Culture viewed in Universal Perspective

Being modern or traditional in the culture is decided within one’s own mind. Rest all is just opinions and illusions.

IllusionThe roots of culture and traditions goes back to the history of evolution. The entire transition of humanity from a mere animal to critical thinking brains as we are today, is because of living practices we adapted from time to time.

Such living practices existed along with the ever passing time, we name them as cultures and traditions.

What is Modern for today will be tomorrow’s culture/taboo. Many of the yesterday’s cultures have become myth, superstitions and comedies. What we thought un-doable or unethical are taboos! At any given point of time, all these are mere perceptions either according to one person or a collective perspective of a society. Which is not created by the universe, but by our very own mankind.

We can understand this if we believe in a bigger fact called Universal Truth. More wider we think, magnify our thought-scale, more clearer we can see the big picture of human culture.

Different countries have different code of ethics and culture, the modernity levels vary according to their own scale. Take any example of your choice like marriage, drinking, beach culture, dining habits, dressing sense, work culture, politics, etc. You can see the difference and when we correlate it with the history, the truth will be exposed. Modernity varies and the conflicts between people for acceptance was always there! 

A simple process of one belief, seeking its approval from a majority of the people and it is attained either by will or driven by some forces like kings, wars, spiritualism, religion or fear of death, etc.

So this modernity is something which is highly unstable and temporary one. We cannot stop the change and cannot limit it to a particular direction. During the times of Sati and Wars to capture kingdoms, no one would have thought that culture will be replaced by Modern free lifestyles like Live-in relationships and Democracy, respectively. We didn’t know the same gods 1000s of years before! We do not know what gods we may worship after 1000 years from now! When we humans had discovered iron we cherished it in our culture, then we celebrated salt! Now we are going behind Gold, Money , etc. Wait for something to allure us in the future! 🙂

GreedThen what controls the Culture? or what controls the change? Would be a right way to ask this. The desire of human minds! As individuals we are constantly on a look out for something that keeps us in a comfort level. We humans never bend to the environment, instead we shape and alter the environment to suit our needs. Be it social environment or physical environment. We adapt actually by changing the culture (way of life) than changing ourselves in accordance with universal truth.

So are the problems and our constant wandering to find solutions for them. We are the creators!

One good thing is whatever we try, our human species cannot defy the universal truth and we are always under its terms and conditions. Like we cannot switch from inhaling oxygen to nitrogen or CO2. We cannot survive in a culture which exploits nature and other living beings to put us on top of the ladder.

You might feel this is more philosophical or spiritual way of looking things. Think again deep, it’s practical and psychological as well.

So it’s better to realize the change we can control when it comes to culture is totally limited only to our very own selves. We can control nothing beyond our nose, which all becomes external. Do not try to change the culture or the society, you can change yourself and influence it for a change you want! Culture keeps on changing.

ChangeEven that too will be a temporary one! So, take a back seat when it comes to culture and enjoy the ride as life brings with smile and acceptance. Do what is right for you within your own boundaries, when you include others into your wants, then you are obviously inviting their cultural acceptance or  a change, for your own wants! So from there onwards complexity begins! The old saying goes the same “What’s right for one may be wrong for another!”

Get along with people who are like minded and make life simple. Although ensure you are in sync with the universal truth, which provides you the message and hints towards the right path of life. Those hints are kindness, love, calmness, peace, compassion, simplicity, sustainability, happiness, letting go, etc. After all these thoughts too are my way of looking things, so the choice is yours. 🙂 Have a great time ahead.

- Din

Courtesy : This is my entry for the IndiSpire Prompt If you value your traditions and culture, you’re branded conservative. While modernity is judged by clothes rather than thoughts. What’s you take on this topic? posted by Gaurab

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Marriage vs Live-in : Marriage with Love Wins :)

How many of you have adored an ideal couple who stand by each other’s side always? Like in some poetic movies I have seen couples who are committed to each other with loads and loads of infinite love filled in their soul. Come whatever may they remain together till their end. Do you adore such love? I do. Hats off to you if you are such a couple. I am getting emotional. Sometimes my eyes will meet a few blissful tears of smile straight from my heart, to see a beautiful couple by soul.

“Be a Man. Don’t cry” (I can hear some voices) “You lack human traits if you can’t cry or understand the tears” – says psychologists. 🙂 😛 There are reasons behind every drop of tears. 🙂

There are two categories of people, one of which I would like to eliminate even from considering. The Category A-people; men or women, who choose this way of life “to fall in love and believe in living with one person as his/her soul mate throughout their life”.  The Category B-people; men and women, who choose another way of life “they call it free living, they never get committed, just flirt around with opposite gender when they need them and prefer to have many partners along the period of their life”. The Category-B is eliminated, we do not need to consider them, because marriage will not be an option in their books, even if they have, it is something I consider a stupidity.

A pic of a woman and her husband, a former Marine, has gone viral on social media. Kelly and Jesse Cottle were taking family photos on the beach when the photographer, Shutter Happy Photography, asked everyone to get in the water. Jesse, a double amputee, took off his prosthetic legs and hopped on Kelly's back so she could carry him. Jesse lost his legs in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. "It doesn't matter how heavy he is," Kelly said. "It just makes me thankful...that he is still here." Beautiful things in life can only be felt, can never be touched

A pic of a woman and her husband, a former Marine, has gone viral on social media. Kelly and Jesse Cottle were taking family photos on the beach when the photographer, Shutter Happy Photography, asked everyone to get in the water. Jesse, a double amputee, took off his prosthetic legs and hopped on Kelly’s back so she could carry him. Jesse lost his legs in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. “It doesn’t matter how heavy he is,” Kelly said. “It just makes me thankfulthat he is still here.” Beautiful things in life can only be felt, can never be touched

So we take people who want to live in a committed relationship. Marriages are facing challenges from live-in style. Debated. Think once, why people marry? I hit the nail on head – A way to let the world know that the couple are living together. This would be the prime reason I would say why marriage is must for a couple who choose to be soul mates. This is not like doing it for the world or to get their approval, it is for letting the world know that you are engaged in a beautiful journey together with a man or woman you love and telling them “Do not disturb us, No more proposals entertained! ” 🙂  Other than this all the reasons are add-ons.

So say bye bye to Live-in relationships which lacks commitment and comes with “Press Option A” to Breakup, “Press Option B” to Change the partner. Both options will ruin your life, without you realizing it. It may turn you as the rejected category-B, because of frustrations and failures in your relationships. Or you may end up hating life.

The essence of your relationship is not determined because of the Ring or Mangalya that you wear as Marital custom, it is in your each other’s soul. It is in love. It is not something about physically exchanged love, which will fade gradually as we grow older. It is not about bank balances, worst future can try to dazzle our life. It is not about happiness alone, time can bring sad moments too. It is all about that one word, “LOVE” which fills, binds and held your souls together.

So you may get the picture, it is about love which you should focus. Just two rules will conclude this

  1. Never enter into marriage when you can’t love the person truly from your heart. Let your marriage begin with your love for your soul mate.
  2. Never cheat or let down your soul mate who loves you truly, come whatever may be. Even if it is Death or a Good ending happy fairy tale, be with him/her and face it together.

Note : The song in this video is from a close to my heart Hindi Movie “Rab ne bana di jodi” the lyrics says it all what is needed.

Written for IndiSpire prompt Live-in or marriage? Which is the better option & why? by Garima Nag under Love & Relationships. Thanks for the entry Garima.

Husband / Wife – Love Test :) Pls Do Not Try this at Home!

couple and doggy

Who loves you more Your Spouse or Your Dog?

This is a simple test

1. Lock up Your Spouse in a room

2. Lock up Your Dog in another room

3. Go out for a movie and  Come back after three hours

4. Open the doors of both the rooms

5. Now you can find who shows affection and who barks at you! 🙂 😛


Humans with Ugly minds : Man sues wife for having Ugly Kids!

Just read this news story first…


The old adage ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ may ring true for some, but one husband in northern China feels that his ‘beautiful’ wife bamboozled him by having ‘ugly’ kids.  Jian Feng sued his wife for giving birth to what he called ‘incredibly ugly’ girl and won.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues,” he told the Irish Times.

“Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”

But wait… there’s more to the story than Feng’s blatant lack of love for his own child, he insists that his wife should have told him about all the plastic surgery she’d had prior to meeting them so he could have made an informed decision on whether to marry her and procreate.

A judge agreed… 

Details + the wife’s before & after photos below…

Initially Jian accused his wife of infidelity, because he knew he could never be the father of an unattractive child but DNA tests proved that the child was indeed his. Feng’s wife then came clean and admitted that she had undergone about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery in South Korea before they met.

Feng sued his wife on grounds of false pretenses, for not telling him the truth about the plastic surgery, and duping him into believing that she was beautiful.

A judge agreed with Feng’s argument and ordered his wife to fork over $120,000. (source)

Yes… old girl should have told him about her procedures, but his issue wasn’t with her or her looks, it was with his own CHILD. No one has control over their children’s appearance and it’s clearly possible for two beautiful people to produce a ‘not so attractive’ child and vice versa. Feng thinks he’s attractive, but he’s totally UGLY on the inside with this whole focus of looks etc.  Perhaps his $120,000 will fill the void of his producing “ugly” children.

– News

This just shows how ugly a few of humans among us! Even in her perspective, why so much importance to her appearance? And spent US$100, 000 on plastic surgery? When someone cannot appreciate and accept the real self of us, what is the point in expecting a fake like with a fake face! Well many in the world are behind this myth. 

If our brain changes its pattern of reception to the wavelengths that our eyes interpret, all fair human faces will look black, blue or green. That guy is even worst to abandon his own wife and child after all for looks, as if he is going to live young and beauty till death. He joins the list of Ugliest men I ever come to know. 

Even today’s media, society pass on this myth of looks outside. There are many beautiful souls inside among us. Least people bother about them. Short, Tall, Black, White, Slim, Fat? All appearance myths. 

See a person by their virtues and character, not by appearance. We need to learn to associate our beauty to a good mind and thoughts, a healthy body and soul. Hope we all change. Spread the good thoughts. 

-Words by Din

News Courtesy :, Google

Story : A little Humour always needed in life


Life has become so routine for a husband and wife. Its been almost 10 years since marriage, the time they spend for  each other reduced gradually as the years progress. They take less moments out of their busy professional life to smile together or to go out to spend some worthy time.

One night the wife got up suddenly finding the husband missing beside her on the bed. She calls him and started searching him. When she entered the kitchen she has seen him preparing coffee. “Honey, preparing coffee for who by this time?” asked the wife with a strange look on her face. “For us dear” he remained silent after saying that.

“Hmm.. Okay”, they both started sipping the coffee slowly and the wife asked him, “Dear, all you alright? I know I am not spending time for you what I suppose to, but that does not take away my love in you sweetheart.” while she is attempting to speak more, noticing the tears in his eyes she placed the coffee on a table and held his face in her palm. “Why dear?” she asked.

“Well honey you remember, 10 years before exactly the same day your dad caught us in the park while we were about to kiss and you prevented him from beating me up. He warned me to marry you immediate and he would pardon me only if my intention was to marry you then” said the husband.

“Yes dear, I do remember” nodded the wife. “He even pointed a gun at my head and threatened if I not marry you he would send me to prison for 10 years, I am just crying for that, this would be my Date of Release from the prison if he had sent me so!”, he was breaking into laughter and imagine yourself what would be the wife’s reaction.

She was chasing him to beat, he ran to their kids room. As she enters the dark room, there waits their two kids wishing them “Happy Anniversary Mom :)” in the chorus. She was stunned and happiness filled her eyes. Finding no words, she found that everything was a plan by her husband and kids. It was so romantic in the candlelight, she just hugged her husband and kissed him as the kids embraced their parents.



Spend some smile times with family, profession can find many professionals but not our families can find one to replace us. Have a happy life.

– Words by Din
(Enhanced writing about something I have read)