Story : You don’t need feet to Dance

Sudha Chandran, a classical dancer from India, was cut off in the prime of her career - quite literally - when her right leg had to be amputated after a car accident. Though the incident brought her bright career to a halt, she didn't give up. In the painful months that followed, she met a doctor who... Continue Reading →

Rainbows never hurt anyone, keep your happiness like rainbows. Fly and spread colours to everyone! - Words by Din Image Courtesy : Vincent Bourilhon via Google  More of Powerful Quotes  

Powerful Quote #75 : Make Space for Inner Peace

If our souls are occupied by Bitter memories, negative thoughts, and people who walked away, we cannot have a peaceful life. Just empty them. Make space for sweet memories, positive thoughts and people who need us. We can have a peaceful life. - Words by Din

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