Inspire to Learn : Stem Cell Therapy : Medicine

Stem cells are cells of the body (somatic cells, undifferentiated biological cells) which can divide and become differentiated. When an organism grows, stem cells specialize, and take specific functions. For instance, mature tissues like skin, muscle,blood, bone, liver, nerves, all have different types of cell. Because stem cells are not yet differentiated, they can change to become some kind of specialized cells. Organisms also use stem cells to replace damaged cells.... Continue Reading →

Inspire to Learn :NUKE : Compositing software

Wondering how they make spectacular CG Visuals (computer graphics that's how we usually call it) on various movies? Of course softwares and technology, but what are the softwares used? In this section "Inspire to Learn", we will bring you all such information. The commoner's term "Computer Graphics" used to make movies is a technology professionally... Continue Reading →

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