Story : On time – An Employee’s relinquishment

“What happened Peter?, will it take more time?”

“Karan, seems I need a mechanic to fix it!”

“Ok, let’s do something I catch up an auto, you arrange a mechanic. I have to be there on time”

“Hmm.. Sounds better, you go fast the meeting will commence in another 30 mins, I will handle this. You must be there”

“Auto!” one arrived at his service immediately. “Go to Crescent IT park”

He heaved “What a day! Breakdown, when there is no traffic jam!” he thought.

Vehicles moved a little faster than usual. He hoped to make it on time.

“Excuse me, sir!” the auto driver slowed down to the left.

“What happened?, you too don’t say a break down story again” Karan felt panic about the meeting, he must be there on time to give the presentation.

The auto has stopped, the driver stepped out with his water bottle and sipped some water.

“It’s getting late?” Karan chafed.

“Sorry, Please get another auto sir!” the driver fought for breath.

“What? Crazy man! Why the hell, then you…!” Karan, not much interested to argue with him and got out of the auto and his mobile was ringing.

Karan answered “Yes, Sir, I am on the way… I will make it on time… Actually the car broke down. Not a problem sir, Thank you, no need to send any car, Yes sir, I’ll be there. See you there”.

Karan glared the auto driver and walked a couple of feet. “Auto!” he called up for another one and there was no scarcity of autos in the city.

“Crescent Towers.” he was about to get in. He wanted to give an ultimate accusing look at the previous driver and looked at his direction.

“My God!” Karan’s anger crumbled to see that auto driver collapsed on the roadside. With no delay, he jumped out of that auto and rushed to him. Blood was oozing out of his nose and he seemed unconscious. He called out the other auto driver to help moving him inside the auto.

“Go to the nearest hospital!” he urged the auto driver.  The fierce auto was chasing the other vehicles; towards the hospital.

“Sorry sir, I cannot make it, please send the car to Peter and he can handle the presentation. I explain everything later, sir!” Karan spoke out “NO” to his boss for the first time and he made it to the Hospital on time.

– DinIndian tuk-tuk running on compressed natural gas


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Words by Din