A Personality Test with a Difference

One of the basic rules of this test is to write what you feel and what first comes to mind. It’s fine if you have the same answers to different questions. Do not read all at once! Read the questions one by one and do not rush. It will not be so interesting to see the next question if you are still writing the answer... Continue Reading →

Which Door you would walk through? Pick the door that looks the most appealing to you. This might reveal a few things about your personality. Let us know what door you picked and if the answer was accurate for you. Comment and let us know how far this is true... 1 - You are a fun... Continue Reading →

Tibetian One Word Personality Test

Take a Paper / open a notepad and write one word that describes each one of the following For example just write one word like happiness, sadness, dangerous, etc as what you feel about them DOG - CAT -  RAT - COFFEE -  SEA -  Finished? Do not see the result before writing down, it... Continue Reading →

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