6 Pics for the 6th Sense : Pure Love

If you do something kind to anyone, knowing that they can’t do anything to you in return, then that is a┬ápure Love. Rest all is fake, which fades along with money and time.

– Din

Powerful Quote #103 : Flip-side Illusion

The truth is belief and happiness never disappears just like the Sun, always shines constantly. At times we feel the absence of sun in nights, is the sun really absent! Or our views?

Belief and Happiness are always around; we just need to understand the big picture of the flip side. There is no darkness in life unless you choose to fall into that illusion. Have a Good Day!

– Words by Din

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Powerful Quote #63 : Depr(ison)ession


Depressed mind is the worst prison you can get yourself caught in!
The key is thyself. Breakout Now!

-Words by Din

Powerful Quote #14 : Prayers


Whatever the religious path
you might have chosen,

Possessing The Virtues
God wanted to see in you
is more important than
Your Prayers.

-Words By Din