Documentary : History of the World in 2 hours

Must Watch : A fascinating documentary about the world’s history, throws some light on our “Human- Pride!”

Imagine compressing 14 billion years of history down to just 14 years and on the scale the earth would have existed only for the past five years. So that’s about a third of the history of the universe wall large complex creatures would have developed seven months ago. On the scale dinosaurs went extinct only about three weeks ago. The entire recorded history of humans would span only the last three minutes . Modern industrial societies the Industrial Revolution effectively 6 seconds ago.

So welcome to the journey, well just one and a half hours without commercials.

A rapid-fire history of our world, from the beginning of time as we know it to present day. This two-hour CGI-driven special delves into the key turning points: the formation of earth, emergence of life, spread of man and the growth of civilization–and reveals their surprising connections to our world today.

The complete credits go to the director Douglas Cohen and his team for this awesome work.


Courtesy : History Channel, Douglas Cohen Bartek Juszczak via YouTube

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Tribute : Man Who Revived Life with Music : Mahesh Mahadevan

Tamil Music Lovers many remember his music, others may not know him by name but his songs from the movie Vanam Vasappadum will identify him. I loved the tracks of this movie and looked back who is the music director, that day and found his name Mahesh. I thought we got a new talent in the music industry. But the unfortunate news came tagged along we cannot listen his music thereafter; he passed away on October 29, 2002

It is almost a decade now since he left his last tunes for us. I feel it could be a little act of kindness to remember someone who is unknown to me, just another music director. But this man is a true source of inspiration, who fought back Cancer.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>Instead of giving up on life, he bounced back with his music talent what he missed to recognize before. Read about him, sure he will be a source of inspiration to many of us. May his soul rest in peace and long live in the memories of all his fans, family and beloved ones.

In the decade before his death, Mahesh was actively involved in cancer counselling and in motivating other cancer patients to approach treatment with a positive attitude. Upon his death, The Mahesh Memorial Trust (MMT) was formed in 2002 by friends of Mahesh. MMT committed itself to building a paediatric Ward in the Cancer Institute premises at Adyar, Chennai. 

Mahesh-Memorial-003“TO LIVE in the hearts of those we leave behind is never to die,” said Robert Orr. Forty seven-year-old Mahesh Mahadevan, composer and music director, who passed away on October 29, 2002, has certainly immortalized himself in the hearts of his friends, admirers, associates, music lovers and film goers thanks to his contributions to the field of music.

Mahesh’s foray into the world of music was more by a twist of fate than design. An M.B.A. from XLRI, Jamshedpur, he worked with corporates such as Hindustan Polymers and India Pistons until cancer struck him in the late 1980s. When childhood friend P. Jayendra, one of the founders of Real Image Media Technologies, visited him in hospital and found him somewhat depressed, he suggested that Mahesh, who showed great promise as a music composer in his school and college years, revives this interest and compose music for jingles.

Mahesh soon went on to compose music for over 250 jingles including the hugely popular one for Regaul Blue (Sottu Neelam, Doi) besides TVS Tyres, Apollo Tyres, etc.

Meanwhile, with Real Image Media Technologies are growing rapidly, Mahesh was roped in to provide management inputs and establish systems. As Director, Finance and Administration, Real Image Media Technologies, Mahesh did all that and more. Recalls Jayendra, “More than anything else, it was Mahesh’s personality — warm, friendly and affectionate with a smile on his lips all the time — that brought everyone together. He taught us how to reach out to people.”

From ad jingles to films was a natural transition for the talented Mahesh. As music director, he struck gold with his debut film Nammavar starring Kamal Hassan and won the Special mention award in the National Awards given away in 1995.

Thereafter, he went on to compose music for seven other films including Kuruthi Punal (Tamil) 1995,Preminchukundaam Raa (Telugu), Pelladi Choopistha(Telugu), Padutha Theeyaga (Telugu), the background score for Alavanthan (Tamil), and the yet-to-be-released Vaanam Vasapadum, directed by cinematographer P.C. Sreeram and Janaki Vishwanathan’s Kanavu Meipada Vendum.

Says Janaki Vishwanathan, “I consider myself very privileged to have known him, though briefly. His music is wonderful and I am waiting for the world to listen to it. There could be influenced in the work of other music directors but Mahesh’s music was so unique, it was so Mahesh. He had abundant talent and I feel fate has been cruel in not letting him actualize his potential.”

Mahesh’s positive outlook to life in the face of illness and his graceful acceptance of it was truly admirable and a quality that his friends remember him by. “In fact, even when he was critically ill, there was no self pity or resentment or fear. He enjoyed life and loved living. He prepared himself for what life would eventually hand out to him and never let it come in the way of his work,” Jayendra adds. Mahesh was also involved in career counselling and motivating other cancer patients to face life with the right attitude. He certainly struck a chord in all those whose lives he touched. For a man whose heart was in music and for the rare human being that he was, it was perhaps the most natural thing to do.

-Courtesy : The Hindu : He had a cheerful disposition

Kudos : 5 mins Movie “Speechless” has won 5 awards

This film was made in 48 hours for 48hfp Mumbai 2013, and went on to win 5 awards – Best Direction, Best Actor – Male, Best Actor – Female, Best Original Music and 1st Runnerup – Best Film.

On Friday 18th October 2013 at 7pm, was kickoff event when we got a holiday film as genre. There were 3 elements to be included in each film; Character – Shikha Sharma (a fashion designer), Prop – Backpack, and a dialogue line – That was my dialogue. With these parameters this film was completed before Sunday, 20th October 7pm

Courtesy : Srikant Kekare

5 Insights from the Movie 300 : A Recommended Reading

A Warrior Within

300 – A movie speaks about the brave Spartans who stood for their independence and against the slavery of the tyranny ruler of that era. All who watched this movie can straight away relate my points, yet others too can get what’s the essence I talk about. Because I write no review of the movie but food for thoughts what we can take from the legendary tale of Spartans.300 3

Note and Disclaimer: Kindly view this as constructive insights and definitely not as anti-Persian propaganda. I have carefully put my words and taken this just as an inspirational movie story without giving any justification or support to any side based on history. I just had seen it as a Movie, like a parable story.

Insights from the Movie 300 at glance

  • Count Your Words always in any circumstances.
  • Build a Potent Team whom you can count on.
  • Lead From Front if you want to be a Successful Leader
  • Value Your Woman with love, Honor and Respect
  • Hold On To The Vision come whatever may

Count Your Words

Words always determine the way how one wants to be treated. Words are so powerful and can be destroyable too.

A messenger from the tyrant King loses his life for his wrongly led words.

“Remember us” this words by the Spartan king gathered 10000 and 30000 Spartans and Greeks respectively. Words are so powerful, which fueled some just 300 brave warriors to shake the glorified tyranny. Always count your words. Make your words always wise and meaningful.

Build a Potent Team

Unity, Spirit and Quality of the team has every role for success not just an individual leader can do it all. The king says “Respect and Honor your soldier by your side” to his son. Respect and Honor: Does not matter whether you are superior or senior, always have respect for your team member who stands by your side, who trust you; you can earn respect and honor only by giving it.

Ensure you analyze each possibility of Weak links in the team and equip your team to face adversities effective. This was clearly shown when the Spartan king denies the traitor to be a part of his fighting men on request. Impotent member always weakens the side. But hold on, there are always other ways one can contribute if not in one way, the king offered the one with disability but he turned traitor in the later part, which eventually lead to the glory death of the 300. Remember, traitors are worst and hated more than one hate the enemies.

Lead From Front

In chess only the pawns go first and the king last. Real leadership starts with the quality of leading by example. Like every other warrior, like brave Spartan the Spartan king always led from front and took the enemies, so his leadership threatened the enemy whose army just shattered as pack of cards. We are not in bloodshed wars now, but wars as tough as them. So if you are holding on to any Vision, lead from front as example.

Value Your Woman

Well there are epilogues and sayings we hear all the time there is a woman behind every successful man. Success is not in Victory, success is not in money, the true success lies in the earning of such soul and respect. The true success is when you have a woman to hold on to you think and thin and believe you always. Success is when you have a woman to be proud about. The Mighty Spartan king’s last words on the verge of death “My Queen, My Wife, My Love” Do we have that wonderful love and value for our beloved soul mate to make a final tribute, when death is so close from hundreds of arrows hailing from the skies? If yes, then you feel proud for valuing your woman. That stands as love for me in its very own true form.

Now a days I am seeing a worsening in the committed relationships and a trend to “move on” relationships. But we human are meant to be for true relation till end. Don’t let money, lust and other naive things ruin love between two souls. Seeing women as an object of lure seems common now, I am worried and annoyed of it. One cant do anything still some women stop using their body for feeding the lure. Men can still hold on to valuing women and Women can still hold on to be worthy for it. I have nothing more to say than leaving the choice to individuals.

Hold On To The Vision:

The last but not the least thought from this wonderful movie is “The Strong Belief in the VISION”. Adversities may come all the times put us on tests. Fear of death, but death is obvious one day. Then what do we fear for? Just hold on to the vision.

The Tyranny king surrounded the Mighty Spartan King Leonidas and asked him to kneel. He had everything in return to hold his supremacy not only over the Sparta but also the entire Greece. Had he given up? If he had done so there ended his legacy, we would have never listened his story by now. He took everything to make the tyrant king shed his blood before him embracing glory.

In our life too, in the pursuit of our ambition we are not alone, we are always a team. If you are a leader, your team will be formed automatically. Ensure as a leader you always remain as an inspiration and proud for your team. If you are a part of the team make your leader proud of you. The Spartan King conveys to the last soldier who dies next to him that he was honored to that he had lived by his side.

We are not facing any wars like them now. But we need so many warriors to fight many adversities more badly than wars. Corruptions, Unethical Businesses, Money starving society, Pollution, add up as many social problems you know here, everything is just a reflection of our own selves. We were the reasons, we are the cures. Remember what we leave behind for the future. So awaken the warrior inside you to fight your rage and selfish thoughts. Make life meaningful and Purposeful, Obvious you will get challenges. Just fight back like Spartans.

Everything comes across in our life leaves some thoughts. Only worthy few reaches our soul and imbibes us. Thoughts that carry a value, Thoughts that nurture a belief, Thoughts that make us hold and Thoughts that has life in it only remains with us forever.

Works such as movies are thousands in number but there are few inspires and leave some thoughts in my soul. They inspire me and thrives me to go on with some learning. I am penning my learning, brainwaves planted by some incredible works in my soul.

Hope it gives inspiration to you too. Good bye for now. I will be back with some other inspiration. Please share your feedback and Thanks for reading.

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