Powerful Quote #136 : April 1 – Election Days

Election April 1Almost all general elections seems like an April 1st and after results somebody gonna ROFL at us “April Foooollss“. 

-Words by Din

Powerful Quote #78 : Honesty

In a dishonest world, your honesty is always put under pressure.

Liars may be upstaged, be ready to face any challenge,

but never give up your honesty,

In fact you are one among a few original souls left on earth.

Just wait till dishonesty kills dishonesty.

– Words by Din


Story : Man Visits Hell! :)

A good man got a boon from god that he wanted to visit hell once.

God has taken him to hell. He has seen a lot of clocks there on display. Astonished the man asked  “What are these clocks for?”. God said “these are timers which rotates proportional to the lies you tell on the Earth”

“Why that clock was not rotating?” asked the man. God said “It belongs to a nobleman who never tells a lie, so it’s not moving” 

The man got curious and asked “where are the clocks of our politicians?, I want to see them!” 

God said “Just look above, we are using them instead of fans”, pointed towards the roof 😛


Courtesy : Facebook