Squirrels are part of our family, everyday morning 6 AM, come and scratch the back door for breakfast. Usually some rice or fruits would go. Just two hands full grain would be shared among 8-10 squirrels and by 7 AM Jungle Babblers will join them and they demand their hand full of Rice again. If... Continue Reading →

Glimpse of My Flashback

Everything starts with a question in life. It is a continuous quizzing and answering of minds paved ways to all the evolution and progressions happened till date in the world. Everything has a purpose and everyone has a purpose. All the time the pursuit of those purposes happening around us, known or unknown, but it’s... Continue Reading →

Chirrups of Birds : Wish our kids hear tomorrow

Image Courtesy & Copyrights : To the respective photographers  Chirrups of Birds Intrudes my sleep Sun just has woken up Beams’ passing through the leave slits   Every day begins with same chirps Tunes never got old. Brings chicks outta nest Makes Tweedles and Twiddles for food   Mom offer rice some days Some other... Continue Reading →

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