Documentary : Israel and Arabs Conflict : Unbiased

Before you watch the 300 minutes detailed documentary, watch this Quick Introduction if you want to know the ABCs of the conflict. Understand, War never helps humanity or peace. Say no to war and be whatever the reason say no to violence.

The 50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs

The conflict in the Middle East between Israel and its neighbors is given comprehensive treatment in this award-winning documentary produced by PBS. Using archival footage and extensive interviews with participants, the production begins by explaining conditions in Palestine at the end of World War II and the crisis created by the exodus of European Jews who went to the Middle East after the Holocaust. The withdrawal of the British, who had controlled Palestine for decades, is detailed, as is the creation of the state of Israel. Much of the region’s history is complex, with the local struggles being conducted at times as a part of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, but these videos do an admirable job of explaining the complexities of the situation.

The segment on the Six Day War, for example, is masterful, with the scenes shifting from Israel to Egypt to Washington to Moscow, the story developing before the viewer’s eyes. The 50 Years War is often a tale of mistrust and betrayal, but this production strives to present a balanced view of history, and is not only impressive for its command of the facts but for its skillful and often dramatic presentation of history.

Whatever your views are on the conflict, all should watch this masterful, detailed, and insightful documentary on the Arab-Israeli war.

Part 1

Part 2

Courtesy : PBS via Youtube and SAY

Controversial Mumbai Ad ‘No Muslims are welcome’ : Well Thank you :)

A controversial advertisement in Mumbai has sparked an outrage. A Mumbai broker put up an ad for the sale of a flat which says ‘No Muslims are welcome’. A petition has been filed with the National Commission for Minorities seeking action against the broker and the portal. A CNN-IBN Cobrapost sting operation of 2010 in cosmopolitan Mumbai exposed how getting a house on rent if your were Muslim was a daunting task. But just how deep seated is the prejudice?

An ad placed on leading realty portal 99 says, “Excellent brand new 2BHK fully furnished flat with cross ventilation, natural light. Cosmopolitan society, no Muslims, with car parking on immediate sale, fifth floor interested please call.”

-Excerpts from IBN LIVE

HarmonyWow! Are we doing time travel back to the past? Shame on those who publish these kind of ads of discrimination so public. I said ‘public’ it is a hard truth that it happens in India for a long time. You must have heard house owners listing their conditions and among that Vegetarians only are allowed is the most frequent one, whereas a few extremist house owners ensures the tenant belongs to a certain community / religion. It happens without much hype. Have you noticed areas in your cities dominantly inhabited by a particular sect of people like the Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Christians, etc. However the young India is slowly throwing away the differences and practicing more harmony with inter religions / communities – kudos to the youth.

What these kind of advertisement signifies?

Well it is nothing but the exposure of extremists to the young India, observing what they do and how they discriminate people. The only difference is the old style house owners convey their discriminating conditions directly/indirectly to people who approached them, now these multi-property owners doing the same on an online space. So it went outrageous.

Why it went outrageous?


This is the indication that India is changing and we youngsters no longer wish to see ourselves divided from our all religions’¬†friends, we want to live in peace and harmony with our fellow citizens.

Gone the days, now the future will be a place of brotherhood with all religions to make the famous saying “Unity in Diversity” a dream come reality.

Thanks to the extremists:

“Your views are outdated, narrow and inhumane. Younger generation finds you people so absurd and odd. So more such ads, you will eventually help us get more aware of you people and we keep our minds closed to your views.

Two benefits out of these kind of ads, you are identifying your dark realities and you voluntarily get separated from all of us who love to live with all people together in peace. Thanks a lot for identifying yourselves.

So keep doing and help the India’s Next generation to expel your extreme views. Who knows someday in future your kids may find your true colors and leave you alone in your cosmopolitan societies narrow minded as you are now :)”

– Words by Din