Culture viewed in Universal Perspective

Being modern or traditional in the culture is decided within one's own mind. Rest all is just opinions and illusions. The roots of culture and traditions goes back to the history of evolution. The entire transition of humanity from a mere animal to critical thinking brains as we are today, is because of living practices... Continue Reading →

Something beautiful…

"That's it! Today I am gonna tell him/her" a self talk. "I love you too" after your proposal. "I have a good news for you" a newly wed wife. "Congrats! Both mother and child are good, now you can see them" "Yawaa oyiueoa kuaeahayo" some indistinct language First time listening "Maa (mother) Paa (father)" "I... Continue Reading →

Skins shrank,  Hands trembles, Speaks indistinctly...   Yet   You are lucky if you have him  to say “You are beautiful” You are lucky if you have her to say “You are handsome”   Life is a boon! If you have already Found each other. -Words by Din ____

Hard Truth You May Deny about Love

  Either you go without commitment or full commitment. Any love / marriage relationship entered with a thinking of break up / divorce as a future option; Is as equivalent to a cheap fake illicit affair.   It never sustains the inevitable thick and thin of life. Love is beautiful, only few minds are ugly.... Continue Reading →

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