Know : A List of Hostage Crisis

Right from the current hostage crisis that happening in Australia now, this post lists some hostage crisis that shocked the world. Incident Place Start Duration 2014 Ghent apartment siege Ghent, Belgium 15 Dec 2014 3 hours 2014 Sydney hostage crisis Martin Place,Sydney, Australia 15 Dec 2014 Ongoing 2014 Moscow school shooting Moscow, Russia 3 Feb... Continue Reading →

Pray : Turkey Mine Blast

At least 205 miners killed, hundreds more are trapped after coal mine explodes in Turkey's western Manisa province. The blast was caused by an electrical fault Whatever your spiritual belief is, just take a few minutes to pray.

A giant portrait of a child - intended to be seen by drone operators and US satellites monitoring the region - is unveiled on the ground in Pakistan in an attempt to "save innocent lives". In this undated handout photograph from the “Inside Out Project”, a poster bearing the image of a Pakistani girl whose... Continue Reading →

Know : The State of the World’s Children 2013

Reports such as this typically begin with a statistic designed to highlight a problem. The girls and boys to whom this edition of The State of the World’s Children is dedicated are not problems. Rather, each is a sister, brother or friend who has a favourite dish, song or game; a daughter or son with dreams and the desire to fulfil them;... Continue Reading →

Know : Dog Chews Aston Martin Car :)

A Costly Joke to smile, well what else can be done? 😉 A car buff came home to find his prized motor looking like a dog's dinner after his pet pooch chewed through the £80,000 Aston Martin. Luce, a four-year-old border collie spaniel cross, waited until builder Royston Grimstead had left for work before she... Continue Reading →

20 News Daily : Nov.21.2013

Bangalore, Chennai top on website’s bribe index, cash paid totals Rs 23cr Andhra Pradesh set to face cyclone Helen’s wrath  Jailed persons can contest polls Now, schools impart lessons in kitchen gardening Bangalore woman attacked in ATM Nigerian held with Rs 1cr drugs Yahoo to encrypt all users' data Facebook defends beheadings footage Afghan-US security... Continue Reading →

Know : Charge Your iPhone With Your Own Breath

You've heard of wind-powered and solar-powered gadgets that can charge your phone, but what about breath-powered? This concept design was created by Joao Paulo Lammoglia that utilizes the power of your breath to convert into electricity via small wind turbines.The user simply wears the AIRE mask hooked up to an iOS device, and by breathing... Continue Reading →

Pakistan Earthquake kills 300 and Forms a New Island!

Pakistan: This week’s magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck Tuesday afternoon and was felt across the country, even causing a small island to rise from the Arabian Sea. But its force was greatest in a particularly impoverished part of Baluchistan Province. Violent tremors felled hundreds of mud-walled houses in six remote districts in southwestern Baluchistan, killing hundreds... Continue Reading →

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