Good vs Evil: Good Samaritan Teens / Teen Rapists

Good vs Evil: What prevails more in our society? Good or Evil? We leave the choice to you to evaluate the society you belong to. However in this new section ‘Good vs Evil’ we bring out the two extremes of the social incidents. The good one which sets an example and ensure we raise our kids like them. And the evil one which makes us aware and ensure we raise our kids unlike them and enable them to protect themselves from such evils.

The Good: Good Samaritan Teens


Tarbett (17),  Bailey Campbell (17) and Aeron McQuillin (18)

The three teenagers from Ontario, Canada, went for a drive and spotted a stranger’s broken car. She was struggling with no help at the highway, who can’t afford to tow the vehicle. The boys decided to help her by pushing her car till her home. Interestingly, her home is not at the next street, but 7 miles far. But the good Samaritans did it. (Read the full story here)

The Evil : Teen Rapists


In India, rape has become a routine crime and going on like it has no full stop. According to a report about 1,752 rape incidents are reported every year in the Indian state of Odisha, alone. But it saddens us, when the crime is committed by teenagers whom we can still call as boys next door.  A college student was allegedly gang-raped in Odisha’s Sundargarh by five youth, including three of her classmates, who dragged her into a forest on her way back to home after college. (Read the full story here)

Bottom line: Every kid is born with a blank soul, it is us the society and the parents who script their character. Teach them Good and make them practice it. Make them aware of the Evil and help them fight it.


Comment your thoughts… Ideas to bring up good character in kids.

News Courtesy: and News 18 India

Story : A Dog called Capitán

This is certainly a remarkable story. Like the Hachiko.

The dog called Captain

For six years, a dog named  has stayed by his owner’s graveside in Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba, Argentina. Every day at 6pm, he lays by Miguel Guzmán’s headstone, on faithful vigil. The dog’s remarkable story of loyalty began on March 24, 2006, when Miguel, who was Capitán’s owner, passed away. As soon as Capitán realized Miguel was no longer at home, he left to search for him and miraculously managed to find Miguel’s grave in the nearby cemetery. Since then, the dog has stayed by his deceased owner’s side and refuses to return home.

Capitán was reportedly looked after by staff at the cemetery. Although he sometimes returned to his previous home for visits, he always came back to the cemetery to sleep by the grave of his owner.

Know : A List of Hostage Crisis


Right from the current hostage crisis that happening in Australia now, this post lists some hostage crisis that shocked the world.

Incident Place Start Duration
2014 Ghent apartment siege Belgium Ghent, Belgium 15 Dec 2014 3 hours
2014 Sydney hostage crisis Australia Martin Place,Sydney, Australia 15 Dec 2014 Ongoing
2014 Moscow school shooting Russia Moscow, Russia 3 Feb 2014 Appr. 2 hours
Westgate shopping mall attack Kenya Nairobi, Kenya 21 Sep 2013 3 days
Zamboanga City crisis Philippines Zamboanga City,Philippines 9 Sep 2013 19 days
August, 2013 Islamabad Hostage Drama Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan 15 Aug 2013 6 hours
2013 Hialeah shooting United States Hialeah, Florida 26 July 2013 Appr. 3 hours
2013 Alabama bunker hostage crisis United States Midland City, Alabama 29 Jan 2013 6 days
In Amenas hostage crisis Algeria In Amenas, Algeria 16 Jan 2013 6 days
2012 Bain murder-kidnappings United States Whiteville, Tennessee / Alpine, Mississippi, United States 27 Apr 2012 13 days
2011 Hectorville siege Australia Hectorville, South Australia, Australia 29 April 2011 8 hours
2010 Panama City school board shootings United States Panama City, Florida, United States 14 Dec 2010 Unknown
October 2010 Baghdad church attack Iraq Baghdad, Iraq 31 Oct 2010 About 4 hours
2010 Discovery Communications headquarters hostage crisis United States Silver Spring, Maryland, United States 1 Sept 2010 About 5 hours
2010 Manila hostage crisis Philippines Manila, Philippines 23 Aug 2010 10 hours 30 mins
May 2010 attacks on Ahmadi mosques in Lahore Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan 28 May 2010 Some hours
October 2009 Lahore attacks Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan 15 Oct 2009 1 hour 30 mins
2009 Pakistan Army General Headquarters attack Pakistan Rawalpindi,Punjab,Pakistan 10 Oct 2009 1 day
2009 Binghamton shootings United States Binghamton, New York, United States 3 Apr 2009 1 day
2009 Lahore police academy attacks Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan 30 Mar 2009 Some hours
Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) Mutiny Bangladesh Pilkhana,Dhaka,Bangladesh 25 Feb 2009 2 days
November 2008 Mumbai attacks India Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 26 Nov 2008 3 days
Eloá Pimentel hostage crisis Brazil Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil 13 Oct 2008 4 days
Hillary Clinton presidential campaign office hostage crisis United States Rochester, New Hampshire, United States 30 Nov 2007 About 5 hours
South Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan Afghanistan En route fromKandahar toKabul,Afghanistan 19 Jul 2007 42 days
Siege of Lal Masjid Pakistan Lal Masjid,Islamabad,Pakistan 3 Jul 2007 9 days
Johnson Space Center shooting United States Houston,Texas,United States 20 Apr 2007 About 3 hours
Amish school shooting United States Lancaster County,Pennsylvania,United States 2 Oct 2006 Some hours
Platte Canyon High School shooting United States Bailey,Colorado,United States 27 Sept 2006 About 4 hours
Seattle Jewish Federation shooting United States Seattle,Washington,United States 28 July 2006 Appr. 15 minutes
Chrobog family kidnapping Yemen Yemen 28 Dec 2005 3 days
October 2005 Nalchik attack Russia Nalchik, Russia 13 Oct 2005 Some hours
Ennepetal hostage taking Germany Ennepetal, Germany 12 Apr 2005 About 6 hours
Beslan school hostage crisis Russia Beslan, Russia 1 Sept 2004 3 days
2004 Khobar massacre Saudi Arabia Khobar, Saudi Arabia 29 May 2004 25 hours
Sahara hostage crisis 2003 Algeria Algeria 22 Jan 2003 208 days
Moscow theater hostage crisis Russia Moscow, Russia 23 Oct 2002 2½ days
Akshardham Temple attack India Gujarat, India 24 Sept 2002 2 days
Dos Palmas kidnappings Philippines Palawan, Philippines 27 May 2001 Varied period
Operation Barras Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 10 Oct 2000 17 days
Bus 174 Brazil Rio de Janeiro,Brazil 12 June 2000 Some hours
Operations 304 Malaysia Perak, Malaysia 5 June 2000 3 days
Fiji coup of 2000 Fiji Suva, Fiji 19 May 2000 56 days
2000 Sipadan Kidnapping Crisis Philippines Jolo, Philippines 23 Apr 2000 Varied period
Standoff of Joseph C. Palczynski United States Dundalk, Maryland 17 Mar 2000 4 days
Indian Airlines Flight 814 Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal / India India / United Arab EmiratesDubai,UAE / AfghanistanKandahar,Afghanistan 24 Dec 1999 8 days
Japanese embassy hostage crisis Peru Lima, Peru 17 Dec 1996 126 days
Black Sea hostage crisis Turkey Trabzon, Turkey / Russia Sochi, Russia 16 Jan 1996 4 days
Kizlyar-Pervomayskoye hostage crisis Russia KizlyarandPervomayskoye,Russia 9 Jan 1996 9 days
1995 Urologico San Roman Tragedy Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela 23 Jun 1995 6 Hours
1995 kidnapping of western tourists in Jammu and Kashmir India Pahalgam, India 4 Jul 1995 Unknown
Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis RussiaBudyonnovsk,Russia 14 June 1995 5 days
Air France Flight 8969 Algeria Algiers, Algeria / France Marseilles, France 24 Dec 1994 3 days
1994 kidnappings of Western tourists in India India New Delhi, India 20 Oct 1994 12 days
Torp hostage crisis Norway Sandefjord, Norway 28 Aug 1994 2 days
Salt Lake City Public Library hostage incident United States Salt Lake City,Utah,United States 7 Mar 1994 6 hours
1993 Jolimont Centre siege Australia Canberra, Australia 29 Nov 1993 2 hours
1993 Cangai siege Australia Cangai, New South Wales, Australia 30 Mar 1993 26 hours
Supreme Court of Justice hostage crisis Costa Rica San José, Costa Rica 26 Apr 1993 4 days
East Carter High School shooting United States Grayson, Kentucky,United States 18 Jan 1993 16 minutes
Lindhurst High School shooting United States Olivehurst, California, United States 1 May 1992 8 hours
Alta View Hospital hostage incident United States Sandy, Utah, United States 20 Sept 1991 18 hours
1991 Sacramento hostage crisis United States Sacramento, California, United States 4 Apr 1991 About 8 hours
Singapore Airlines Flight 117 Singapore Singapore 26 Mar 1991 1/2 day
Henry’s Pub Hostage Incident United States Berkeley, California,United States 28 Sept 1990 7 hours
1989 Davao hostage crisis Philippines Davao City,Philippines 15 Aug 1989 3 days
Loveland River House Incident United States Loveland, Colorado,United States 3 Jan 1989 2 hours
Gladbeck hostage crisis Germany Gladbeck, Germany/Netherlands / Germany Cologne, Germany 16 Aug 1988 3 days
Ouvéa cave hostage taking France Ouvéa, France 22 Apr 1988 14 days
Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis United States Cokeville, Wyoming,United States 16 May 1986 2½ hours
Palace of Justice siege Colombia Bogotá, Colombia 6 Nov 1985 2 days
Pudu Prison siege Malaysia Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia 17 Oct 1986 6 days
Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking Egypt Alexandria, Egypt/Port Said, Egypt 7 Oct 1985 2 days
TWA Flight 847 Greece Athens, Greece / Italy Rome, Italy / LebanonBeirut, Lebanon / AlgeriaAlgiers, Algeria 14 Jun 1985 16 days
Kav 300 affair Israel Tel-Aviv, Israel/Ashqelon, Israel 12 Apr 1984 2 days
Libyan Embassy Siege United Kingdom London, United Kingdom 17 Apr 1984 11 days
Libyan Hostage Situation 1984 Libya Tripoli, Libya 17 Apr 1984 9 months
1984 Sydney bank robbery Australia Sydney, Australia 31 Jan 1984 6 hours
Lebanon hostage crisis Lebanon Beirut, Lebanon 19 Jul 1982 varied period
Iranian Embassy Siege United Kingdom London, United Kingdom 30 Apr 1980 6 days
Dominican embassy siege Colombia Bogotá, Colombia 27 Feb 1980 61 days
Grand Mosque Seizure Saudi Arabia Mecca, Saudi Arabia 2 Nov 1979 14 days
Iran hostage crisis Iran Tehran, Iran 4 Nov 1979 444 days
Mitsubishi Bank Hostage incident Japan Osaka, Japan 26 Jan 1979 2 days
1978 Dutch province hall hostage crisis Netherlands Assen, Netherlands 13 Mar 1978 1 day
Lufthansa Flight 181 (Landshut hijacking) Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia 13 Oct 1977 5 days
Japan Airlines Flight 472 hijacking India Mumbai, India / BangladeshDhaka, Bangladesh / JapanTokyo, Japan 28 Sept 1977 5 days
Train hostage Netherlands 1977 Netherlands De Punt,Netherlands 23 May 1977 20 days
1977 Dutch school hostage crisis NetherlandsBovensmilde,Netherlands 23 May 1977 20 days
1977 Hanafi Muslim Siege United States Washington DC,USA 9 Mar 1977 39 hours
Entebbe Airport hostage crisis Uganda Entebbe Airport,Uganda 27 Jun 1976 8 days
Balcombe Street Siege United Kingdom London, United Kingdom 6 Dec 1975 5 days
Raid on the OPEC headquarters Austria Vienna, Austria / Algeria Algiers, Algeria / Libya Tripoli, Libya 21 Dec 1975 3 days
Occupation of the Indonesian consulate NetherlandsAmsterdam,Netherlands 4 Dec 1975 15 days
Train hijack Netherlands Wijster, Netherlands 2 Dec 1975 12 days
Spaghetti House siege United Kingdom London, United Kingdom 28 Sept 1975 6 days
1975 AIA building hostage crisis Malaysia Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia 5 Aug 1975 5 days
West German embassy siege Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 24 Apr 1975 12 hours
Ma’alot massacre Israel Ma’alot, Israel 15 May 1974 2 days
Laju incident Singapore Singapore 31 Jan 1974 8 days
Norrmalmstorg robbery Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 23 Aug1973 5 days
1973 Khartoum diplomatic assassinations Sudan Khartoum, Sudan 1 Mar 1973 2½ days
Hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 615 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zagreb, Yugoslavia 29 Oct 1972 15 hours
Munich massacre Germany Munich, Germany 5 Sept 1972 21 hours
Hijacking of Sabena Flight 572 Israel Lod, Israel 8 May 1972 1 day
Hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 649 People's Democratic Republic of Yemen Aden, South Yemen 22 Feb 1972 2 days
Asama-Sansō incident Japan Karuizawa, Japan 19 Feb 1972 9 days
Northwest Orient Flight 305(D.B. Cooper) United States Washington/Oregon, United States 24 Nov 1971 4 hours
October Crisis Canada Quebec, Canada 5 Oct 1970 60 days
Operation Dragon Rouge Democratic Republic of the CongoStanleyville,Democratic Republic of the Congo 24 Nov 1964 .20-30 days
Siege of Sidney Street United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland London, United Kingdom 2 Jan 1911 2 days
Battle of Ballingarry United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Ballingarry,Ireland,United Kingdom 29 July 1848 1 day

Know : A giant portrait of a child Vs Drones

A giant portrait of a child – intended to be seen by drone operators and US satellites monitoring the region – is unveiled on the ground in Pakistan in an attempt to “save innocent lives”.

Pakistan Drone

In this undated handout photograph from the “Inside Out Project”, a poster bearing the image of a Pakistani girl whose parents, lawyers say, were killed in a drone strike, lies in a field at an undisclosed location in the northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. A group of artists in Pakistan is hoping to generate “empathy” among US drone operators by placing giant posters of children in the country’s troubled tribal regions.

 (via Facebook)