Amazing Arts and Artists : Paper Illustrations by Eiko Ojala

Eiko Ojala is an illustrator and graphic designer. He lives in Tallinn, Estonia. He works mostly digitally and draws everything by hand. Within his work process Eiko likes to study the forms of shapes, and to work closely with light and shadow. He likes to keep his illustrations minimal and well-advised. Eiko combines consummate craftsmanship with a healthy sprinkling of wit.


Eiko has been nominated  to “Young iIlustrators Award 2013” at www.illustrative.deYCN professional Award 2013 and ADC Young Gun 2013.

Eiko has worked with Wired, New York Times, New Yorker, New York Observer, Sunday Times, Harvard Business Review, V&A Museum, Dwell magazine, Le Monde and Intel.

He has been featured It’s Nice ThatiGnantTrendlandFubiz and Etapes

Courtesy and Copyrights : Eiko Ojalai (All rights reserved to the concerned owner, shared here for educational and inspirational purposes only)


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