Amazing Arts & Artists : Photorealistic Drawings by Heather Rooney

Heather Rooney is a 20 year old college student majoring in Art. She is a self taught artist, who creates photo-realistic drawings with Prismacolor colored pencils. Mostly she chooses celebrities portraits to draw.

She shares her drawings on her YouTube Channel, which is already a sensational hit and you can be a Subscriber of the Month: Email your favorite headshot photo to for a chance to be drawn!


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Amazing Arts and Artists : Paintings by Morteza Katouzian

The Red Alert

The Red Alert

Morteza Katouzian

Morteza Katouzian

Morteza Katouzian was born on July 3, 1943 in a middle-class, art-loving family. He loved painting since childhood and he spent all his time on learning this art without any teacher.In 1960 he started graphics and painting work professionally. 

He was one of the founders of Graphic Artists’ syndicate in the years before the revolution and he was its head of the board for 2 years. During the past years, he has attended several collective exhibitions and held 4 solo exhibitions. All of them were “The Most Visited” exhibitions in the history of art in Iran due to the high quality of exhibited works and the affectionate look at humans and issues related to their lives which were presented in these paintings. As an example, according to the official statistics the exhibition of his works at Museum of Contemporary Arts in 1979 had 20,000 visitors.

In his last exhibition in June 2008 which was held by 94 works at Saad-Abad Cultural-Historical Complex, on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 in a magnificent ceremony, he was awarded UNESCO’s citation in respect of his 50 years of activities in the field of painting and his 30 years of unfeigned teaching to Iranian youth.

In these 30 years of teaching painting, dozens of painters have been presented to the society of art from his small studio. I To introduce and encourage his students, he held 3 collective exhibitions for them and attended one exhibition along with them at Museum of Contemporary Arts. Through his endeavor, a book of the paintings of his students was published in 2005 which was welcomed by public. At the time, some of these students are well-known Iranian painters and artists and they are also training students in their own studios.

Four books of Morteza Katouzian’s paintings have already been published and a lot of his works have been presented as posters. Five of his paintings are in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts and a big number of them are in the collections of Iranian and foreign collectors in different countries.

In graphics, he had created several posters, logos, book covers and brochures. In 1974, he accepted the responsibility of holding Tehran International Graphics Exhibition named “African Starvelings” sponsored by I.A.A. international organization, and he performed the task in a reputable way and Swon the prize of “Poster of Integration”.

In his youth, he spent his free time on sports. In 1970, he was the first person who could get Karate black belt in Iran. During the following years he trained competent trainees in this field. Now holding Black Belt Dan 7 from Karate federation of Islamic Republic of Iran, he is one of the pioneers of this martial art.

You can find more about and contact Morteza Katouzian here at his website


Image Copyrights Belongs to the concerned Artist Morteza Katouzian. Shared here for inspiring and educational purposes only with a lot of regards and respect for the artwork. 

Amazing Arts & Artists : Pencil Drawing & Ben Heine

Pencil Drawing

Among all the artistic media, pencil drawing stands out as one of the simplest, yet most varied. Artists use everything from graphite pencils, to charcoals and pastels, in capturing the emotional response that they want to evoke from their viewers. As with other media, no single school of thought has predominated for long, yet the range of sub-genres available in pencil drawing are staggering–ranging from caricature and cartooning, to pure doodling and the more complex designs associated with commercial art. At some time period or another, nearly every great artist has produced notable works in pencil–which only further underlines its universal appeal.

Yet pencil drawing did not become a more serious proposition until the 14th century, when paper becomes widely available. From that time onward, nearly every great artist–from Michaelangelo, to Rembrandt, van Gogh and Picasso, among many, many others–tried some kind of pencil drawing.

Whatever their chosen medium, pencil artists use several key techniques to realize their vision. The art of contour–or focusing on the shapes of things and black and white spaces–is particularly important, in which the artist strives to get the form down without lifting his pencil. Shading, or the ability to distinguish between light and shade, is the next major building block for the pencil artist to master–primarily by manipulating erasure marks with a blending stamp to achieve the right balance. The final task involves the addition of lines and textures to provide greater definition and realism. The manipulation of these techniques forms the basic elements of any pencil drawing, while helping to distinguish one artist’s style from another.

Formal education and training are often cited as an obvious benefit, but many pencil drawing artists have worked successfully without it–often starting by drawing simple black and white photographs, for example. Choosing pictures with a clearly defined light and shade component is considered another useful technique to learn the basics of shading, and composition. For the artist, the most important goal of these exercises is developing an innate sense of composition–or, simply put, the ability to see what lies in front of them–as opposed to pure representation, the dominant concern of commercial art, for example.

Drawing in pencil can be among the most rewarding exercise for any artist, whether a mass audience ever gets to view the results. Working in pencil allows the artist to concentrate on capturing the essence of any image, using simple tools to get the job done. With the advent of computer imaging, the pencil artist has a powerful new tool to help him realize his vision. Interest in multimedia techniques–such as using tree branches or carbon deposits from smoke to put images on paper–is also growing, particularly for practitioners of outsider or folk art that does not fit into established genres. As long as the urge to push the envelope remains strong, the future of pencil drawing seems healthy indeed.

Ben Heine

Ben is a multidisciplinary artist, currently living and working in Rochefort, Belgium. Best known for his original series “Pencil Vs Camera”, “Digital Circlism” and “Flesh and Acrylic”. He has a degree in journalism and also briefly studied History of Art, Painting and Sculpture. He is a self-taught person in traditional drawing and digital photography. Ben has over a decade of professional experience as a graphic creator.

He is selling and exhibiting prints online and in various galleries worldwide. Ben also loves music and meeting new people. Find More about Ben on his Blog

Few of his Exceptional works from his blog

A quiet tiger, a scary owl and an imprudent artist

Pencil Vs Camera - Work in Progress - 74 - Tiger and Owl - Ben H

Pencil Vs Camera - Work in Progress - 74 - Tiger and Owl - Ben H

Tiger (2)

Pencil Vs Camera - 74 - Tiger and Owl

Alone on a strange and endless podium

Podium (1)

Podium (5)

Podium (4)

Podium (3)

Podium (2)

Pencil Vs Camera

Pencil (2)

Pencil (1)

Pencil (6)

Pencil (5)

Pencil Vs Camera - 73

Hope all his works Inspires you

The Creativity of an artist is always self taught. It is the passion what drives the artists to search for innovation. Ben is a perfect role model for aspiring artists and young students who are passionate about drawing. Hope Ben’s work inspires you all. Please check more of his works on his blog


Courtesy & Sources : Ehow, Ben Heine

Disclaimer: All the images used here are copyrighted to Ben and used here for non-profit, educational and inspirational purposes only.


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