Know : Romance Languages : List, Origin, Current Status

The¬†Romance languages¬†(more accurately the¬†Romanic¬†languages), are a group of languages known also as¬†Latin languages,¬†or Neo-Latin languages,¬†and are descended from¬†Vulgar Latin. They form a branch of the¬†Italic languages¬†within the¬†Indo-European language family. The five¬†most widely spoken Romance languages¬†by number of native speakers are¬†Spanish¬†(410 million),¬†Portuguese¬†(220 million),¬†French¬†(75 million),¬†Italian¬†(60 million), and¬†Romanian¬†(25 million).¬†The larger have many non-native speakers; this is especially the... Continue Reading →

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