India Election Results 2014 : Complete Info

Who Contested? Who Won? Where? How many Votes they Got? What is their official Asset value now in 2014?

Finally the Elections Results are out. The World’s Largest Democracy has completed yet another general election.

Mr.Narendra Modi will be the New Prime Minister. The people of India have huge expectation from their new Choice! Let us wait and watch.

Here are the detailed statistics for you all.

Who Contested? Who Won? Where? How many Votes they Got? What is their official Asset value now in 2014? Check all here (You can also click the image below)

Who got how many votes



Alternative Tabular List here.

Election Results


Salute the Sikhs: What every Indian must know about them!

Next time when you hear a Sardar Joke (Santa Banta), Remember these Contributions by them. Thereafter, you will never like to hear any jokes made on Sardars. 

Sikhs are one of the most brave and bold people, full of pride and self-esteem, most warm and kind hearted of all, uniquely handsome with their attire, well built; all this makes them unique. The self-esteem and pride are unmatched – you will never find a Sikh beggar on roads. They are the best when you request them for a photograph, no questions asked from photographers and ever-willing to be photographed with a smile on their face. 


We are proud to share about them and glad to show our love & gratitude for what they have done and doing for us.
Indian ArmyThe Brave 21 Sikhs vs 10000 Men

The Battle of Saragarhi is considered one of the greatest battles in Sikh military history. On 12 September 1897 a contingent of twenty-one soldiers from the 36th Sikhs led by Havildar Ishar Singh held off an Afghan attack of 10,000 men for several hours. All 21 Sikh soldiers chose to fight to the death instead of surrendering. In recognition of their sacrifice, the British Parliament paid them respect, and each one of them was awarded the Indian Order of Merit (equivalent to the Victoria Cross)

Rs. 25 of every Sikh Head

Between 1713 and 1801 the Sikhs were homeless and living as Guerillas, demonstrating heroic acts of courage at every possible instance. The tyrant rulers had put a reward of Rs. 25 for every Sikh head and Rs. 100 for every Sikh caught alive. The money is compared to hundred thousand US dollars of today. Those caught alive were cut to pieces. Many new vocabularies originated, such as 12 o’ clock warriors, Sikh who fought at midnight to use the darkness to their advantage.

Battle with Afghans – End of 800 years of Invasion – Redemption of Kohinoor Diamond

Between 1748 & 1765, Ahmad Shah Abdali, the ruler from Afghanistan rampaged India nine times. Again, the Sikhs attacked his returning convoys during the peak summer heat and midnight. Sikhs freed hundreds of women and escorted them back to their homes. These acts of Sikhs aggravated Ahmed Shah Abdali, who swore to take revenge at an appropriate time. During his sixth invasion, he caught the Sikhs by surprise and killed 25,000 Sikhs in a short time. However, the spirit of the Sikhs remained high.

Finally, Sikhs under Ranjit Singh, in 1798 bought an end to the 800 years of foreign invasions into India through Khyber pass, by bringing it under their control. This was the best gift Sikhs gave to the nation which finally allowed the rest of India to breathe in peace. Hari Singh Nalwa, who manned the Khyber pass for years became a name of threat in Afghanistan. Ranjit Singh brought the world famous Kohinoor diamond back to India, which was looted by Nadir Shah earlier.

Kashmir is in India: Say thanks to Sikhs

If it was not for the Sikhs, who brought back Kashmir in 1819, today Kashmir would have been a part of Afghanistan. Ladakh owes its existence on the map of India to Zorawar Singh, who brought the region back to India in 1836.

War with British

With an end to Mughal invasions from Afghanistan, British invasion from the south initiated. Sikhs were the last to surrender to the British in the Indian sub-continent and were the first to raise arms against them.

After two bloody Anglo-Sikh wars did British manage to take over Punjab as the last kingdom on the map of British-India Empire. It is an irony of fate that the Sikhs had to fight against their own countrymen as British forces employed Indians from the south to invade Punjab. It was not due to lack of soldiers’ courage or conviction that the wars against British were lost, but a treachery by Gulab, a minister under Ranjit Singh, who joined hands with the British in exchange for the title of Kashmir upon winning the war.

Jallianwala Bagh massacre

On April 13, 1919, the British conducted Jallianwala Bagh massacre, which consisted of killing 1300 unarmed Indians mostly Sikhs in a single day. Thousand of unarmed, innocent & peaceful Indians had assembled in Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar to register a peaceful protest against British colonial rule when General Michael O’ Dwyer came with his troops and opened fire on the unarmed civilians.

Udham Singh in 1940 went to London and shot General Michael O’ Dwyer at a public meeting as a revenge for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Udham Singh did not flee, surrendered himself, and was later executed.

Following is the contribution of Sikhs who are less than 2% of the population of India in the freedom struggle against the British:

 Punished   Total  Sikhs  % of Sikhs
 Hanged by the British  121  93  77%
 Life Imprisonment  2646  2147  81%
 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre  1300  799  62%

Even though Sikhs were 2% of the population of India, out of 42,000 recruits in the Indian National Army under the command of Subhash Chandra Bose, 28,000 soldiers, contributing 67% were Sikhs.

Not only Indians, Even the British Owe to the Sikhs

By the advent of World War I, Sikhs in the British Indian Army totaled over 100,000, i.e., 20% of the British Indian Army. During World War I, Sikh battalions fought in Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Gallipoli and France. Six battalions of the Sikh Regiment were raised in World War II, and served at El Alamein and in BurmaItaly and Iraq, winning 27 battle honours.

“In the last two world wars 83,005 turban wearing Sikh soldiers were killed and 109,045 were wounded. They all died or were wounded for the freedom of Britain and the world, and during shell fire, with no other protection but the turban, the symbol of their faith.”

— General Sir Frank Messervy

“British people are highly indebted and obliged to Sikhs for a long time. I know that within this century we needed their help twice [in two world wars] and they did help us very well. As a result of their timely help, we are today able to live with honour, dignity, and independence. In the war, they fought and died for us, wearing the turbans.”

— Sir Winston Churchill

Partition of India So as their Mother land Punjab:

Partition of India in 1947 brought innumerable death to Sikhs and was one of the greatest disaster known in the Indian history. Surely the Sikhs paid the heaviest price for the freedom of the country.

Punjab lost its most fertile part to Pakistan during the partition. However, today due to the hard labor of Sikh farmers, the Punjab in India produces much higher quantities of food grain than the fertile Punjab in Pakistan. Punjab contributes 40% of rice and 51% of wheat into the central pool of food grains in India.

War with Pakistan

Sikhs were the first to rise and fight invasions by Pakistan in 1960s and 1970s. Pakistan’s invasion lead to full force wars between Indian and Pakistan. Again Sikh, this time joining hands with Rest of the Army contributed and laid their lives down to protect the borders and freedom of India. Pakistan lost all the wars.

The Contribution of Sikhs towards the Indian Defense Services is the highest with respect to their 2% population size. This community has also won the maximum number of gallantry awards since independence – 5 Param Vir Chakras (PVCs), 40 Maha Vir Chakras (MVCs), 209 Vir Chakras (VrCs).

The Saga of Sikhs continues…

Today, Sikhs are still 2% of the population of Indian but 20% of Indian Military consists of Sikhs. As a part of Indian Military, Sikhs are constantly fighting terrorists on the border of Pakistan and India since last India-Pakistan war.

Nobody wants War: 

Gone the era of men who battled for everything and had only war as a solution. Yet, there are armies and battles going everywhere in the world. Especially in Indian borders. Every soul killed in a border conflict belongs to a family. That soul could be a father, husband or a wife, or a mother to a child, a brother… We want peace, not war, we lost enough souls.

We all pray for the same. A Sardar or a Hindu or  a Muslim or whatever his religion is, he is a human being. Nationalities may differ, but not our blood and flesh.

Oh. My Pakistani Brother, I still remember we were together well, within a century’s distance. We hope, peace replaces our border!

– Din

Note : Please do not shade a religious paint to this article. If you read it complete, you can understand the intended purpose behind this. Which is mutual respect to fellow humans and to make a strong statement against Racial / Communal / Extremist Absuing!

Courtesy: Wikipedia, Source1Sarvatra

Know : Complete List of Indian Constituencies and Reservations

The Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament of India, is made up of Members of Parliament (MPs). Each represents a single geographic constituency. There are currently 543 constituencies.The maximum size of the Lok Sabha as outlined in the Constitution of India is 550 members made up of up to 530 members representing people of the states of India and up to 20 members representing people from the Union Territories on the basis of their population.


1 Adilabad ST Sirpur, Asifabad (ST), Khanapur (ST), Adilabad, Boath (ST), Nirmal, Mudhole
2 Peddapalli SC Chennur (SC), Bellampalli (SC), Mancherial, Dharmapuri (SC), Ramagundam, Manthani, Peddapalle
3 Karimnagar None Karimnagar, Choppadandi (SC), Vemulawada, Sircilla, Manakondur (SC), Huzurabad, Husnabad
4 Nizamabad None Armur, Bodhan, Nizamabad (Urban), Nizamabad (Rural), Balkonda, Koratla, Jagtial
5 Zahirabad None Jukkal (SC), Banswada, Yellareddy, Kamareddy, Narayankhed, Andole (SC),Zahirabad (SC)
6 Medak None Siddipet, Medak, Narsapur, Sangareddy, Patancheru, Dubbak, Gajwel
7 Malkajgiri None Medchal, Malkajgiri, Quthbullapur, Kukatpally, Uppal, Lal Bahadur Nagar,Secunderabad Cantt (SC)
8 Secunderabad None Musheerabad, Amberpet, Khairatabad, Jubilee Hills, Sanathnagar, Nampally, Secunderabad
9 Hyderabad None Malakpet, Karwan, Goshamahal, Charminar, Chandrayangutta, Yakutpura, Bahadurpura
10 Chevella None Maheswaram, Rajendranagar, Serilingampally, Chevella (SC), Pargi, Vicarabad (SC), Tandur
11 Mahbubnagar None Kodangal, Narayanpet, Mahbubnagar, Jadcherla, Devarkadra, Makthal, Shadnagar
12 Nagarkurnool SC Wanaparthy, Gadwal, Alampur (SC), Nagarkurnool, Achampet (SC), Kalwakurthy, Kollapur
13 Nalgonda None Devarakonda(ST), Nagarjuna Sagar, Miryalaguda Huzurnagar, Kodad, Suryapet, Nalgonda
14 Bhongir None Ibrahimpatnam, Munugode, Bhongir, Nakrekal(SC), Thungathurthi (SC), Alair, Jangaon
15 Warangal SC Ghanpur (Station) (SC), Palakurthi, Parkal, Warangal West, Warangal East, Wardhannapet (SC), Bhupalpalle
16 Mahabubabad ST Dornakal (ST), Mahabubabad (ST), Narsampet, Mulug (ST), Pinapaka (ST), Yellandu (ST), Bhadrachalam (ST)
17 Khammam None Khammam ,Palair ,Madhira (SC) ,Wyra (ST) , Sathupalle (SC) ,Kothagudem ,Aswaraopeta (ST)
18 Araku ST Palakonda (ST) ,Kurupam (ST) ,Parvathipuram (SC) , Salur (ST) ,Araku Valley (ST) ,Paderu (ST) ,Rampachodovaram (ST)
19 Srikakulam None Ichchapuram ,Palasa ,Tekkali ,Pathapatnam , Srikakulam ,Amadalavalasa ,Narasannapeta
20 Vizianagaram None Etcherla ,Rajam (SC) ,Bobbili ,Cheepurupalli , Gajapathinagaram ,Nellimarla ,Vizianagaram
21 Visakhapatnam None Srungavarapukota ,Bhimli ,Visakhapatnam East , Visakhapatnam South ,Visakhapatnam North , Visakhapatnam West ,Gajuwaka
22 Anakapalli None Chodavaram ,Madugula ,Anakapalle ,Pendurthi , Yelamanchili ,Payakaraopet (SC) ,Narsipatnam
23 Kakinada None Tuni ,Prathipadu ,Pithapuram ,Kakinada Rural , Peddapuram ,Kakinada City ,Jaggampeta
24 Amalapuram SC Ramachandrapuram ,Mummidivaram ,Amalapuram (SC) , Razole (SC) ,Gannavaram (SC) ,Kothapeta ,Mandapeta
25 Rajahmundry None Anaparthy ,Rajanagaram ,Rajahmundry City , Rajahmundry Rural ,Kovvur (SC) ,Nidadavole ,Gopalapuram (SC)
26 Naraspur None Achanta ,Palacole ,Narsapuram ,Bhimavaram , Undi ,Tanuku ,Tadepalligudem
27 Eluru None Unguturu ,Denduluru ,Eluru ,Polavaram (ST) , Chintalapudi (SC) ,Nuzvid ,Kaikalur
28 Machilipatnam None Gannavaram ,Gudivada ,Pedana ,Machilipatnam , Avanigadda ,Pamarru (SC) ,Penamaluru
29 Vijayawada None Tiruvuru (SC) ,Vijayawada West ,Vijayawada Central , Vijayawada East ,Mylavaram ,Nandigama (SC) ,Jaggayyapeta
30 Guntur None Tadikonda (SC) ,Mangalagiri ,Ponnuru ,Tenali , Prathipaadu (SC) ,Guntur West ,Guntur East
31 Narasaraopet None Pedakurapadu ,Chilakaluripet ,Narasaraopet , Sattenapalli ,Vinukonda ,Gurajala , Macherla
32 Bapatla SC Vemuru (SC) ,Repalle ,Bapatla ,Parchur , Addanki ,Chirala ,Santhanuthalapadu (SC)
33 Ongole None Yerragondapalem (SC) ,Darsi ,Ongole , Kondapi (SC) ,Markapuram ,Giddalur , Kanigiri
34 Nandyal None Allagadda ,Srisailam ,Nandikotkur (SC) , Panyam ,Nandyal ,Banaganapalle ,Dhone
35 Kurnool None Kurnool ,Pattikonda ,Kodumur (SC) , Yemmiganur ,Mantralayam, Adoni ,Alur
36 Anantapur None Rayadurg ,Uravakonda ,Guntakal ,Tadpatri , Singanamala (SC) ,Anantapur Urban ,Kalyandurg
37 Hindupur None Raptadu ,Madakasira (SC) ,Hindupur , Penukonda ,Puttaparthi ,Dharmavaram ,Kadiri
38 Cuddapah None Badvel (SC) ,Kadapa ,Pulivendla , Kamalapuram ,Jammalamadugu , Proddatur ,Mydukur
39 Nellore None Kandukur ,Kavali ,Atmakur ,Kovur , Nellore City ,Nellore Rural ,Udayagiri
40 Tirupathi SC Sarvepalli ,Gudur (SC) ,Sullurpeta (SC) , Venkatagiri ,Tirupati ,Srikalahasti ,Satyavedu (SC)
41 Rajampet Rajampet ,Kodur (SC) ,Rayachoti , Thamballapalle ,Pileru ,Madanapalle ,Punganur
42 Chittoor SC Chandragiri ,Nagari ,Gangadhara Nellore (SC) , Chittoor ,Puthalapattu (SC) ,Palamaner ,Kuppam
1 Arunachal West None Lumla, Tawang, Mukto, Dirang, Kalaktang, Thrizino,Buragaon, Bomdila, Bameng, Chayangtajo, Seppa East, Seppa West, Pakke,Kasang, Itanagar, Doimukh, Sagalee, Yachuli, Ziro, Hapoli, Palin, Nyapin, Tali, Koloriang, Nacho, Taliha, Daporijo, Raga, Damporijo, Liromoba, Likabali, Basar, Along West, Along East, Rumgong, Mechuka
2 Arunachal East None Tuting,Yingkiong, Pangin, Nari,Koyu], Pasighat West, Pasighat East, Mebo, Mariyang,Geku, Anini, Dambuk, Roing, Tezu, Hayuliang, Chowkham, Namsai, Lekang, Bordumsa,Diyum, Miao, Nampong, Changlang South, Changlang North, Namsang, Khonsa East, Khonsa West, Borduria,Bagapani, Kanubari, Longding,Pumao, Pongchou,Wakka
1 Karimganj SC Ratabari(SC),Patherkandi,Karimganj North, Karimganj South,Badarpur,Hailakandi,Katlicherra,Algapur
2 Silchar None Sonai,Silchar,Dholai(SC),Udharbond, Lakhipur,Borkhola,Katigorah
3 Autonomous District ST Haflong(ST),Bokajan(ST),Howraghat(ST), Diphu(ST),Baithalangso(ST)
4 Dhubri None Mankachar,Salmara South,Dhubri,Gauripur,Golakganj, Bilasipara West,Bilasipara East,Goalpara East ,Goalpara West,Jaleswar
5 Kokrajhar ST Gossaingaon,Kokrajhar West(ST),Kokrajhar East(ST), Sidli(ST),Bijni,Sorbhog,Bhabanipur, Tamulpur ,Barama(ST),Chapaguri(ST)
6 Barpeta None Bongaigaon,Abhayapuri North,Abhayapuri South, Barpeta,Patacharkuchi,Jania,Baghbar,Sarukhetri ,Chenga,Dharmapur
7 Gauhati None Dudhnoi (ST),Boko (SC),Chhaygaon,Palasbari, Jalukbari,Dispur,Guwahati East,Guwahati West,Hajo ,Barkhetri
8 Mangaldoi None Kamalpur,Rangia,Nalbari,Panery,Kalaigaon, Sipajhar,Mangaldoi (SC),Dalgaon,Udalguri (ST),Majbat
9 Tezpur None Dhekiajuli,Barchalla,Sootea,Tezpur, Gohpur,Biswanath,Rangapara,Behali,Bihpuria
10 Nowgong None Jagiroad (SC),Morigaon,Laharighat,Raha (SC), Nagaon,Barhampur,Jamunamukh,Hojai,Lumding
11 Kaliabor None Dhing,Batadraba,Rupohihat,Samaguri,Kaliabor, Sarupathar,Bokakhat,Golaghat,Khumtai ,Dergaon (SC)
12 Jorhat None Jorhat,Titabar,Mariani,Teok,Amguri, Nazira,Mahmora,Sonari,Thowra,Sibsagar
13 Dibrugarh None Moran,Dibrugarh,Lahowal,Duliajan, Tingkhong,Naharkatia,Tinsukia,Digboi,Margherita
14 Lakhimpur None Majuli (ST),Naoboicha,Lakhimpur,Dhakuakhana(ST),Dhemaji(ST) ,Jonai(ST),Chabua,Doomdooma ,Sadiya
1 Valmiki Nagar None Valmiki Nagar, Ramnagar (SC), Narkatiaganj, Bagaha, Lauriya, Sikta
2 Paschim Champaran None Nautan, Chanpatia, Bettiah, Raxaul , Sugauli, Narkatia
3 Purvi Champaran None Harsidhi (SC), Govindganj, Kesaria, Kalyanpur, Pipra, Motihari
4 Sheohar None Madhuban, Chiraia , Dhaka, Sheohar, Riga, Belsand
5 Sitamarhi None Bathnaha (SC), Parihar, Sursand, Bajpatti, Sitamarhi, Runnisaidpur
6 Madhubani None Harlakhi, Benipatti , Bisfi, Madhubani, Keoti, Jale.
7 Jhanjharpur None Khajauli, Babubarhi, Rajnagar (SC), Jhanjharpur, Phulparas, Laukaha
8 Supaul None Nirmali, Pipra, Supaul, Triveniganj (SC), Chhatapur, Singheshwar (SC)
9 Araria None Narpatganj, Raniganj (SC), Forbesganj, Araria, Jokhihat , Sikti
10 Kishanganj None Bahadurganj, Thakurganj, Kishanganj, Kochadhaman, Amour, Baisi
11 Katihar None
12 Purnia None
13 Madhepura None
14 Darbhanga None
15 Muzaffarpur None
16 Vaishali None
17 Gopalganj SC Baikunthpur, Barauli , Gopalganj, Kuchaikote, Bhore (SC), Hathua
18 Siwan None Siwan, Ziradei, Darauli (SC), Raghunathpur, Daraunda, Barharia
19 Maharajganj None Goriyakothi, Maharajganj, Ekma, Manjhi, Baniapur, Taraiya
20 Saran None Marhaura, Chapra, Garkha (SC), Amnour , Parsa, Sonepur
21 Hajipur SC Hajipur, Lalganj, Mahua, Raja Pakar (SC), Raghopur, Mahnar
22 Ujiarpur None Patepur (SC), Ujiarpur, Morwa, Sarairanjan, Mohiuddinnagar, Bibhutipur
23 Samastipur SC Kusheshwar Asthan (SC), Hayaghat , Kalyanpur (SC), Warisnagar, Samastipur, Rosera (SC)
24 Begusarai None Cheria Bariarpur, Bachhwara, Teghra, Matihani, Sahebpur Kamal, Begusarai , Bakhri (SC)
25 Khagaria None Simri Bakhtiarpur, Hasanpur, Alauli (SC), Khagaria, Beldaur , Parbatta
26 Bhagalpur None Bihpur, Gopalpur, Pirpainti (SC), Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur, Nathnagar
27 Banka None Sultanganj, Amarpur, Dhoraiya (SC) , Banka, Katoria (ST), Belhar
28 Munger None Munger, Jamalpur, Suryagarha, Lakhisarai, Mokama, Barh
29 Nalanda None Asthawan, Biharsharif, Rajgir (SC), Islampur, Hilsa, Nalanda, Harnaut
30 Patna Sahib None Bakhtiarpur , Digha, Bankipur, Kumhrar, Patna Sahib, Fatuha
31 Pataliputra None Danapur, Maner, Phulwari (SC), Masaurhi (SC), Paliganj , Bikram
32 Arrah None Sandesh, Barhara, Arrah, Agiaon (SC), Tarari, Jagdishpur, Shahpur
33 Buxar None Brahampur, Buxar , Dumraon, Rajpur (SC), Ramgarh, Dinara
34 Sasaram SC Mohania (SC), Bhabua, Chainpur, Chenari (SC), Sasaram, Kargahar
35 Karakat None Nokha, Dehri, Karakat, Goh, Obra , Nabinagar
36 Jahanabad None Arwal, Kurtha, Jahanabad, Ghosi, Makhdumpur (SC), Atri
37 Aurangabad None Kutumba (SC), Aurangabad, Rafiganj, Gurua, Imamganj (SC) , Tikari
38 Gaya SC Sherghati, Barachatti (SC), Bodh Gaya (SC), Gaya Town, Belaganj, Wazirganj
39 Nawada None Barbigha, Rajauli (SC), Hisua, Nawada, Gobindpur, Warsaliganj
40 Jamui SC Tarapur, Sheikhpura, Sikandra (SC) , Jamui, Jhajha, Chakai
1 Sarguja ST Premnagar, Bhatgaon, Pratappur (ST), Ramanujganj (ST), Samri (ST), Lundra (ST), Ambikapur , Sitapur (ST)
2 Raigarh ST Jashpur (ST), Kunkuri (ST), Pathalgaon (ST), Lailunga (ST), Raigarh, Sarangarh (SC), Kharsia , Dharamjaigarh (ST)
3 Janjgir SC Akaltara, Janjgir,Champa, Sakti, Chandrapur, Jaijaipur, Pamgarh (SC), Bilaigarh (SC) , Kasdol
4 Korba None Bharatpur,Sonhat (ST), Manendragarh, Baikunthpur, Rampur (ST) , Korba, Katghora , Pali,Tanakhar (ST), Marwahi (ST)
5 Bilaspur None Kota, Lormi, Mungeli (SC), Takhatpur, Bilha, Bilaspur , Beltara, Masturi (SC)
6 Rajnandgaon None Pandariya, Kawardha, Khairagarh, Dongargarh (SC), Rajnandgaon, Dongargaon, Khujji , Mohla,Manpur (ST)
7 Durg None Patan, Durg,Rural, Durg City, Bhilai Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Ahiwara (SC), Saja, Bemetara , Nawagarh (SC)
8 Raipur None Baloda Bazar, Bhatapara, Dharsiwa, Raipur Rural, Raipur City West, Raipur City North , Raipur City South, Arang (SC), Abhanpur
9 Mahasamund None Saraipali (SC), Basna , Khallari, Mahasamund, Rajim, Bindranawagarh (ST), Kurud , Dhamtari
10 Bastar ST Kondagaon (ST), Narayanpur (ST), Bastar (ST), Jagdalpur, Chitrakot (ST), Dantewada (ST) , Bijapur (ST), Konta (ST)
11 Kanker ST Sihawa (ST), Sanjari Balod, Dondi Lohara (ST) , Gunderdehi, Antagarh (ST), Bhanupratappur (ST) , Kanker (ST), Keshkal (ST)
1 North Goa None ,Mandrem ,Pernem (SC) ,Bicholim ,Tivim ,Mapusa , Siolim ,Saligao ,Calangute ,Porvorim ,Aldona ,Panaji ,Taleigao , St. Cruz ,St. Andre ,Cumbarjua ,Maem ,Sanquelim ,Poriem ,Valpoi ,Priol
2 South Goa None ,Ponda ,Siroda ,Marcaim ,Mormugao ,Vasco,Da,Gama , Dabolim ,Cortalim ,Nuvem ,Curtorim ,Fatorda ,Margao , Benaulim ,Navelim ,Cuncolim ,Velim ,Quepem ,Curchorem , Sanvordem ,Sanguem ,Canacona
1 Kachchh SC Abdasa, Mandvi, Bhuj, Anjar, Gandhidham (SC), Rapar, Morbi
2 Banaskantha None Vav, Tharad, Dhanera, Danta (ST), Palanpur, Deesa, Deodar
3 Patan None Vadgam (SC), Kankrej, Radhanpur, Chanasma, Patan,Sidhpur , Kheralu
4 Mahesana None Unjha, Visnagar, Becharaji, Kadi (SC), Mahesana, Vijapur, Mansa
5 Sabarkantha None Himatnagar, Idar (SC), Khedbrahma (ST), Bhiloda (ST) Modasa, Bayad, Prantij
6 Gandhinagar None Gandhinagar North, Kalol, Sanand Ghatlodia, Vejalpur, Naranpura, Sabarmati
7 Ahmedabad East None Dahegam, Gandhinagar South, Vatva, Nikol, Naroda, Thakkarbapa Nagar, Bapunagar
8 Ahmedabad West SC Ellisbridge, Amraiwadi Dariapur, JamalpurKhadia, Maninagar, Danilimda (SC), Asarwa (SC)
9 Surendranagar None Viramgam, Dhandhuka, Dasada (SC) Limbdi, Wadhwan, Chotila, Dhrangadhra
10 Rajkot None Tankara, Wankaner, Rajkot East, Rajkot West, Rajkot South Rajkot Rural (SC), Jasdan
11 Porbandar None Gondal, Jetpur, Dhoraji, Porbandar, Kutiyana, Manavadar, Keshod
12 Jamnagar None Kalavad (SC), Jamnagar Rural, Jamnagar North, Jamnagar South, Jamjodhpur Khambhalia , Dwarka
13 Junagadh None Junagadh, Visavadar, Mangrol, Somnath Talala, Kodinar (SC), Una
14 Amreli None Dhari, Amreli, Lathi , Savarkundla, Rajula, Mahuva Gariadhar
15 Bhavnagar None Talaja, Palitana, Bhavnagar Rural, Bhavnagar East, Bhavnagar West, Gadhada (SC) , Botad
16 Anand None Khambhat, Borsad, Anklav Umreth, Anand, Petlad, Sojitra
17 Kheda None Daskroi, Dholka, Matar, Nadiad, Mehmedabad, Mahudha, Kapadvanj
18 Panchmahal None Thasra Balasinor, Lunawada, Shehra, Morva Hadaf (ST), Godhra, Kalol
19 Dahod ST Santrampur (ST), Fatepura (ST), Jhalod (ST) Limkheda (ST), Dahod (ST), Garbada (ST) , Devgadb
20 Vadodara None Savli, Vaghodia Vadodara City (SC), Sayajigunj, Akota, Raopura, Manjalpur
21 Chhota Udaipur ST Halol, Chhota Udaipur (ST), Jetpur (ST), Sankheda (ST), Dabhoi, Padra, Nandod (ST)
22 Bharuch None Karjan, Dediapada (ST), Jambusar Vagra, Jhagadia (ST), Bharuch, Ankleshwar
23 Bardoli ST Mangrol (ST), Mandvi (ST), Kamrej, Bardoli (SC), Mahuva (ST) Vyara (ST) , Nizar (ST)
24 Surat None Olpad, Surat East, Surat North Varachha Road, Karanj, Katargam, Surat West
25 Navsari None Limbayat, Udhna, Majura, Choryasi, Jalalpore, Navsari, Gandevi (ST)
26 Valsad ST Dangs (ST), Vansda (ST), Dharampur (ST), Valsad, Pardi Kaprada (ST) , Umbergaon (ST)
1 Ambala SC Kalka, Panchkula, Naraingarh, Ambala Cantonment, Ambala City, Mulana, Sadhaura, Jagadhri, Yamuna Nagar
2 Kurukshetra None Radaur, Ladwa, Shahbad, Thanesar, Pehowa, Guhla, Kalayat, Kaithal, Pundri
3 Sirsa SC Fatehabad, Narwana, Tohana, Ratia, Kalanwali, Dabwali, Rania, Sirsa, Ellenabad
4 Hissar None Uchana Kalan, Adampur, Uklana, Narnaund, Hansi, Barwala, Hisar, Nalwa, Bawani Khera
5 Karnal None Nilokheri, Indri, Karnal, Gharaunda, Assandh, Panipat Rural, Panipat City, Israna, Samalkha
6 Sonepat None Ganaur, Rai, Kharkhauda, Sonipat, Gohana, Baroda, Julana, Safidon, Jind
7 Rohtak None Meham, Rohtak, Garhi Sampla,Kiloi, Kalanaur, Bahadurgarh, Badli, Jhajjar, Beri, Kosli,
8 Bhiwani-Mahendragarh None Loharu, Badhra, Charkhi Dadri, Bhiwani, Tosham, Ateli, Mahendragarh,Narnaul, Nagai Chaudhry
9 Gurgaon None Bawal, Rewari, Pataudi, Badshahpur, Gurgaon, Sohna, Nuh, Ferozepur Jhirka,Punahana
10 Faridabad None Hathin, Hodal, Palwal, Prithla, Faridabad, Badkhal, Ballabgarh, Faridabad NIT,Tigaon
Himachal Pradesh
1 Kangra None Churah, Chamba, Dalhousie, Bhattiyat, Nurpur, Indora, Fatehpur, Jawali, Jawalamukhi, Jaisinghpur, Sullah, Nagrota, Kangra, Shahpur, Dharamshala, Palampur, Baijnath
2 Mandi None Bharmour, Lahaul & Spiti, Manali, Kullu, Banjar, Anni, Karsog, Sundernagar, Nachan, Seraj, Darang, Jogindernagar, Mandi, Balh, Sarkaghat, Rampur, Kinnaur
3 Hamirpur None Dehrai Jaswan,Pragpur, Dharampur, Bhoranj, Sujanpur, Hamirpur, Barsar, Nadaun, Chintpurni, Gagret, Haroli, Una, Kutlehar, Jhanduta, Ghumarwin, Bilaspur, Sri Naina Deviji
4 Shimla SC Arki, Nalagarh, Doon, Solan, Kasauli, Pachhad, Nahan, Sri Renukaji, Paonta Sahib, Shillai, Chopal, Theog, Kasumpti, Shimla, Shimla , Rural, Jubbal,Kotkhai, Rohru
Jammu and Kashmir
1 Baramulla None Bandipora, Baramulla, Gulmarg, Gurez, Handwara, Lolab, Langate, Karnah, Kupwara, Pattan, Rafiabad, Sangrama, Sonawari, Sopore & Uri
2 Srinagar None Amirakadal, Badgam, Batmaloo, Beerwah, Chadoora, Charari Sharief, Gandarbal, Habbakadal, Hazratbal, Idgah, Kangan, Khansahib, Khanyar, Sonawar & Zadibal
3 Anantnag None Anantnag, Bijbehara, Devsar, Doru, Homshalibagh, Kokarnag, Kulgam, Noorabad, Pahalgam, Pampore, Pulwama, Rajpora, Shangas, Shopian, Tral & Wachi
4 Ladakh None Kargil, Leh, Nobra & Zanskar
5 Udhampur None Bani, Basohli, Banihal, Bhadarwah, Billawar, Chenani, Doda, Gool,Arnas, Gulabgarh, Hiranagar, Inderwal, Kathua, Kishtwar, Ramban, Ramnagar, Reasi & Udhampur
6 Jammu None Akhnoor, Bishnah, Chhamb(SC), Darhal, Gandhinagar, Jammu East, Jammu West, Kalakot, Marh, Mendhar, Nagrota, Nowshera, Poonch, Haveli, Rajouri, Raipur Domana, Ranbir Singh Pora, Samba(SC), Suchetgarh, Surankote & Vijaypur
1 Rajmahal ST Barhait(ST), Borio(ST), Litipara(ST), Maheshpur(ST), Pakaur & Rajmahal
2 Dumka ST Dumka(ST), Jama(ST), Jamtara, Nala, Sarath & Sikaripara(ST)
3 Godda None Deoghar(SC), Godda, Jarmundi, Madhupur, Mahagama & Poreyahat
4 Chatra None Chatra(SC), Latehar(SC), Manika(ST), Panki & Simaria(SC)
5 Kodarma None Bagodar, Barkatha, Dhanwar, Gandey, Jamua(SC) & Kodarma
6 Giridih None Baghmara, Bermo, Dumri, Giridih, Gomia & Tundi
7 Dhanbad None Bokaro, Chandankiyari(SC), Dhanbad, Jharia, Nirsa & Sindri
8 Ranchi None Hatia, Ichagarh, Kanke(SC), Khijri(ST), Ranchi & Silli
9 Jamshedpur None Baharagora, Ghatsila(ST), Jamshedpur East, Jamshedpur West, Jugsalai(SC)& Potka(ST)
10 Singhbhum ST Chaibasa(ST), Chakradharpur(ST), Jaganathpur(ST), Majhgaon(ST), Manoharpur(ST) & Seraikella(ST)
11 Khunti ST Kharsawan(ST), Khunti(ST), Kolebira(ST), Simdega(ST), Tamar(ST), Torpa(ST)
12 Lohardaga ST Bishnupur(ST), Gumla(ST), Lohardaga(ST), Mandar(ST) & Sisai(ST)
13 Palamau SC Daltonganj, Bishrampur, Chhatarpur(SC), Husainabad, Garhwa & Bhawanathpur
14 Hazaribagh None
1 Chikkodi None Nippani, Chikkodi,Sadalga, Athni, Kagawad, Kudachi (SC), Raybag (SC), Hukeri , Yemkanmardi (ST)
2 Belgaum None Arabhavi, Gokak, Belgaum Uttar, Belgaum Dakshin, Belgaum Rural, Bailhongal , Saundatti Yellamma, Ramdurg
3 Bagalkot None Mudhol (SC), Terdal, Jamkhandi, Bilgi, Badami, Bagalkot, Hungund, Nargund
4 Bijapur SC Muddebihal, Devar Hippargi, Basavana Bagevadi, Babaleshwar, Bijapur City, Nagthan (SC) , Indi, Sindgi
5 Gulbarga SC Afzalpur, Jevargi ,Gurmitkal, Chitapur (SC), Sedam, Gulbarga Rural (SC), Gulbarga Dakshin , Gulbarga Uttar
6 Raichur ST Shorapur (ST), Shahpur, Yadgir, Raichur Rural (ST), Raichur, Manvi (ST), Devadurga (ST) , Lingasugur (SC)
7 Bidar None Chincholi (ST), Aland, Basavakalyan, Humnabad, Bidar South, Bidar, Bhalki, Aurad (SC)
8 Koppal None Sindhanur, Maski (ST), Kushtagi, Kanakagiri (SC), Gangavathi, Yelburga, Koppal , Siruguppa (ST)
9 Bellary ST Hadagalli (SC), Hagaribommanahalli (SC), Vijayanagara, Kampli (ST), Bellary (ST), Bellary City , Sandur (ST), Kudligi (ST)
10 Haveri None Shiggaon,savnur, Hanagal, Haveri (SC), Byadagi, Hirekerur, Ranebennuru
11 Dharwad None Navalgund, Kundgol, Dharwad, Hubli,Dharwad,East (SC), Hubli,Dharwad,Central , Hubli,Dharwad,West, Kalghatgi, Shiggaon
12 Uttara Kannada None Khanapur, Kittur, Haliyal, Karwar, Kumta, Bhatkal, Sirsi, Yellapur
13 Davanagere None Jagalur (ST), Harapanahalli, Harihar, Davanagere North, Davanagere South , Mayakonda (SC), Channagiri, Honnali
14 Shimoga None Shimoga Rural (SC), Bhadravati, Shimoga, Tirthahalli, Shikaripur, Sorab, Sagar , Byndoor
15 Udupi Chikmagalur None Kundapura, Udupi, Kapu, Karkal, Sringeri, Mudigere (SC), Chikmagalur, Tarikere
16 Hassan None Kadur, Shravanabelagola, Arsikere, Belur, Hassan, Holenarasipur, Arkalgud , Sakleshpur (SC)
17 Dakshina Kannada None Belthangady, Moodabidri, Mangalore City North, Mangalore City South, Mangalore , Bantval, Puttur, Sullia (SC)
18 Chitradurga SC Molakalmuru (ST), Challakere (ST), Chitradurga, Hiriyur, Hosadurga, Holalkere (SC), Sira , Pavagada
19 Tumkur None Chiknayakanhalli, Tiptur, Turuvekere, Tumkur City, Tumkur Rural, Koratagere (SC) , Gubbi, Madhugiri
20 Mandya None Malavalli (SC), Maddur, Melukote, Mandya, Shrirangapattana, Nagamangala , Krishnarajpet, Krishnarajanagar
21 Mysore None Madikeri, Virajpet, Piriyapatna, Hunsur, Chamundeshwari, Krishnaraja, Chamaraja , Narasimharaja
22 Chamarajanagar SC Heggadadevankote (ST), Nanjangud (SC), Varuna, T.Narasipur (SC), Hanur, Kollegal (SC) , Chamarajanagar, Gundlupet
23 Bangalore Rural None Kunigal,Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore South, Anekal (SC), Magadi, Ramanagaram , Kanakapura, Channapatna
24 Bangalore North None K.R.Pura, Byatarayanapura, Yeshvanthapura, Dasarahalli, Mahalakshmi Layout , Malleshwaram, Hebbal, Pulakeshinagar (SC)
25 Bangalore Central None Sarvagnanagar, C.V. Raman Nagar (SC), Shivajinagar, Shanti Nagar, Gandhi Nagar , Rajaji Nagar, Chamrajpet, Mahadevapura (SC)
26 Bangalore South None Govindraj Nagar, Vijay Nagar, Chickpet, Basavanagudi, Padmanaba Nagar , B.T.M. Layout, Jayanagar, Bommanahalli
27 Chikballapur None Gauribidanur, Bagepalli, Chikkballapur, Chintamani, Yelahanka, Hosakote , Devanahalli (SC), Dod Ballapur, Nelamangala (SC)
28 Kolar SC Sidlaghatta, Srinivaspura, Mulbagal (SC), Kolar Gold Fields (SC), Bangarapet (SC), Kolar , Malur
1 Kasaragod None Manjeswar , Kasaragod , Udma ,Kanhangad , Trikkaripur, Payyannur, Kalliasseri
2 Kannur None Thaliparamba , Irikkur , Azhikode, Kannur , Dharmadam , Mattannur , Peravoor
3 Vadakara None Thalassery , Koothuparamba ,Vadakara , Kuttiadi , Nadapuram, Quilandy, Perambra
4 Wayanad None Mananthavady (ST) ,SulthanBathery (ST) , Kalpatta , Thiruvambadi , Ernad, Nilambur, Wandoor (SC)
5 Kozhikode None Balusseri (SC) , Elathur, Kozhikode North, Kozhikode South, Beypore , Kunnamangalam, Koduvally
6 Malappuram None Kondotty , Manjeri ,Perinthalmanna , Mankada , Malappuram , Vengara ,Vallikkunnu
7 Ponnani None Tirurangadi , Tanur , Tirur ,Kottakkal , Thavanur , Ponnani ,Thrithala
8 Palakkad None Pattambi , Shoranur ,Ottapalam , Kongad (SC) ,Mannarkkad , Malampuzha ,Palakkad
9 Alathur SC Tarur (SC), Chittur , Nemmara, Alathur , Chelakkara (SC) ,Kunnamkulam , Wadakkanchery
10 Thrissur None Guruvayoor , Manalur , Ollur ,Thrissur , Nattika (SC) , Irinjalakuda, Puthukkad
11 Chalakudy None Kaipamangalam, Chalakudy ,Kodungallur , Perumbavoor , Angamaly , Aluva , Kunnathunad (SC)
12 Ernakulam None Kalamassery , Paravur ,Vypeen , Kochi , Thripunithura , Ernakulam , Thrikkakara
13 Idukki None Muvattupuzha , Kothamangalam, Devikulam (SC) , Udumbanchola, Thodupuzha , Idukki, Peerumade
14 Kottayam None Piravom , Pala , Kaduthuruthi, Vaikom (SC) , Ettumanoor , Kottayam , Puthupally
15 Alappuzha None Aroor , Cherthala ,Alappuzha , Ambalapuzha ,Haripad , Kayamkulam ,Karunagappally
16 Mavelikara SC Changanassery , Kuttanad ,Mavelikara (SC) , Chengannur ,Kunnathur (SC) , Kottarakkara, Pathanapuram
17 Pathanamthitta None Kanjirappally , Poonjar ,Thiruvalla , Ranni , Aranmula, Konni , Adoor (SC)
18 Kollam None Chavara , Punalur ,Chadayamangalam , Kundara ,Kollam , Eravipuram , Chathannoor
19 Attingal None Varkala , Attingal (SC) ,Chirayinkeezhu (SC) , Nedumangad, Vamanapuram , Aruvikkara, Kattakkada
20 Thiruvananthapuram None Kazhakoottam , Vattiyoorkavu (SC) , Thiruvananthapuram ,Nemom , Parassala , Kovalam, Neyyattinkara
Madhya Pradesh
1 Morena None Madhavpur, Vijaypur, Sabalgarh, Joura, Sumawali, Morena, Dimani, Ambah (SC)
2 Bhind SC Ater, Bhind , Lahar, Mehgaon, Gohad (SC), Sewda , Bhander (SC), Datia
3 Gwalior None Gwalior Rural, Gwalior, Gwalior East, Gwalior South, Bhitarwar, Dabra (SC), Karera (SC) , Pohari.
4 Guna None Shivpuri, Pichhore, Kolaras, Bamori, Guna (SC), Ashok Nagar (SC), Chanderi, Mungaoli.
5 Sagar None Bina (SC), Khurai, Surkhi, Naryoli (SC) , Sagar, Kurwai (SC), Sironj, Shamshabad.
6 Tikamgarh SC Tikamgarh, Jatara (SC), Prithvipur, Niwari, Khargapur, Maharajpur , Chhatarpur, Bijawar.
7 Damoh None Deori, Rehli, Banda, Malhara, Pathariya, Damoh, Jabera, Hatta (SC)
8 Khajuraho None Chandla (SC), Rajnagar, Pawai, Gunnaor (SC), Panna, Vijayraghavgarh, Murwara , Bahoriband
9 Satna None Chitrakoot, Raigaon (SC), Satna, Nagod, Maihar, Amarpatan, Rampur,Baghelan
10 Rewa None Sirmour, Semariya, Teonthar , Mauganj, Deotalab, Mangawan (SC), Rewa, Gurh
11 Sidhi None Churhat, Sidhi, Sihawal, Chitrangi (ST), Singrauli , Devsar (SC), Dhauhani (ST) , Beohari (ST)
12 Shahdol ST Jaisingnagar (ST), Jaitpur (ST), Kotma, Anuppur (ST), Pushprajgarh (ST), Bandhavgarh (ST) , Manpur (ST) , Barwara (ST)
13 Jabalpur None Patan, Bargi, Jabalpur Purba (SC), Jabalpur Uttar, Jabalpur Cantt., Jabalpur Paschim , Panagar, Sihora (ST)
14 Mandla ST Shahpura (ST), Dindori (ST), Bichhiya (ST), Niwas (ST), Mandla (ST), Keolari , Lakhnadon (ST), Gotegaon (SC).
15 Balaghat None Baihar (ST), Lanji, Paraswada , Balaghat, Waraseoni, Katangi, Barghat (ST) , Seoni
16 Chhindwara None Junnardeo (ST), Amarwara (ST), Churai, Saunsar, Chhindwara, Parasia (SC) , Pandhurna (ST)
17 Hoshangabad None Narsingpur, Tendukheda , Gadarwara, Seoni,Malwa, Hoshangabad, Sohagpur , Pipariya (SC), Udaipura
18 Vidisha None Bhojpur, Sanchi (SC), Silwani, Vidisha, Basoda, Budhni, Ichhawar, Khategaon
19 Bhopal None Berasia (SC), Bhopal Uttar , Narela, Bhopal Dakshin, Paschim, Bhopal Madhya , Govindpura, Huzur, Sehore
20 Rajgarh None Chachoura , Raghogarh, Narsinghgarh , Biaora, Rajgarh, Khilchipur, Sarangpur (SC) , Susner
21 Dewas SC Ashta (SC), Agar (SC), Shajapur, Shujalpur, Kalapipal, Sonkatch (SC) , Dewas , Hatpipliya
22 Ujjain SC Nagada,Khachrod, Mahidpur,  Tarana (SC)  Ghatiya (SC) Ujjain Uttar  Ujjain Dakshin  Badnagar  A lot (SC)
23 Mandsaur None Jaora, Mandsour, Malhargarh (SC), Suwasra, Garoth, Manasa, Neemuch, Jawad
24 Ratlam ST Alirajpur (ST), Jobat (ST), Jhabua (ST), Thandla (ST), Petlawad (ST), Ratlam Rural (ST) , Ratlam City , Sailana (ST)
25 Dhar ST  Sardarpur (ST)  Gandhwani (ST)  Kukshi (ST) Manawar (ST)  Dharampuri (ST)  Dhar  Badnawar, Dr.Ambedkarnagar,Mhow
26 Indore None Debalpur, Sanwer (SC)
27 Khargone ST Maheshwar (SC), Kasrawad, Khargone, Bhagwanpura (ST), Sendhawa (ST), Rajpur (ST) , Pansemal (ST), Badwani (ST)
28 Khandwa None Bagali (ST), Mandhata, Khandwa (SC), Pandhana (ST), Nepanagar (ST), Burhanpur , Bikhangaon (ST), Badwah
29 Betul ST Multai, Amla (SC) , Betul, Ghoradongri (ST), Bhainsdehi (ST), Timarni (ST), Harda , Harsud (ST)
1 Nandurbar ST Akkalkuwa (ST), Shahada (ST), Nandurbar (ST), Nawapur (ST), Sakri (ST), Shirpur (ST)
2 Dhule None Dhule Rural, Dhule City, Sindkheda, Malegaon Central, Malegaon Outer, Baglan (ST)
3 Jalgaon None Jalgaon City, Jalgaon Rural, Amalner, Erandol, Chalisgaon, Pachora
4 Raver None Chopda (ST)  Raver, Bhusawal (SC), Jamner  Muktainagar , Malkapur
5 Buldhana None Buldhana, Chikhli, Sindkhed Raja, Mehkar (SC), Khamgaon, Jalgaon (Jamod)
6 Akola None Akot, Balapur, Akola West , Akola East, Murtizapur (SC), Risod
7 Amravati SC Badnera, Amravati, Teosa, Daryapur (SC) , Melghat (ST), Achalpur
8 Wardha None Dhamangaon Railway, Morshi, Arvi, Deoli, Hinganghat, Wardha
9 Ramtek SC Katol, Savner, Hingna , Umred (SC), Kamthi, Ramtek
10 Nagpur None Nagpur South West, Nagpur South, Nagpur East, Nagpur Central, Nagpur West , Nagpur North (SC)
11 Bhandara-Gondiya None Tumsar , Bhandara (SC), Sakoli, Arjuni,Morgaon (SC), Tirora, Gondiya
12 Gadchiroli-Chimur ST Amgaon (ST), Armori (ST), Gadchiroli (ST), Aheri (ST), Brahmapuri, Chimur
13 Chandrapur None Rajura , Chandrapur (SC), Ballarpur, Warora, Wani, Arni (ST)
14 Yavatmal-Washim None Washim (SC), Karanja, Ralegaon (ST), Yavatmal., Digras , Pusad
15 Hingoli None Umarkhed (SC), Kinwat, Hadgaon, Basmath, Kalamnuri, Hingoli
16 Nanded None Bhokar, Nanded North, Nanded South, Naigaon, Deglur (SC) , Mukhed
17 Parbhani None Jintur, Parbhani, Gangakhed, Pathri, Partur, Ghansawangi
18 Jalna None Jalna, Badnapur (SC), Bhokardan, Sillod, Phulambri, Paithan
19 Aurangabad None Kannad, Aurangabad Central, Aurangabad West (SC), Aurangabad East , Gangapur , Vaijapur
20 Dindori ST Nandgaon, Kalwan (ST), Chandvad, Yevla , Niphad, Dindori (ST)
21 Nashik None Sinnar, Nashik East, Nashik Central, Nashik West, Deolali (SC), Igatpuri (ST)
22 Palghar ST Dahanu (ST), Vikramgad (ST), Palghar (ST) , Boisar (ST), Nalasopara, Vasai
23 Bhiwandi None Bhiwandi Rural (ST), Shahapur (ST), Bhiwandi West, Bhiwandi East, Kalyan West , Murbad
24 Kalyan None Ambarnath (SC) , Ulhas Nagar, Kalyan East , Dombivali, Kalyan Rural, Mumbra,Kalwa
25 Thane None Mira Bhayandar, Ovala–Majiwada  Kopri,Pachpakhadi, Thane, Airoli , Belapur
26 Mumbai North None Borivali, Dahisar  Magathane, Kandivali East , Charkop, Malad West
27 Mumbai North West None Jogeshwari East, Dindoshi, Goregaon, Versova, Andheri West, Andheri East
28 Mumbai North East None Mulund, Vikhroli, Bhandup West, Ghatkopar West, Ghatkopar East  Mankhurd Shivaji Nagar
29 Mumbai North Central None Vile Parle, Chandivali, Kurla (SC), Vandre East, Vandre West, Kalina
30 Mumbai South Central None Anushakti Nagar, Chembur, Dharavi (SC), Sion Koliwada, Wadala ,Mahim
31 Mumbai South None Worli, Shivadi, Byculla, Malabar Hill, Mumbadevi, Colaba
32 Raigad None Pen, Alibag, Shrivardhan, Mahad, Dapoli, Guhagar
33 Maval None Panvel, Karjat, Uran, Maval, Chinchwad, Pimpri (SC)
34 Pune None Vadgaon Sheri, Shivajinagar, Kothrud, Parvati Pune Cantonment (SC), Kasba Peth
35 Baramati None Daund, Indapur , Baramati, Purandar, Bhor , Khadakwasala
36 Shirur None Junnar, Ambegaon, Khed Alandi, Shirur, Bhosari, Hadapsar
37 Ahmednagar None Shevgaon, Rahuri, Parner, Ahmednagar City, Shrigonda, Karjat Jamkhed
38 Shirdi SC Akole (ST), Sangamner, Shirdi, Kopargaon, Shrirampur (SC) , Nevasa
39 Beed None Georai, Majalgaon, Beed , Ashti, Kaij (SC), Parli
40 Osmanabad None Ausa, Umarga (SC) , Tuljapur, Osmanabad, Paranda, Barshi
41 Latur SC Latur Rural, Latur City, Ahmadpur, Udgir (SC), Nilanga, Loha
42 Solapur SC Mohol (SC), Solapur City North, Solapur City Central, Akkalkot , Solapur South , Pandharpur
43 Madha None Karmala, Madha, Sangole, Malshiras (SC), Phaltan (SC), Man
44 Sangli None Miraj (SC), Sangli, Palus,Kadegaon, Khanapur, Tasgaon, Kavathe Mahankal, Jat
45 Satara None Wai, Koregaon, Karad North, Karad South , Patan, Satara
46 Ratnagiri–Sindhudurg None Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Rajapur, Kankavli, Kudal ,Sawantwadi
47 Kolhapur None Chandgad, Radhanagari, Kagal, Kolhapur South, Karvir  Kolhapur North
48 Hatkanangle None Shahuwadi, Hatkanangle (SC), Ichalkaranji, Shirol, Islampur, Shirala
1 Inner Manipur None
2 Outer Manipur ST
1 Shillong None
2 Tura ST
1 Mizoram ST
1 Nagaland None
1 Bargarh None Padampur, Bijepur, Bargarh, Attabira (SC), Bhatli, Brajarajnagar ,Jharsuguda
2 Sundargarh ST Talsara (ST), Sundargarh (ST), Biramitrapur (ST) , Raghunathpali (SC), Rourkela, Rajgangapur (ST) , Bonai (ST)
3 Sambalpur None Kuchinda (ST), Rengali (SC), Sambalpur, Rairakhol, Deogarh, Chhendipada (SC), Athamallik
4 Keonjhar ST Telkoi (ST) , Ghasipura, Anandapur (SC), Patna (ST), Keonjhar (ST), Champua, Karanjia (ST)
5 Mayurbhanj ST Jashipur (ST), Saraskana ( ST ), Rairangpur (ST), Bangriposi (ST) , Udala (ST), Baripada (ST) , Morada
6 Balasore None Badasahi (SC), Jaleswar, Bhograi, Basta, Balasore, Remuna (SC), Nilgiri
7 Bhadrak SC Soro (SC), Simulia, Bhandaripokhari, Bhadrak, Basudevpur, Dhamnagar (SC),Chandabali
8 Jajpur SC Binjharpur (SC), Bari, Barachana , Dharmasala, Jajpur, Korei, Sukinda
9 Dhenkanal None Dhenkanal, Hindol (SC), Kamakhyanagar  Parjanga, Pallahara, Talcher , Angul
10 Bolangir None Birmaharajpur (SC), Sonepur, Loisingha (SC), Patnagarh, Bolangir, Titlagarh, Kantabanji ,Tarbha
11 Kalahandi None Nuapada, Khariar, Lanjigarh (ST), Junagarh, Dharmgarh, Bhawanipatna (SC) , Narla
12 Nabarangpur ST Umarkote (ST), Jharigam (ST), Nabarangpur (ST), Dabugam (ST), Kotpad (ST) , Malkangiri (ST), Chitrakonda (ST)
13 Kandhamal None Daspalla (SC) , Bhanjanagar
14 Cuttack None Baramba, Banki, Athagarh, Barabati,Cuttack , Choudwar,Cuttack, Cuttack Sadar (SC) , Khandapada
15 Kendrapara None Salipur, Mahanga, Patkura, Kendrapara (SC), Aul, Rajanagar, Mahakalapada
16 Jagatsinghpur SC Niali (SC) , Paradeep, Tirtol (SC), Balikuda,Erasama, Jagatsinghpur, Kakatpur (SC) , Nimapara
17 Puri None Puri, Brahmagiri, Satyabadi, Pipili, Chilika, Ranpur, Nayagarh
18 Bhubaneswar None Jayadev (SC), Bhubaneswar Central, Bhubaneswar North, Ekamra,Bhubaneswar, Jatani , Begunia, Khurda
19 Aska None Polasara, Kabisuryanagar, Khalikote (SC), Aska, Surada, Sanakhemundi , Hinjili
20 Berhampur None Chhatrapur (SC), Gopalpur, Berhampur, Digapahandi, Chikiti, Mohana (ST) , Paralakhemundi
21 Koraput ST Gunupur (ST), Bissam Cuttack (ST), Rayagada (ST) , Laxmipur (ST), Jeypore , Koraput (SC), Pottangi (ST)
1 Gurdaspur None Sujanpur ,Bhoa (SC) ,Pathankot , Gurdaspur , Dina Nagar (SC) ,Qadian ,Batala ,Fatehgarh Churian ,Dera Baba Nanak
2 Amritsar None Ajnala ,Raja Sansi ,Majitha ,Amritsar North , Amritsar West (SC) ,Amritsar Central ,Amritsar East , Amristar South ,Attari (SC)
3 Khadoor Sahib None Jandiala (SC) ,Tarn Taran ,Khem Karan ,Patti ,Khadoor Sahib , Baba Bakala (SC) ,Kapurthala ,Sultanpur Lodhi ,Zira
4 Jalandhar SC Phillaur (SC) ,Nakodar ,Shahkot ,Kartarpur (SC) , Jalandhar West (SC) ,Jalandhar Central ,Jalandhar North , Jalandhar Cantt. ,Adampur (SC)
5 Hoshiarpur SC Sri Hargobindpur (SC) ,Bholath ,Phagwara (SC) ,Mukerian , Dasuya ,Urmar ,Sham Chaurasi (SC) ,Hoshiarpur ,Chabbewal (SC)
6 Anandpur Sahib None Garhshankar ,Banga (SC) ,Nawan Shahr ,Balachaur , Anandpur Sahib ,Rupnagar ,Chamkaur Sahib (SC) ,Kharar ,S.A.S. Nagar
7 Ludhiana None Ludhiana East ,Ludhiana South ,Atam Nagar ,Ludhiana Central , Ludhiana West ,Ludhiana North , Gill (SC) ,Dakha ,Jagraon (SC)
8 Fatehgarh Sahib SC Bassi Pathana (SC) ,Fatehgarh Sahib ,Amloh ,Khanna , Samrala ,Sahnewal ,Payal (SC) ,Raikot (SC) ,Amargarh
9 Faridkot SC Nihal Singhwala (SC) ,Bhagha Purana ,Moga ,Dharamkot , Giddarbaha ,Faridkot ,Kotkapura ,Jaitu (SC) ,Rampura Phul
10 Firozpur None Firozpur City ,Firozpur Rural (SC) ,Guru Har Sahai ,Jalalabad , Fazilka ,Abohar ,Balluana (SC) ,Malout (SC) ,Muktsar
11 Bathinda None Lambi ,Bhucho Mandi (SC) ,Bathinda Urban ,Bathinda Rural (SC) , Talwandi Sabo ,Maur ,Mansa ,Sardulgarh ,Budhlada (SC)
12 Sangrur None Lehra ,Dirba (SC) ,Sunam ,Bhadaur (SC) ,Barnala ,Mehal Kalan (SC) , Malerkotla ,Dhuri ,Sangrur
13 Patiala None Nabha (SC) ,Patiala Rural ,Rajpura ,Dera Bassi ,Ghanaur ,Sanour , Patiala ,Samana ,Shutrana (SC)
1 Ganganagar SC Sadulshahr ,Ganganagar ,Karanpur ,Suratgarh ,Raisingh Nagar (SC) , Sangaria ,Hanumangarh ,Pilibanga (SC)
2 Bikaner SC Anupgarh (SC) ,Khajuwala (SC) ,Bikaner West ,Bikaner East ,Kolayat , Lunkaransar ,Dungargarh ,Nokha
3 Churu None Nohar ,Bhadra ,Sadulpur ,Taranagar ,Sardarshahr ,Churu ,Ratangarh , Sujangarh (SC)
4 Jhunjhunu None Pilani (SC) ,Surajgarh ,Jhunjhunu ,Mandawa ,Nawalgarh ,Udaipurwati , Khetri ,Fatehpur
5 Sikar None Lachchmangarh ,Dhod (SC) ,Sikar ,Danta Ramgarh ,Khandela , Neem ka Thana ,Sri Madhopur ,Chomu
6 Jaipur Rural None Kotputli ,Viratnagar ,Shahpura ,Phulera ,Jhotwara ,Amber , Jamwa,Ramgarh (ST) ,Bansur
7 Jaipur None Hawa Mahal ,Vidhyadhar Nagar ,Civil Lines ,Kishan Pole , Adarsh Nagar ,Malviya Nagar ,Sanganer ,Bagru (SC)
8 Alwar None Tijara ,Kishangarh Bas ,Mundawar ,Behror ,Alwar Rural , Alwar Urban ,Ramgarh ,Rajgarh Laxmangarh (ST)
9 Bharatpur SC Kathuman (SC) ,Kaman ,Nagar ,Deeg Kumher ,Bharatpur , Nadbai ,Weir (SC) ,Bayana (SC)
10 Karauli-Dholpur SC Baseri ,Bari ,Dholpur ,Rajakhera ,Todabhim (ST) ,Hindaun (SC) , Karauli ,Sapotra (ST)
11 Dausa None Bassi (ST) ,Chaksu (SC) ,Thanagazi ,Bandikui ,Mahuwa ,Sikrai (SC) , Dausa ,Lalsot (ST)
12 Tonk-Sawai Madhopur None Gangapur ,Bamanwas (ST) ,Sawai Madhopur ,Khandar (SC) ,Malpura , Niwai (SC) ,Tonk ,Deoli,Uniara
13 Ajmer None Dudu (SC) ,Kishangarh ,Pushkar ,Ajmer North ,Ajmer South (SC) , Nasirabad. ,Masuda ,Kekri
14 Nagaur None Ladnun ,Deedwana ,Jayal (SC) ,Nagaur ,Khinwsar ,Makrana ,Parbatsar , Nawan
15 Pali None Sojat (Sc) ,Pali ,Marwar Junction ,Bali ,Sumerpur ,Osian ,Bhopalgarh (SC) , Bilara (SC)
16 Jodhpur None Phalodi ,Lohawat ,Shergarh ,Sardarpura ,Jodhpur , Soorsagar ,Luni ,Pokaran
17 Barmer None Jaisalmer ,Sheo ,Barmer ,Baytoo ,Pachpadra ,Siwana ,Gudahmalani , Chohtan (SC)
18 Jalore None Ahore ,Jalore (SC) ,Bhinmal ,Sanchore ,Raniwara ,Sirohi , Pindwara,Abu ,Reodar (SC)
19 Udaipur ST Gogunda (ST) ,Jhadol (ST) ,Kherwara (ST) ,Udaipur Rural (ST) , Udaipur ,Salumber (ST) ,Dhariawad (ST) ,Aspur (ST)
20 Banswara ST Dungarpur (ST) ,Sagwara (ST) ,Chorasi (ST) ,Ghatol (ST) , Garhi (ST) ,Banswara (ST) ,Bagidora (ST) ,Kushalgarh (ST)
21 Chittorgarh None Mavli ,Vallabh Nagar ,Kapasan (SC) ,Begun ,Chittorgarh , Nimbahera ,Bari Sadri ,Pratapgarh (ST)
22 Rajsamand None Beawar ,Merta (SC) ,Degana ,jaitaran ,Bhim ,Kumbalgarh , Rajsamand ,Nathdwara
23 Bhilwara None Asind ,Mandal ,Sahara ,Bhilwara ,Shahpura (SC) ,Jahazpur ,Mandalgarh ,Hindoli
24 Kota None Keshoraipatan (SC) ,Bundi ,Pipalda ,Sangod ,Kota North , Kota South ,Ladpura ,Ramgarh Mandi
25 Jhalawar-Baran None Anta ,Kishanganj (ST) ,Baran,Atru ,Chhabra ,Dag (SC) , Jhalrapatan ,Khanpur ,Manohar Thana
1 Sikkim None
Tamil Nadu 
1 Thiruvallur SC Gummidipundi , Ponneri (SC) ,Thiruvallur , Poonamallee (SC) , Avadi, Madavaram
2 Chennai North None Thiruvottiyur , Dr.Radhakrishnan Nagar ,Perambur , Kolathur ,Thiru. Vi. Ka. Nagar (SC), Royapuram
3 Chennai South None Virugambakkam , Saidapet , T. Nagar , Mylapore , Velachery ,Sholinganallur
4 Chennai Central None Villivakkam , Egmore (SC) , Harbour , Chepauk,Thiruvallikeni , Thousand Lights , Anna Nagar
5 Sriperumbudur None Maduravoyal , Ambattur , Alandur , Sriperumbudur (SC) ,Pallavaram , Tambaram
6 Kancheepuram SC Chengalpattu , Thiruporur , Cheyyur (SC) , Madurantakam (SC), Uthiramerur , Kancheepuram
7 Arakkonam None Tiruttani , Arakkonam (SC) , Sholingur , Katpadi , Ranipet ,Arcot
8 Vellore None Vellore , Anaikattu , K. V. Kuppam (SC) , Gudiyattam (SC) , Vaniyambadi , Ambur
9 Krishnagiri None Uthangarai (SC) , Bargur , Krishnagiri , Veppanahalli , Hosur ,Thalli
10 Dharmapuri None Palacodu , Pennagaram , Dharmapuri , Pappireddippatti , Harur (SC) , Mettur
11 Tiruvannamalai None Jolarpet , Tirupattur , Chengam (SC) , Tiruvannamalai , Kilpennathur , Kalasapakkam
12 Arani None Polur , Arani , Cheyyar , Vandavasi (SC) , Gingee , Mailam
13 Villupuram SC Tindivanam (SC) , Vanur (SC) , Villupuram , Vikravandi , Tirukkoyilur , Ulundurpettai
14 Kallakurichi None Rishivandiyam , Sankarapuram , Kallakurichi (SC) , Gangavalli (SC) , Attur (SC) , Yercaud (ST)
15 Salem None Omalur , Edappadi , Salem (West) , Salem (North) , Salem (South) , Veerapandi
16 Namakkal None Sankari , Rasipuram (SC) , Senthamangalam (ST) , Namakkal ,Paramathi Velur , Tiruchengodu
17 Erode None Kumarapalayam , Erode (East) , Erode (West) , Modakkurichi, Dharapuram (SC) , Kangayam
18 Tiruppur None Perundurai , Bhavani , Anthiyur , Gobichettipalayam , Tiruppur (North) ,Tiruppur (South)
19 Nilgiris SC Bhavanisagar (SC) , Udhagamandalam , Gudalur (SC) ,Coonoor , Mettuppalayam, Avanashi (SC)
20 Coimbatore None Palladam , Sulur , Kavundampalayam , Coimbatore (North), Coimbatore (South), Singanallur
21 Pollachi None Thondamuthur , Kinathukadavu , Pollachi , Valparai (SC) , Udumalpet ,Madathukulam
22 Dindigul None Palani , Oddanchatram , Athoor , Nilakkottai (SC) ,Natham , Dindigul
23 Karur None Vedasandur , Aravakurichi , Karur , Krishnarayapuram (SC), Manapaarai , Viralimalai
24 Tiruchirappalli None Srirangam , Tiruchirappalli (West) , Tiruchirappalli (East) ,Thiruverumbur , Gandharvakottai (SC) , Pudukkottai
25 Perambalur None Kulithalai , Lalgudi , Manachanallur , Musiri , Thuraiyur (SC) , Perambalur (SC)
26 Cuddalore None Tittakudi (SC) , Vriddhachalam , Neyveli , Panruti ,Cuddalore , Kurinjipadi
27 Chidambaram SC Kunnam , Ariyalur , Jayankondam , Bhuvanagiri , Chidambaram , Kattumannarkoil (SC)
28 Mayiladuturai None Sirkazhi (SC) , Mayiladuthurai , Poompuhar ,Thiruvidaimarudur (SC) , Kumbakonam, Papanasam
29 Nagapattinam SC Nagapattinam , Kilvelur (SC) , Vedaranyam , Thiruthuraipoondi (SC) , Thiruvarur , Nannilam
30 Thanjavur None Mannargudi , Thiruvaiyaru , Thanjavur , Orathanadu , Pattukkottai , Peravurani
31 Sivaganga None Thirumayam , Alangudi , Karaikudi , Tiruppattur ,Sivaganga , Manamadurai (SC)
32 Madurai None Melur , Madurai East , Madurai North , Madurai South , Madurai Central , Madurai West
33 Theni None Sholavandan(SC) , Usilampatti , Andipatti, Periyakulam (SC), Bodinayakanur , Cumbum
34 Virudhunagar None Thiruparankundram , Thirumangalam , Sattur , Sivakasi , Virudhunagar ,Aruppukkottai
35 Ramanathapuram None Aranthangi , Tiruchuli , Paramakudi (SC) , Tiruvadanai ,Ramanathapuram , Mudhukulathur
36 Thoothukudi None Vilathikulam , Thoothukkudi , Tiruchendur , Srivaikuntam , Ottapidaram (SC) ,Kovilpatti
37 Tenkasi SC Rajapalayam , Srivilliputhur (SC) , Sankarankovil (SC) , Vasudevanallur (SC) , Kadayanallur , Tenkasi
38 Tirunelveli None Alangulam , Tirunelveli , Ambasamudram , Palayamkottai, Nanguneri , Radhapuram
39 Kanyakumari None Kanyakumari , Nagercoil , Colachel , Padmanabhapuram , Vilavancode , Killiyoor
1 Tripura West None
2 Tripura East ST
Uttar Pradesh
1 Saharanpur None Behat, Nakur, Saharanpur Nagar, Saharanpur, Deoband, Rampur Maniharan (SC)
2 Kairana None Gangoh, Kairana, Thana Bhawan, Shamli
3 Muzaffarnagar None Budhana, Charthawal, Muzaffar Nagar, Khatauli, Sardhana
4 Bijnor None Purqazi (SC), Meerapur, Bijnor, Chandpur, Hastinapur (SC)
5 Nagina SC Najibabad, Nagina (SC), Dhampur , Nehtaur (SC), Noorpur
6 Moradabad None Barhapur, Kanth, Thakurdwara, Moradabad Rural, Moradabad Nagar,
7 Rampur None Suar, Chamraua, Bilaspur, Rampur, Milak (SC)
8 Sambhal None Kundarki, Bilari , Chandausi (SC), Asmoli, Sambhal
9 Amroha None Dhanaura (SC), Naugawan Sadat , Amroha, Hasanpur, Garhmukteshwar
10 Meerut None Kithore, Meerut Cantonment, Meerut, Meerut South, Hapur (SC)
11 Baghpat None Siwalkhas, Chhaprauli , Baraut, Baghpat, Modi Nagar
12 Ghaziabad None Loni, Muradnagar, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Dhaulana
13 Gautam Buddha Nagar None Noida, Dadri, Jewar, Sikandrabad, Khurja (SC)
14 Bulandshahr SC Bulandshahr, Syana, Anupshahr, Debai, Shikarpur
15 Aligarh None Khair (SC), Barauli , Atrauli, Koil, Aligarh
16 Hathras SC Chharra, Iglas (SC), Hathras (SC), Sadabad, Sikandra Rao
17 Mathura None Chhata, Mant, Goverdhan, Mathura, Baldev (SC)
18 Agra SC Etmadpur, Agra Cantonment (SC), Agra South, Agra North, Jalesar (SC)
19 Fatehpur Sikri None Agra Rural (SC) , Fatehpur Sikri, Kheragarh, Fatehabad, Bah
20 Firozabad None Tundla (SC), Jasrana, Firozabad, Shikohabad, Sirsaganj
21 Mainpuri None Mainpuri, Bhongaon, Kishni (SC), Karhal, Jaswantnagar
22 Etah None Kasganj , Amanpur, Patiyali, Etah, Marhara
23 Badaun None Gunnaur, Bisauli (SC), Sahaswan, Bilsi, Badaun
24 Aonla None Shekhupur, Dataganj, Faridpur (SC), Bithari Chainpur, Aonla
25 Bareilly None Meerganj, Bhojipura , Nawabganj, Bareilly, Bareilly Cantonment
26 Pilibhit None Baheri, Pilibhit, Barkhera, Puranpur (SC), Bisalpur
27 Shahjahanpur SC Katra, Jalalabad, Tilhar, Powayan (SC), Shahjahanpur, Dadraul
28 Kheri None Palia, Nighasan, Gola Gokrannath, Sri Nagar (SC), Lakhimpur
29 Dhaurahra None Dhaurahra, Kasta (SC), Mohammdi, Maholi, Hargaon (SC)
30 Sitapur None Sitapur, Laharpur, Biswan, Sevata , Mahmoodabad
31 Hardoi SC Sawayazpur, Shahabad, Hardoi, Gopamau (SC), Sandi (SC)
32 Misrikh SC Misrikh (SC), Bilgram,Mallanwan, Balamau (SC) , Sandila, Bilhaur (SC)
33 Unnao None Bangermau, Safipur (SC), Mohan (SC), Unnao, Bhagwantnagar, Purwa
34 Mohanlalganj SC Sidhauli (SC), Malihabad (SC), Bakshi Kaa Talab, Sarojini Nagar, Mohanlalganj (SC)
35 Lucknow None Lucknow West, Lucknow North, Lucknow East, Lucknow Central, Lucknow Cantonment
36 Rae Bareli None Bachhrawan (SC), Harchandpur, Rae Bareli, Sareni, Unchahar
37 Amethi None Tiloi , Salon (SC), Jagdishpur (SC), Gauriganj, Amethi
38 Sultanpur None Isauli, Sultanpur, Sadar, Lambhua , Kadipur (SC)
39 Pratapgarh None Rampur Khas, Vishwanath Ganj, Pratapgarh, Patti, Raniganj
40 Farrukhabad None Aliganj, Kaimganj (SC), Amritpur, Farrukhabad, Bhojpur
41 Etawah SC Etawah , Bharthana (SC), Dibiyapur, Auraiya (SC), Sikandra
42 Kannauj None Chhibramau, Tirwa, Kannauj (SC), Bidhuna, Rasulabad (SC)
43 Kanpur Urban None Govind Nagar , Sishamau , Arya Nagar ,Kidwai Nagar , Kanpur Cantonment
44 Kanpur Rural None Akbarpur,Raniya, Bithoor , Kalyanpur , Maharajpur , Ghatampur (SC).
45 Jalaun SC Bhognipur, Madhaugarh, Kalpi , Orai (SC), Erich Garautha
46 Jhansi None Babina, Jhansi Nagar, Mauranipur (SC), Lalitpur, Mehroni (SC)
47 Hamirpur None Hamirpur, Rath (SC), Mahoba , Charkhari, Tindwari
48 Banda None Baberu, Naraini (SC), Banda, Chitrakoot, Manikpur
49 Fatehpur None Jahanabad, Bindki, Fatehpur , Ayah Shah, Husainganj, Khaga (SC)
50 Kaushambi SC Babaganj (SC), Kunda , Sirathu, Manjhanpur (SC), Chail
51 Phulpur None Phaphamau, Soraon (SC), Phulpur , Allahabad West, Allahabad North
52 Allahabad None Meja, Karachhana, Allahabad South, Bara (SC), Koraon (SC)
53 Barabanki SC Kursi, Ram Nagar, Barabanki, Zaidpur (SC), Haidergarh (SC)
54 Faizabad None Dariyabad , Rudauli, Milkipur (SC), Bikapur, Ayodhya
55 Ambedkar Nagar None Goshainganj, Katehari, Tanda, Jalalpur , Akbarpur
56 Bahraich SC Balha (SC), Nanpara, Matera, Mahasi, Bahraich
57 Kaiserganj None Payagpur, Kaiserganj, Katra Bazar, Colonelganj, Tarabganj
58 Shrawasti None Bhinga, Shrawasti , Tulsipur, Gainsari, Balrampur (SC)
59 Gonda None Utraula, Mehnaun, Gonda, Mankapur (SC) , Gaura
60 Domariyaganj None Shohratgarh, Kapilvastu (SC), Bansi, Itwa, Domariyaganj
61 Basti None Harraiya, Kaptanganj, Rudhauli, Basti Sadar , Mahadewa (SC)
62 Sant Kabir Nagar None Alapur (SC), Menhdawal, Khalilabad, Dhanghata (SC), Khajani (SC)
63 Maharajganj None Pharenda, Nautanwa, Siswa, Maharajganj (SC), Paniyara
64 Gorakhpur None Caimpiyarganj , Pipraich, Gorakhpur Urban, Gorakhpur Rural, Sahajanwa
65 Kushi Nagar None Khadda, Padrauna, Kushinagar, Hata, Ramkola (SC)
66 Deoria None Tamkuhi Raj, Fazilnagar, Deoria, Pathardeva, Rampur Karkhana
67 Bansgaon SC Chauri,Chaura, Bansgaon (SC), Chillupar, Rudrapur, Barhaj
68 Lalganj SC Atrauliya, Nizamabad, Phoolpur,Pawai, Didarganj , Lalganj (SC)
69 Azamgarh None Gopalpur, Sagri, Mubarakpur, Azamgarh, Mehnagar (SC)
70 Ghosi None Madhuban, Ghosi, Muhammadabad,Gohna (SC), Mau, Rasara
71 Salempur None Bhatpar Rani , Salempur (SC), Belthara Road (SC), Sikanderpur, Bansdih
72 Ballia None Phephana , Ballia Nagar, Bairia, Zahoorabad, Mohammadabad
73 Jaunpur None Badlapur, Shahganj, Jaunpur, Malhani, Mungra Badshahpur
74 Machhlishahr SC Machhlishahr (SC), Mariyahu , Zafrabad, Kerakat (SC), Pindra
75 Ghazipur None Jakhania (SC), Saidpur (SC), Ghazipur, Jangipur, Zamania
76 Chandauli None Mughalsarai , Sakaldiha, Saiyadraja, Ajagara (SC), Shivpur
77 Varanasi None Rohaniya, Varanasi North, Varanasi South, Varanasi Cantonment ,Sevapuri
78 Bhadohi None Pratappur, Handia, Bhadohi, Gyanpur, Aurai (SC)
79 Mirzapur None Chhanbey (SC), Mirzapur, Majhawan, Chunar, Marihan
80 Robertsganj SC Chakia (SC), Ghorawal , Robertsganj, Obra, Duddhi (SC)
1 Tehri Garhwal None Purola, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Ghanshali, Pratapnagar, Tehri, Dhanaulti, Chakrata, Vikasnagar, Sahaspur , Raipur, Rajpur, Dehradun Cantt, Mussoorie
2 Garhwal None Badrinath, Tharali, Karnaprayag, Kedarnath, Rudraprayag, Devprayag , Narendranagar, Yamkeshwar, Pauri, Srinagar, Chaubattakhal, Lansdowne , Kotdwar , Ramnagar
3 Almora SC Dharchula, Didihat, Pithoragarh, Gangolihat, Kapkot, Bageshwar, Dwarahat, Salt, Ranikhet , Someshwar, Almora, Jageshwar, Lohaghat, Champawat
4 Nainital-Udhamsingh Nagar None Lalkuan, Bhimtal, Nainital, Haldwani, Kaladhungi, Jaspur, Kashipur, Bazpur, Gadarpur , Rudrapur, Kichha, Sitarganj, Nanak Matta, Khatima
5 Haridwar None Roorkee, Manglaur, Piran Kaliyar, Khanpur, Laksar, Bhagwanpur (SC), Jhabrera (SC) , BHEL Ranipur, Jwalapur (SC), Haridwar, Haridwar Rural, Dharampur, Doiwala, Rishikesh
West Bengal
1 Cooch Behar SC Mathabhanga (SC), Cooch Behar North (SC), Cooch Behar South, Sitalkuchu (SC), Sitai (SC), Dinhata , Natabari
2 Alipurduars ST Tufanganj, Kumargram (ST) , Kalchini (ST), Alipurduars, Falakata (SC), Madarihat (ST) , Nagrakata (ST)
3 Jalpaiguri SC Mekliganj (SC), Dhupguri (SC), Maynaguri (SC), Jalpaiguri (SC), Rajganj (SC), Dabgram,Phulbari , Mal (ST)
4 Darjeeling None Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Kurseong, Matigara,Naxalbari (SC), Siliguri, Phansidewa (ST), Chopra
5 Raiganj None Islampur, Goalpokhar , Chakulia, Karandighi, Hemtabad (SC), Kaliaganj (SC), Raiganj
6 Balurghat None Itahar, Kushmandi (SC), Kumarganj, Balurghat, Tapan (ST) , Gangarampur (SC), Harirampur
7 Maldaha Uttar None Habibpur (ST), Gazole (SC), Chanchal,Harischandrapur, Malatipur, Ratua, Maldaha (SC)
8 Maldaha Dakshin None Manikchak , English Bazar, Mothabari, Sujapur, Baisnabnagar, Farakka, Samserganj
9 Jangipur None Suti, Jangipur, Raghunathganj, Sagardighi , Lalgola, Nabagram (SC), Khargram (SC)
10 Baharampur None Burwan (SC), Kandi, Bharatpur  Rejinagar  Beldanga, Baharampur, Naoda
11 Murshidabad None Bhagabangola, Raninagar, Murshidabad, Hariharpara, Domkal, Jalangi, Karimpur
12 Krishnanagar None Tehatta  Palashipara, Kaliganj , Nakashipara, Chapra, Krishnanagar North, Nabadwip
13 Ranaghat SC Krishnanagar South, Santipur, Ranaghat North West, Krishnaganj (SC), Ranaghat North East (SC) , Ranaghat South (SC) , Chakdaha
14 Bangaon SC Kalyani (SC), Haringhata (SC)  Bagda (SC), Bangaon North (SC), Bangaon South (SC) , Gaighata (SC), Swarupnagar (SC)
15 Barrackpur None Amdanga, Bijpur, Naihati, Bhatpara, Jagatdal, Noapara, Barrackpur
16 Dum Dum None Khardaha, Dum Dum North , Panihati, Kamarhati, Baranagar, Dum Dum , Rajarhat Gopalpur
17 Barasat None Habra , Ashoknagar, Rajarhat New Town, Bidhannagar, Madhyamgram, Barasat , Deganga
18 Basirhat None Baduria , Haroa, Minakhan (SC), Sandeshkhali (ST), Basirhat South, Basirhat North , Hingalganj (SC)
19 Jaynagar SC Gosaba (SC), Basanti (SC), Kultali (SC), Jaynagar (SC), Canning Paschim (SC) , Canning Purba , Magrahat Purba (SC)
20 Mathurapur SC Patharpratima , Kakdwip, Sagar, Kulpi, Raidighi, Mandirbazar (SC), Magrahat West
21 Diamond Harbour None Diamond Harbour, Falta, Satgachhia, Bishnupur (SC), Maheshtala, Budge Budge , Metiaburuz
22 Jadavpur None Baruipur East (SC), Baruipur West, Sonarpur South, Bhangar, Jadavpur , Sonarpur North , Tollyganj
23 Kolkata Dakshin None Kasba, Behala East, Behala West,Kolkata Port, Bhabanipur, Rashbehari , Ballygunge
24 Kolkata Uttar None Chowrangee, Entally, Beleghata, Jorasanko, Shyampukur, Maniktala , Kashipur,Belgachhia
25 Howrah None Bally, Howrah North , Howrah Central, Shibpur, Howrah South, Sankrail (SC), Panchla
26 Uluberia None Uluberia East, Uluberia North (SC), Uluberia South, Shyampur, Bagnan , Amta , Udaynarayanpur
27 Sreerampur None Jagatballavpur, Domjur, Uttarpara, Sreerampur, Champdani, Chanditala, Jangipara
28 Hooghly None Singur, Chandannagar, Chunchura , Balagarh (SC), Pandua, Saptagram , Dhanekhali (SC)
29 Arambag SC Haripal, Tarakeswar  Pursurah  Arambag (SC) Goghat (SC)  Khanakul , Chandrakona (SC)
30 Tamluk None Tamluk, Panskura East, Moyna, Nandakumar, Mahisadal, Haldia (SC), Nandigram
31 Kanthi None Chandipur, Patashpur, Kanthi North, Bhagabanpur, Khejuri (SC), Kanthi South , Ramnagar
32 Ghatal None Panskura West, Sabang, Pingla, Debra, Daspur , Ghatal (SC), Keshpur (SC)
33 Jhargram ST Nayagram (ST) , Gopiballavpur, Jhargram, Garbeta  Salboni, Binpur (ST) , Bandwan (ST)
34 Medinipur None Egra, Dantan, Keshiary (ST), Kharagpur Sadar, Narayangarh, Kharagpur, Medinipur
35 Purulia None Balarampur, Baghmundi , Joypur, Purulia, Manbazar (ST), Kashipur, Para (SC)
36 Bankura None Raghunathpur (SC), Saltora (SC), Chhatna, Ranibandh (ST),, Raipur (ST) , Taldangra  Bankura
37 Bishnupur SC Barjora, Onda, Bishnupur, Katulpur (SC), Indus (SC), Sonamukhi (SC) , Khandaghosh (SC)
38 Bardhaman Purba SC Raina (SC), Jamalpur (SC), Kalna (SC), Memari, Purbasthali South, Purbasthali North , Katwa
39 Bardhaman-Durgapur None Bardhaman South  Monteswar, Bardhaman North (SC), Bhatar, Galsi (SC), Durgapur East , Durgapur West
40 Asansol None Pandabeswar, Raniganj, Jamuria, Asansol South , Asansol North, Kulti, Barabani
41 Bolpur SC Ketugram, Mangalkot, Ausgram (SC), Bolpur, Nanoor (SC), Labpur, Mayureswar
42 Birbhum None Dubrajpur (SC), Suri, Sainthia (SC) , Rampurhat, Hansan, Nalhati, Murarai
Constituencies by Union Territory
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands None None
1 Chandigarh None None
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
1 Dadra and Nagar Haveli None None
Daman and Diu
1 Daman and Diu None None
1 Lakshadweep ST None
NCT of Delhi
1 Chandni Chowk None Adarsh Nagar , Shalimar Bagh , Shakur Basti , Tri Nagar , Wazirpur , Model Town , Sadar Bazar , Chandni Chowk , Matia Mahal , Ballimaran
2 North East Delhi None Burari , Timarpur , Seemapuri , Rohtas Nagar , Seelampur ,Ghonda , Babarpur, Gokalpur , Mustafabad , Karawal Nagar
3 East Delhi None Jangpura , Okhla , Trilokpuri , Kondli , Patparganj , Laxmi Nagar , Vishwas Nagar , Krishna Nagar , Gandhi Nagar , Shahdara
4 New Delhi None Karol Bagh , Patel Nagar , Moti Nagar , Delhi Cantt , Rajinder Nagar , New Delhi , Kasturba Nagar , Malviya Nagar , R K Puram , Greater Kailash
5 North West Delhi SC Narela , Badli , Rithala , Bawana , Mundka , Kirari , Sultan Pur Majra, Nangloi Jat , Mangol Puri , Rohini
6 West Delhi None Madipur , Rajouri Garden , Hari Nagar , Tilak Nagar , Janakpuri, Vikaspuri , Uttam Nagar , Dwarka , Matiala , Najafgarh
7 South Delhi None Bijwasan , Palam , Mehrauli , Chhatarpur , Deoli , Ambedkar Nagar , Sangam Vihar , Kalkaji , Tughlakabad , Badarpur
1 Puducherry None

Documentary : Scenic Routes Around the World – Asia – India

Trek through India’s Route of the Gods, a journey that transcends dreams and imagination. Start in Leh and end in Benares in the valley of the Ganges, crossing the Himalayas at over 16,000 feet. Along the way, you’ll meet the epic characters that define this remarkable country.

Courtesy and Source : YouTube and Questar Entertainment