seek the doctor because he knew what we do not. The doctor charges money for that piece of knowledge shared. The same doctor buys his/her food which comes from a farmer, who transfers the knowledge of agriculture to many people who have no idea of how to successfully cultivate a crop.

This cycle of transactions goes round and round in various permutations and combinations. Businesses, Politics, Engineering, Teaching, and add whatever you wish to, everything will fall under this big parenthesis.

Can you now recollect the point of two masks? The destructive one is obviously understood by everyone, it is just a misuse of knowledge. If someone rages into war, to use the knowledge of weapons; do you think it is a fair act? If someone is doing a scam, to outsmart the others; to live a sophisticated life and puts them under poverty; would you justify them smart? If we humans want to survive and rest all other species on the earth; would you see it as a sensible thing?

You know the answers well. Because it is the same knowledge which rules you as well as the others. We own this power, it is limitless and undefinable in terms of some other tangible things. Even we will throw out the concept of money someday, when we realize it stands in no par with this power called “The Knowledge”.

But there is something beyond the knowledge, something on the pinnacle. The knowledge always tries to make us understand this and makes us travel towards this pinnacle. What is its secret? Where the knowledge takes us? What exactly the pinnacle has!

It is nothing but the Wisdom! Unless we make our efforts to meet this, all the knowledge we possess will end up just like the mask we hate to wear. The whole thing to look deep into the thought process of knowledge may look complicated, but it is very simple. Wisdom is the only destiny, Knowledge is the path, we reach nowhere if we forget our destiny. Many among us are forgetting it, hope we educate one another and use the knowledge wisely.

Knowledge is Great, however the knowledge of being Wise makes it “the Greatest”!

– Din

Crafts & Creativity: Multi-Talented Preethi Venugopal

Can you make flowers from plastic bags and tulips from sock? Yes, it is possible!

Preethi Venugopal Рa civil engineer from Bangalore, India inspires us with that creativity in her to make flowers from plastic bags, even tulips from nylon sock. 

Preethi is currently on a sabbatical. She was interested in crafts right from her school days. The best thing about her is she also teach crochet, crafts and arts to kids in her neighborhood for free.

She is an active on blogger ( Her talents expands beyond making crafts. She also makes pencil and charcoal portraits on demand, paints when she finds the mood for it.

She is proficient in acrylics, watercolor and oil paints, likes digital painting as well and often experiment with Adobe Photoshop.

We are happy to share a few of her tutorials here on Propel Steps,

Steps to make flowers using plastic bags:

Step (1): Cut in the indicated areas to get a rectangular sheet.

2014-01-03 10.32.20

Step (2): Cut the rectangular sheet into strips of equal width. Depending upon the width of the cover you can make different sizes of flowers. Make a minimum of 6 similar strips and stack them together

2014-01-03 10.37.59

Step (3): Make pleats on them (stacked together) of half inch wide throughout

2014-01-03 10.41.02

Step (4): Now tie a thread/ plastic strip/ in the middle. If you want the flower to have a stem tie with metal wire instead of plastic strip.

2014-01-03 10.44.30

Step (5): Now cut petal shape on both sides

2014-01-03 10.45.12

Step (6): This is how it will look

2014-01-03 10.46.29

Step (7): Now start pulling up the individual layers on both sides of the tie

2014-01-03 10.49.18

Step (8):  This is how it looks after pulling out one side completely. Continue pulling out the layers on both sides of the tie.

2014-01-03 11.07.41

Step (9): Two flowers that I made in similar fashion

2014-01-03 11.21

Step (10): Now add it to a bouquet or make one out of a similar bunch of flowers


Steps to make Tulips from nylon sock:

2013-07-02 17.46.02

It is pretty easy once you get the idea of how to make a single petal.

For making this, the materials we need are:

2013-07-02 17.04.09

  • Nylon sock : Cream and Green color (as you prefer)
  • Two empty bottles of slightly different diameter : ( I took 5 cm and 6cm dia bottles respectively to loop the wire around to create petals and leaves)
  • Cutting Plier
  • Scissors
  • Nylon Thread
  • Metal Wire : Gold Colour
  • Flower tape: Green
  • Anther

All these materials will be available in craft shops.

First wind the gold wire on the bottles to form loops and tie them tight using a cutting player. Make 3 smaller petals using 5 cm dia bottle and three larger petals by looping around the 6 cm dia bottle. For the 2 green leaves loop around the two bottles kept side by side together so that you get a larger loop.

2013-07-02 16.08.58

Add a central connecting wire : For the 3 bigger petals and the 2 leaves,give a central connecting wire as shown in the above picture using the cutting player. This central wire is important to give the shape to the Tulip.

2013-07-02 16.15.49

Wrap the sock around wire petal: Now wrap around the 6 petals with cream nylon sock and the 2 leaf petals with green sock and tie them up using the nylon thread.

2013-07-02 17.00.41

Anthers fixed to the stem: Now twist three 15 cm long wires and tie them together. Wind the green flower tape to create a stem. Now tie the Anthers onto the stem with nylon thread.

2013-07-02 17.22.42

Tie the petals upside down : Now tie the 3 larger petals upside down followed by the 3 smaller petals.
It will look like this after tying like this.

2013-07-02 17.23.57

Petals tied upside down : Now slowly pull them up one by one bringing the shape of the Tulip like this.

2013-07-02 17.26.52

Pull the petals up: Tie the leaves in a similar manner on the stem at different positions and gently shape the petals and leaves like this.

2013-07-02 17.28.00

Add the leaves : Now wind the flower tape around the leaves to hide the thread.
You are done!!!

2013-07-02 17.46.02

Make many to make a bouquet or give it pride of place on your dining table as a single flower arrangement…!!!

Recycling is not the only solution to reduce the adverse effect of the plastic bags, sometimes an artistic mind with little effort can help us to lengthen the usage / reuse the plastic bags. Rather ending up on garbage we can prolong their utility by making flower / crafts out of them. May be someday our technologies will find an efficient way to dispose them safely compared to now, till that we can make it decorate our home, instead of making landfills.

Please visit her blog Tulips and Me for more of her works and wonderful pencil portraits.

A sample of her work. Hindu God : Baby Krishna

A sample of her work. Hindu God : Baby Krishna


Courtesy : Preethi Venugopal , Tulips and Me and Indiblogger