Powerful Quote #165 : The Smile Maker :)

Let’s keep an important goal everyday, 100% we won’t fail. That’s “Do anything, do something, to as many people as you can, make them smile 🙂 ” Let no one escape 😉

You are next on my list. Yes, you who read this 🙂

- Din

Powerful Quote #161 : One Love

Oneness EarthI love the sight of zooming out from the earth, before our very eyes, countries disappear and borders fade. Humans become one among million living beings; I see one Earth, one Home and one Love.

- Din

Blank Space invite

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Powerful Quote #130 : Simplicity


Your simplicity doesn’t mean that you’re inferior, it’s a choice to make no one feel inferior.

  •  Words by Din 
Thanks Indiblogger(s)

Thanks Indiblogger(s)

Powerful Quote #90 : More or Less?

More the Challenges
More the Fightback
The best of you will come out.

Less the Challenges
Less the Fightback
The least of you will come out.

It’s Your Choice To Choose

                                – Words by Din

more or less