Story : The Serial Pisser

Once upon a time in China, not so long ago, just a few years back there lived a street dog called "Serial Pisser". Doors, street posts, legs, kids, plants, flowers... the list has no exceptions, the dog thought it could piss everywhere and anywhere. Some wise people ignored it, feeling pity because it was after... Continue Reading →

Know : A Big List of Animal Sounds

Here is a big list of how we call the sounds of Animals in English. If you want to know how they call the sounds in any other language, please use this useful website What is Called Alligators hiss, grunt, roar, quak, Antelopes snort, Anteaters hrow, Badgers growl, Bats screech, Bears growl, groan, moan, roar, Bees... Continue Reading →

Some genius brain thought this brilliant stuff. Wonder why they left that DVD player! 😀 🙂 (Credit : Found on Facebook)   MORE laughing stuff here >>>

Story :) Oppan Gangnam Style

Laila was so nervous and tensed about her first appearance on TV as a news reporter. There goes the count, 3, 2, Go... "Good evening this is Laila..." Oppan Gangnam Style... Eh... Sexy Lady.. Op.. Op.. Op.. Oppan Gangnam style... The entire crew burst into laughter. 🙂 "Oh.. Crap, they turned this into a blooper!... Continue Reading →

Try not to laugh #7 :) Babies taste Lemon – The First time

Caution : You are about to laugh rolling on the floor now. Get ready, Go... 🙂 😀   You may also like these Try not to laugh #6 🙂 Difference between Normal English and GRE English Try not to Laugh 🙂 #4 Teach the Young About Stairs Try not to Laugh 🙂 #3 Try this with your friends

Almost all general elections seems like an April 1st and after results somebody gonna ROFL at us "April Foooollss".  -Words by Din

Well, this is applicable for India.. What, about your country? 🙂

Know : Dog Chews Aston Martin Car :)

A Costly Joke to smile, well what else can be done? 😉 A car buff came home to find his prized motor looking like a dog's dinner after his pet pooch chewed through the £80,000 Aston Martin. Luce, a four-year-old border collie spaniel cross, waited until builder Royston Grimstead had left for work before she... Continue Reading →

Rules for Being Amazing : Robin Sharma

Risk more than is required Learn more than is normal Be strong Show Courage Breathe Excel Love Lead Speak your truth Live your values Laugh Cry Innovate Simplify Adore mastery Release mediocrity Aim for genius Stay Humble Be kinder than expected Deliver more than is needed Exude passion Shatter your limits

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