A¬†bicycle sharing system, or¬†bike share scheme, is a service in which¬†bicycles¬†are made available for shared use to individuals on a very short term basis. The main purpose is transportation: bike share allows people to depart from point "A" and arrive at point "B" free from the worries of ownership. Bike-share has seen explosive, global growth... Continue Reading →

Know : Atmospheric Circulation

Atmospheric circulation¬†is the large-scale movement of air, and the means (together with the smaller¬†ocean circulation) by which¬†thermal energy¬†is distributed on the surface of the¬†Earth. The large-scale structure of the atmospheric circulation varies from year to year, but the basic climatological structure remains fairly constant. Individual weather systems ‚Äď mid-latitude depressions, or tropical convective cells ‚Äď... Continue Reading →

Know : List of Secular, Non Secular and Ambiguous Countries

SECULAR COUNTRIES North America Africa Canada Angola Cuba Benin Honduras¬† Botswana Mexico Burkina Faso United States of America¬† Burundi South America Cameroon Brazil Cape Verde Chile Chad Colombia Republic of the Congo Ecuador Ethiopia Peru Gabon Uruguay The Gambia Venezuela Guinea Europe Guinea-Bissau Austria Liberia Albania Mali Belarus Namibia Belgium¬† Senegal Bosnia and Herzegovina Rwanda... Continue Reading →

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